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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// The <code>chrome.printerProvider</code> API exposes events used by print
// manager to query printers controlled by extensions, to query their
// capabilities and to submit print jobs to these printers.
namespace printerProvider {
// Error codes returned in response to $(ref:onPrintRequested) event.
enum PrintError {
// Operation completed successfully.
// General failure.
// Print ticket is invalid. For example, ticket is inconsistent with
// capabilities or extension is not able to handle all settings from the
// ticket.
// Document is invalid. For example, data may be corrupted or the format is
// incompatible with the extension.
// Printer description for $(ref:onGetPrintersRequested) event.
dictionary PrinterInfo {
// Unique printer ID.
DOMString id;
// Printer's human readable name.
DOMString name;
// Printer's human readable description.
DOMString? description;
// Printing request parameters. Passed to $(ref:onPrintRequested) event.
dictionary PrintJob {
// ID of the printer which should handle the job.
DOMString printerId;
// The print job title.
DOMString title;
// Print ticket in
// <a href="">
// CJT format</a>.
object ticket;
// The document content type. Supported formats are
// <code>"application/pdf"</code> and <code>"image/pwg-raster"</code>.
DOMString contentType;
// Blob containing the document data to print. Format must match
// |contentType|.
[instanceOf=Blob] object document;
callback PrintersCallback = void(PrinterInfo[] printerInfo);
callback PrinterInfoCallback = void(optional PrinterInfo printerInfo);
// |capabilities|: Device capabilities in
// <a href="">CDD
// format</a>.
callback CapabilitiesCallback = void(object capabilities);
callback PrintCallback = void(PrintError result);
interface Events {
// Event fired when print manager requests printers provided by extensions.
// |resultCallback|: Callback to return printer list. Every listener must
// call callback exactly once.
static void onGetPrintersRequested(PrintersCallback resultCallback);
// Event fired when print manager requests information about a USB device
// that may be a printer.
// <p><em>Note:</em> An application should not rely on this event being
// fired more than once per device. If a connected device is supported it
// should be returned in the $(ref:onGetPrintersRequested) event.</p>
// |device|: The USB device.
// |resultCallback|: Callback to return printer info. The receiving listener
// must call callback exactly once. If the parameter to this callback is
// undefined that indicates that the application has determined that the
// device is not supported.
static void onGetUsbPrinterInfoRequested(
usb.Device device,
PrinterInfoCallback resultCallback);
// Event fired when print manager requests printer capabilities.
// |printerId|: Unique ID of the printer whose capabilities are requested.
// |resultCallback|: Callback to return device capabilities in
// <a href="">CDD
// format</a>.
// The receiving listener must call callback exectly once.
static void onGetCapabilityRequested(DOMString printerId,
CapabilitiesCallback resultCallback);
// Event fired when print manager requests printing.
// |printJob|: The printing request parameters.
// |resultCallback|: Callback that should be called when the printing
// request is completed.
static void onPrintRequested(PrintJob printJob,
PrintCallback resultCallback);