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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <unordered_set>
#include <vector>
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "cc/output/compositor_frame.h"
#include "cc/scheduler/begin_frame_source.h"
#include "cc/surfaces/framesink_manager_client.h"
#include "cc/surfaces/referenced_surface_tracker.h"
#include "cc/surfaces/surface_factory.h"
#include "cc/surfaces/surface_factory_client.h"
#include "cc/surfaces/surface_id.h"
#include "cc/surfaces/surface_resource_holder_client.h"
#include "cc/surfaces/surfaces_export.h"
namespace cc {
class CompositorFrameSinkSupportClient;
class SurfaceManager;
class CC_SURFACES_EXPORT CompositorFrameSinkSupport
: public SurfaceFactoryClient,
public BeginFrameObserver,
public SurfaceResourceHolderClient,
public FrameSinkManagerClient {
static std::unique_ptr<CompositorFrameSinkSupport> Create(
CompositorFrameSinkSupportClient* client,
SurfaceManager* surface_manager,
const FrameSinkId& frame_sink_id,
bool is_root,
bool handles_frame_sink_id_invalidation,
bool needs_sync_points);
~CompositorFrameSinkSupport() override;
const FrameSinkId& frame_sink_id() const { return frame_sink_id_; }
Surface* current_surface_for_testing() {
return surface_factory_->current_surface_for_testing();
const ReferencedSurfaceTracker& ReferenceTrackerForTesting() const {
return reference_tracker_;
// SurfaceFactoryClient implementation.
void ReferencedSurfacesChanged(
const LocalSurfaceId& local_surface_id,
const std::vector<SurfaceId>* active_referenced_surfaces) override;
// SurfaceResourceHolderClient implementation.
void ReturnResources(const ReturnedResourceArray& resources) override;
// FrameSinkManagerClient implementation.
void SetBeginFrameSource(BeginFrameSource* begin_frame_source) override;
void EvictFrame();
void SetNeedsBeginFrame(bool needs_begin_frame);
void BeginFrameDidNotSwap(const BeginFrameAck& ack);
void SubmitCompositorFrame(const LocalSurfaceId& local_surface_id,
CompositorFrame frame);
void RequestCopyOfSurface(std::unique_ptr<CopyOutputRequest> request);
void ForceReclaimResources();
void ClaimTemporaryReference(const SurfaceId& surface_id);
CompositorFrameSinkSupport(CompositorFrameSinkSupportClient* client,
const FrameSinkId& frame_sink_id,
bool is_root,
bool handles_frame_sink_id_invalidation);
void Init(SurfaceManager* surface_manager, bool needs_sync_points);
// Update surface references with SurfaceManager for current CompositorFrame
// that has |local_surface_id|. UpdateReferences() must be called on
// |reference_tracker_| before calling this. Will add and remove top-level
// root references if |display_| is not null.
void UpdateSurfaceReferences(const SurfaceId& last_surface_id,
const LocalSurfaceId& local_surface_id);
void AddTopLevelRootReference(const SurfaceId& surface_id);
void RemoveTopLevelRootReference(const SurfaceId& surface_id);
void DidReceiveCompositorFrameAck();
void WillDrawSurface(const LocalSurfaceId& local_surface_id,
const gfx::Rect& damage_rect);
// BeginFrameObserver implementation.
void OnBeginFrame(const BeginFrameArgs& args) override;
const BeginFrameArgs& LastUsedBeginFrameArgs() const override;
void OnBeginFrameSourcePausedChanged(bool paused) override;
void UpdateNeedsBeginFramesInternal();
CompositorFrameSinkSupportClient* const client_;
SurfaceManager* surface_manager_ = nullptr;
const FrameSinkId frame_sink_id_;
std::unique_ptr<SurfaceFactory> surface_factory_;
// Counts the number of CompositorFrames that have been submitted and have not
// yet received an ACK.
int ack_pending_count_ = 0;
ReturnedResourceArray surface_returned_resources_;
// The begin frame source being observered. Null if none.
BeginFrameSource* begin_frame_source_ = nullptr;
// The last begin frame args generated by the begin frame source.
BeginFrameArgs last_begin_frame_args_;
// Whether a request for begin frames has been issued.
bool needs_begin_frame_ = false;
// Whether or not a frame observer has been added.
bool added_frame_observer_ = false;
// Track the surface references for the surface corresponding to this
// compositor frame sink.
ReferencedSurfaceTracker reference_tracker_;
const bool is_root_;
// TODO(staraz): Remove this flag once ui::Compositor no longer needs to call
// RegisterFrameSinkId().
// A surfaceSequence's validity is bound to the lifetime of the parent
// FrameSink that created it. We track the lifetime of FrameSinks through
// RegisterFrameSinkId and InvalidateFrameSinkId. During startup and GPU
// restart, a SurfaceSequence created by the top most layer compositor may be
// used prior to the creation of the associated CompositorFrameSinkSupport.
// CompositorFrameSinkSupport is created asynchronously when a new GPU channel
// is established. Once we switch to SurfaceReferences, this ordering concern
// goes away and we can remove this bool.
const bool handles_frame_sink_id_invalidation_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<CompositorFrameSinkSupport> weak_factory_;
} // namespace cc