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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// The <code>chrome.clipboard</code> API is provided to allow users to
// access data of the clipboard. This is a temporary solution for
// chromeos platform apps until open-web alternative is available. It will be
// deprecated once open-web solution is available, which could be in 2017 Q4.
namespace clipboard {
// Supported image types.
enum ImageType {png, jpeg};
enum DataItemType {textPlain, textHtml};
// Additional data item to be added along with the |image_data| to describe
// the |image_data|.
dictionary AdditionalDataItem {
// Type of the additional data item.
DataItemType type;
// Content of the additional data item. Either the plain text string if
// |type| is "textPlain" or markup string if |type| is "textHtml". The
// data can not exceed 2MB.
DOMString data;
interface Events {
// Fired when clipboard data changes.
// Requires clipboard and clipboardRead permissions for adding listener to
// chrome.clipboard.onClipboardDataChanged event.
// After this event fires, the clipboard data is available by calling
// document.execCommand('paste').
static void onClipboardDataChanged();
callback SetImageDataCallback = void();
interface Functions {
// Sets image data to clipboard.
// |imageData|: The encoded image data.
// |type|: The type of image being passed.
// |additionalItems|: Additional data items for describing image data.
// The callback is called with <code>chrome.runtime.lastError</code>
// set to error code if there is an error.
// Requires clipboard and clipboardWrite permissions.
static void setImageData(ArrayBuffer imageData,
ImageType type,
optional AdditionalDataItem[] additionalItems,
optional SetImageDataCallback callback);