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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Webcam Private API.
namespace webcamPrivate {
enum PanDirection { stop, right, left };
enum TiltDirection { stop, up, down };
enum Protocol { visca };
enum AutofocusState { on, off };
dictionary ProtocolConfiguration {
Protocol? protocol;
dictionary WebcamConfiguration {
double? pan;
double? panSpeed;
PanDirection? panDirection;
double? tilt;
double? tiltSpeed;
TiltDirection? tiltDirection;
double? zoom;
AutofocusState? autofocusState;
double? focus;
dictionary Range { double min; double max; };
dictionary WebcamCurrentConfiguration {
double pan;
double tilt;
double zoom;
double focus;
// Supported range of pan, tilt and zoom values.
Range? panRange;
Range? tiltRange;
Range? zoomRange;
Range? focusRange;
callback WebcamIdCallback = void(DOMString webcamId);
callback WebcamConfigurationCallback =
void(WebcamCurrentConfiguration configuration);
interface Functions {
// Open a serial port that controls a webcam.
static void openSerialWebcam(DOMString path, ProtocolConfiguration protocol,
WebcamIdCallback callback);
// Close a serial port connection to a webcam.
static void closeWebcam(DOMString webcamId);
static void get(DOMString webcamId, WebcamConfigurationCallback callback);
static void set(DOMString webcamId, WebcamConfiguration config);
// Reset a webcam. Note: the value of the parameter have no effect, it's the
// presence of the parameter that matters. E.g.: reset(webcamId, {pan: 0,
// tilt: 1}); will reset pan & tilt, but not zoom.
static void reset(DOMString webcamId, WebcamConfiguration config);