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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Use the <code></code> API to manage the app lifecycle.
// The app runtime manages app installation, controls the event page, and can
// shut down the app at anytime.
namespace app.runtime {
[inline_doc] dictionary LaunchItem {
// Entry for the item.
[instanceOf=Entry] object entry;
// The MIME type of the file.
DOMString? type;
// Enumeration of app launch sources.
// This should be kept in sync with AppLaunchSource in
// extensions/common/constants.h, and GetLaunchSourceEnum() in
// extensions/browser/api/app_runtime/
// Note the enumeration is used in UMA histogram so entries
// should not be re-ordered or removed.
enum LaunchSource {
// An app can be launched with a specific action in mind, for example, to
// create a new note. The type of action the app was launched
// with is available inside of the |actionData| field from the LaunchData
// instance.
enum ActionType {
// The user wants to quickly take a new note.
// Status of the play store.
[nodoc] enum PlayStoreStatus {
// Indicates that the play store is enabled. It also implies available.
// Indicates that the play store is available but not enabled.
// Indicates that the play store status is unknown.
// Optional data that includes action-specific launch information.
dictionary ActionData {
ActionType actionType;
// <p>Whether the action was requested on Chrome OS lock screen.</p>
// <p>
// Launch events with this valued set to <code>true</code> are fired
// in lock screen context, where apps have reduced access to extension
// APIs, but are able to create windows on lock screen.
// </p>
// <p>
// Note that this value will be set to <code>true</code> only if the app
// is set as the lock screen enabled action handler by the user.
// </p>
[nodoc] boolean? isLockScreenAction;
// Currently, used only with lock screen actions. If set, indicates whether
// the app should attempt to restore state from when the action was last
// handled.
[nodoc] boolean? restoreLastActionState;
// Optional data for the launch. Either <code>items</code>, or
// the pair (<code>url, referrerUrl</code>) can be present for any given
// launch.
[inline_doc] dictionary LaunchData {
// The ID of the file or URL handler that the app is being invoked with.
// Handler IDs are the top-level keys in the <code>file_handlers</code>
// and/or <code>url_handlers</code> dictionaries in the manifest.
DOMString? id;
// The file entries for the <code>onLaunched</code> event triggered by a
// matching file handler in the <code>file_handlers</code> manifest key.
LaunchItem[]? items;
// The URL for the <code>onLaunched</code> event triggered by a matching
// URL handler in the <code>url_handlers</code> manifest key.
DOMString? url;
// The referrer URL for the <code>onLaunched</code> event triggered by a
// matching URL handler in the <code>url_handlers</code> manifest key.
DOMString? referrerUrl;
// Whether the app is launched in a Chrome OS Demo Mode session. Used for
// default-installed Demo Mode Chrome apps.
[nodoc] boolean? isDemoSession;
// Whether the app is being launched in a <a
// href="">Chrome OS
// kiosk session</a>.
boolean? isKioskSession;
// Whether the app is being launched in a <a
// href="">Chrome OS
// public session</a>.
boolean? isPublicSession;
// Where the app is launched from.
LaunchSource? source;
// Contains data that specifies the <code>ActionType</code> this app was
// launched with. This is null if the app was not launched with a specific
// action intent.
ActionData? actionData;
// Internal fields used to indicate ARC status on the device.
[nodoc] PlayStoreStatus? playStoreStatus;
// This object specifies details and operations to perform on the embedding
// request. The app to be embedded can make a decision on whether or not to
// allow the embedding and what to embed based on the embedder making the
// request.
dictionary EmbedRequest {
DOMString embedderId;
// Optional developer specified data that the app to be embedded can use
// when making an embedding decision.
any? data;
// Allows <code>embedderId</code> to embed this app in an &lt;appview&gt;
// element. The <code>url</code> specifies the content to embed.
[nocompile] static void allow(DOMString url);
// Prevents <code> embedderId</code> from embedding this app in an
// &lt;appview&gt; element.
[nocompile] static void deny();
interface Events {
// Fired when an embedding app requests to embed this app. This event is
// only available on dev channel with the flag --enable-app-view.
static void onEmbedRequested(EmbedRequest request);
// Fired when an app is launched from the launcher.
static void onLaunched(optional LaunchData launchData);
// Fired at Chrome startup to apps that were running when Chrome last shut
// down, or when apps have been requested to restart from their previous
// state for other reasons (e.g. when the user revokes access to an app's
// retained files the runtime will restart the app). In these situations if
// apps do not have an <code>onRestarted</code> handler they will be sent
// an <code>onLaunched </code> event instead.
static void onRestarted();