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// Copyright 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "cc/base/region.h"
#include "cc/base/tiling_data.h"
#include "cc/cc_export.h"
#include "cc/tiles/tile.h"
#include "cc/tiles/tile_priority.h"
#include "cc/trees/occlusion.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/axis_transform2d.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/rect.h"
namespace base {
namespace trace_event {
class TracedValue;
namespace cc {
class RasterSource;
class PictureLayerTiling;
class PrioritizedTile;
class CC_EXPORT PictureLayerTilingClient {
// Create a tile at the given content_rect (in the contents scale of the
// tiling) This might return null if the client cannot create such a tile.
virtual std::unique_ptr<Tile> CreateTile(const Tile::CreateInfo& info) = 0;
virtual gfx::Size CalculateTileSize(
const gfx::Size& content_bounds) const = 0;
// This invalidation region defines the area (if any, it can by null) that
// tiles can not be shared between pending and active trees.
virtual const Region* GetPendingInvalidation() = 0;
virtual const PictureLayerTiling* GetPendingOrActiveTwinTiling(
const PictureLayerTiling* tiling) const = 0;
virtual bool HasValidTilePriorities() const = 0;
virtual bool RequiresHighResToDraw() const = 0;
virtual ~PictureLayerTilingClient() {}
struct TileMapKey {
TileMapKey(int x, int y) : index_x(x), index_y(y) {}
explicit TileMapKey(const std::pair<int, int>& index)
: index_x(index.first), index_y(index.second) {}
bool operator==(const TileMapKey& other) const {
return index_x == other.index_x && index_y == other.index_y;
bool operator<(const TileMapKey& other) const {
return std::tie(index_x, index_y) < std::tie(other.index_x, other.index_y);
int index_x;
int index_y;
struct TileMapKeyHash {
size_t operator()(const TileMapKey& key) const {
uint16_t value1 = static_cast<uint16_t>(key.index_x);
uint16_t value2 = static_cast<uint16_t>(key.index_y);
uint32_t value1_32 = value1;
return (value1_32 << 16) | value2;
class CC_EXPORT PictureLayerTiling {
static const int kBorderTexels = 1;
// Note on raster_transform: In general raster_transform could be arbitrary,
// the only restriction is that the layer bounds after transform should
// be positive (because the tiling logic doesn't support negative space).
// Also the implementation checks the transformed bounds leaves less than
// 1px margin on top left edges, because there is few reason to do so.
PictureLayerTiling(WhichTree tree,
const gfx::AxisTransform2d& raster_transform,
scoped_refptr<RasterSource> raster_source,
PictureLayerTilingClient* client,
float min_preraster_distance,
float max_preraster_distance);
PictureLayerTilingClient* client() const { return client_; }
void SetRasterSourceAndResize(scoped_refptr<RasterSource> raster_source);
void Invalidate(const Region& layer_invalidation);
void CreateMissingTilesInLiveTilesRect();
void TakeTilesAndPropertiesFrom(PictureLayerTiling* pending_twin,
const Region& layer_invalidation);
bool IsTileRequiredForActivation(const Tile* tile) const;
bool IsTileRequiredForDraw(const Tile* tile) const;
// Returns true if the tile should be processed for decoding images skipped
// during rasterization.
bool ShouldDecodeCheckeredImagesForTile(const Tile* tile) const;
void set_resolution(TileResolution resolution) {
resolution_ = resolution;
may_contain_low_resolution_tiles_ |= resolution == LOW_RESOLUTION;
TileResolution resolution() const { return resolution_; }
bool may_contain_low_resolution_tiles() const {
return may_contain_low_resolution_tiles_;
void reset_may_contain_low_resolution_tiles() {
may_contain_low_resolution_tiles_ = false;
void set_can_require_tiles_for_activation(bool can_require_tiles) {
can_require_tiles_for_activation_ = can_require_tiles;
const scoped_refptr<RasterSource>& raster_source() const {
return raster_source_;
gfx::Size tiling_size() const { return tiling_data_.tiling_size(); }
gfx::Rect live_tiles_rect() const { return live_tiles_rect_; }
gfx::Size tile_size() const { return tiling_data_.max_texture_size(); }
// PictureLayerTilingSet uses the scale component of the raster transform
// as the key for indexing and sorting. In theory we can have multiple
// tilings with the same scale but different translation, but currently
// we only allow tilings with unique scale for the sake of simplicity.
