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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// <p>
// The API that can be used by an app to create and manage data on the
// Chrome OS lock screen.
// </p>
// <p>
// The API usability will depend on the user session state:
// <ul>
// <li>
// When the user session is locked, the API usage will only be allowed
// from the lock screen context.
// </li>
// <li>
// When the user session is not locked, the API usage will only be
// allowed outside the lock screen context - i.e. from the regular app
// context.
// </li>
// </ul>
// </p>
// <p>
// Note that apps have reduced access to Chrome apps APIs from the lock screen
// context.
// </p>
namespace {
// The basic information about available data items originating from the lock
// screen.
dictionary DataItemInfo {
// The data item ID that can later be used to retrieve and update the
// associated lock screen data.
DOMString id;
dictionary DataItemsAvailableEvent {
// <p>Whether the event was dispatched as a result of the user session
// getting unlocked.
// </p>
// <p>For example:
// <ul>
// <li>If the app creates new data items while shown on
// the lock screen, when the user unlocks the screen,
// $(ref:onDataItemsAvailable) event will be dispatched with this
// property set to <code>true</code>.
// </li>
// <li>When the user logs in, if not previously reported lock screen
// data items are found, which could happen if the user session had
// been closed while it was locked, $(ref:onDataItemsAvailable) will
// be dispatched with this property set to <code>false</code>.
// </li>
// </ul>
// </p>
boolean wasLocked;
callback DataItemCallback = void(DataItemInfo item);
callback DataItemListCallback = void(DataItemInfo[] items);
callback DataCallback = void(ArrayBuffer data);
callback VoidCallback = void();
interface Functions {
// Creates a new data item reference - available only in lock screen
// contexts.
static void create(DataItemCallback callback);
// Gets references to all data items available to the app.
static void getAll(DataItemListCallback callback);
// Retrieves content of the data item identified by |id|.
static void getContent(DOMString id, DataCallback callback);
// Sets contents of a data item.
// |id| - Identifies the target data item.
// |data| - The data item contents to set.
static void setContent(DOMString id,
ArrayBuffer data,
optional VoidCallback callback);
// Deletes a data item. The data item will not be available through this
// API anymore.
// |id| - Identifies the data item to delete.
static void delete(DOMString id, optional VoidCallback callback);
interface Events {
// Dispatched when new data items become available to main, non-lock screen
// app context - this event is not expected to be dispatched to the app in
// the lock screen context.
static void onDataItemsAvailable(DataItemsAvailableEvent event);