float contents_scale_key() const { return raster_transform_.scale(); }
const gfx::AxisTransform2d& raster_transform() const {
return raster_transform_;
const TilingData* tiling_data() const { return &tiling_data_; }
Tile* TileAt(int i, int j) const {
TileMap::const_iterator iter = tiles_.find(TileMapKey(i, j));
return iter == tiles_.end() ? nullptr : iter->second.get();
bool has_tiles() const { return !tiles_.empty(); }
// all_tiles_done() can return false negatives.
bool all_tiles_done() const { return all_tiles_done_; }
void set_all_tiles_done(bool all_tiles_done) {
all_tiles_done_ = all_tiles_done;
WhichTree tree() const { return tree_; }
void VerifyNoTileNeedsRaster() const {
for (const auto& tile_pair : tiles_) {
DCHECK(!tile_pair.second->draw_info().NeedsRaster() ||
#endif // DCHECK_IS_ON()
// For testing functionality.
void CreateAllTilesForTesting() {
const TilingData& TilingDataForTesting() const { return tiling_data_; }
std::vector<Tile*> AllTilesForTesting() const {
std::vector<Tile*> all_tiles;
for (TileMap::const_iterator it = tiles_.begin(); it != tiles_.end(); ++it)
return all_tiles;
void UpdateAllRequiredStateForTesting() {
for (const auto& key_tile_pair : tiles_) {
Tile* tile = key_tile_pair.second.get();
std::map<const Tile*, PrioritizedTile>
UpdateAndGetAllPrioritizedTilesForTesting() const;
void SetAllTilesOccludedForTesting() {
gfx::Rect viewport_in_layer_space =
current_occlusion_in_layer_space_ =
const gfx::Rect& GetCurrentVisibleRectForTesting() const {
return current_visible_rect_;
void SetTilePriorityRectsForTesting(
const gfx::Rect& visible_rect_in_content_space,
const gfx::Rect& skewport,
const gfx::Rect& soon_border_rect,
const gfx::Rect& eventually_rect) {
SetTilePriorityRects(1.f, visible_rect_in_content_space, skewport,
soon_border_rect, eventually_rect, Occlusion());
// Iterate over all tiles to fill content_rect. Even if tiles are invalid
// (i.e. no valid resource) this tiling should still iterate over them.
// The union of all geometry_rect calls for each element iterated over should
// exactly equal content_rect and no two geometry_rects should intersect.
class CC_EXPORT CoverageIterator {
// This requests an iterator that produces a coverage of the
// |coverage_rect|, which is specified at |coverage_scale|.
CoverageIterator(const PictureLayerTiling* tiling,
float coverage_scale,
const gfx::Rect& coverage_rect);
// Visible rect (no borders), always in the space of |coverage_rect|,
// regardless of the contents scale of the tiling.
gfx::Rect geometry_rect() const;
// Texture rect (in texels) for geometry_rect
gfx::RectF texture_rect() const;
Tile* operator->() const { return current_tile_; }
Tile* operator*() const { return current_tile_; }
CoverageIterator& operator++();
operator bool() const { return tile_j_ <= bottom_; }
int i() const { return tile_i_; }
int j() const { return tile_j_; }
const PictureLayerTiling* tiling_ = nullptr;
gfx::Size coverage_rect_max_bounds_;
gfx::Rect coverage_rect_;
gfx::AxisTransform2d coverage_to_content_;
Tile* current_tile_ = nullptr;
gfx::Rect current_geometry_rect_;
int tile_i_ = 0;
int tile_j_ = 0;
int left_ = 0;
int top_ = 0;
int right_ = -1;
int bottom_ = -1;
friend class PictureLayerTiling;
void Reset();
void ComputeTilePriorityRects(
const gfx::Rect& visible_rect_in_layer_space,
const gfx::Rect& skewport_in_layer_space,
const gfx::Rect& soon_border_rect_in_layer_space,
const gfx::Rect& eventually_rect_in_layer_space,
float ideal_contents_scale,
const Occlusion& occlusion_in_layer_space);
void GetAllPrioritizedTilesForTracing(
std::vector<PrioritizedTile>* prioritized_tiles) const;
void AsValueInto(base::trace_event::TracedValue* array) const;
size_t GPUMemoryUsageInBytes() const;
void UpdateRequiredStatesOnTile(Tile* tile) const;
friend class CoverageIterator;
friend class PrioritizedTile;
friend class TilingSetRasterQueueAll;
friend class TilingSetRasterQueueRequired;
friend class TilingSetEvictionQueue;
// PENDING VISIBLE RECT refers to the visible rect that will become current
// upon activation (ie, the pending tree's visible rect). Tiles in this
// region that are not part of the current visible rect are all handled
// here. Note that when processing a pending tree, this rect is the same as
// the visible rect so no tiles are processed in this case.
enum PriorityRectType {
using TileMap =
std::unordered_map<TileMapKey, std::unique_ptr<Tile>, TileMapKeyHash>;
void SetLiveTilesRect(const gfx::Rect& live_tiles_rect);
void VerifyLiveTilesRect() const;
Tile* CreateTile(const Tile::CreateInfo& info);
// Removes the tile at i, j and returns it. Returns nullptr if the tile did
// not exist.
std::unique_ptr<Tile> TakeTileAt(int i, int j);
bool TilingMatchesTileIndices(const PictureLayerTiling* twin) const;
// Save the required data for computing tile priorities later.
void SetTilePriorityRects(float content_to_screen_scale,
const gfx::Rect& visible_rect_in_content_space,
const gfx::Rect& skewport,
const gfx::Rect& soon_border_rect,
const gfx::Rect& eventually_rect,
const Occlusion& occlusion_in_layer_space);
bool IsTileOccludedOnCurrentTree(const Tile* tile) const;
Tile::CreateInfo CreateInfoForTile(int i, int j) const;
bool ShouldCreateTileAt(const Tile::CreateInfo& info) const;
bool IsTileOccluded(const Tile* tile) const;
PrioritizedTile MakePrioritizedTile(
Tile* tile,
PriorityRectType priority_rect_type) const;
TilePriority ComputePriorityForTile(
const Tile* tile,
PriorityRectType priority_rect_type) const;
PriorityRectType ComputePriorityRectTypeForTile(const Tile* tile) const;
bool has_visible_rect_tiles() const { return has_visible_rect_tiles_; }
bool has_skewport_rect_tiles() const { return has_skewport_rect_tiles_; }
bool has_soon_border_rect_tiles() const {
return has_soon_border_rect_tiles_;
bool has_eventually_rect_tiles() const { return has_eventually_rect_tiles_; }
const gfx::Rect& current_visible_rect() const {
return current_visible_rect_;
gfx::Rect pending_visible_rect() const {
const PictureLayerTiling* pending_tiling =
tree_ == ACTIVE_TREE ? client_->GetPendingOrActiveTwinTiling(this)
: this;
if (pending_tiling)
return pending_tiling->current_visible_rect();
return gfx::Rect();
const gfx::Rect& current_skewport_rect() const {
return current_skewport_rect_;
const gfx::Rect& current_soon_border_rect() const {
return current_soon_border_rect_;
const gfx::Rect& current_eventually_rect() const {
return current_eventually_rect_;
void RemoveTilesInRegion(const Region& layer_region, bool recreate_tiles);
gfx::Rect EnclosingContentsRectFromLayerRect(
const gfx::Rect& layer_rect) const;
gfx::Rect EnclosingLayerRectFromContentsRect(
const gfx::Rect& contents_rect) const;
// Given properties.
const gfx::AxisTransform2d raster_transform_;
PictureLayerTilingClient* const client_;
const WhichTree tree_;
scoped_refptr<RasterSource> raster_source_;
const float min_preraster_distance_;
const float max_preraster_distance_;
TileResolution resolution_ = NON_IDEAL_RESOLUTION;
bool may_contain_low_resolution_tiles_ = false;
// Internal data.
TilingData tiling_data_ = TilingData(gfx::Size(), gfx::Size(), kBorderTexels);
TileMap tiles_; // It is not legal to have a NULL tile in the tiles_ map.
gfx::Rect live_tiles_rect_;
bool can_require_tiles_for_activation_ = false;
// Iteration rects in content space.
gfx::Rect current_visible_rect_;
gfx::Rect current_skewport_rect_;
gfx::Rect current_soon_border_rect_;
gfx::Rect current_eventually_rect_;
// Other properties used for tile iteration and prioritization.
float current_content_to_screen_scale_ = 0.f;
Occlusion current_occlusion_in_layer_space_;
float max_skewport_extent_in_screen_space_ = 0.f;
bool has_visible_rect_tiles_ = false;
bool has_skewport_rect_tiles_ = false;
bool has_soon_border_rect_tiles_ = false;
bool has_eventually_rect_tiles_ = false;
bool all_tiles_done_ = true;
} // namespace cc