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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
assert(!is_ios, "Chromium/iOS shouldn't use anything in //chrome")
# Please keep features in alphabetical order.
declare_args() {
enable_app_list = is_chromeos
# Enables support for background apps.
enable_background = !is_android && !is_chromecast
# Enable the printing system dialog for platforms that support printing
# and have a system dialog.
enable_basic_print_dialog = enable_basic_printing && !is_chromeos
enable_captive_portal_detection = !is_android && !is_chromecast
# Google Now is disabled to prepare for its removal.
enable_google_now = false
# Hangout services is an extension that adds extra features to Hangouts.
# It is enableable separately to facilitate testing.
enable_hangout_services_extension = is_chrome_branded
# 'Ok Google' hotwording is disabled by default. Set to true to enable. (This
# will download a closed-source NaCl module at startup.) Chrome-branded
# ChromeOS builds have this enabled by default.
enable_hotwording = is_chrome_branded && is_chromeos
# Enables usage of the system-provided notification center.
enable_native_notifications =
is_android || is_mac || (is_desktop_linux && use_glib && use_gio)
enable_one_click_signin =
is_win || is_mac || (is_linux && !is_chromeos && !is_chromecast)
# Set to true to bundle all the mash related mojo services into chrome.
# Specify --mash to chrome to have chrome start the mash environment.
enable_package_mash_services = is_chromeos
enable_service_discovery = enable_mdns || is_mac
# Enables use of the session service, which is enabled by default.
# Android stores them separately on the Java side.
enable_session_service = !is_android && !is_chromecast
enable_supervised_users = !is_chromecast
# Indicates if Wayland display server support is enabled.
enable_wayland_server = is_chromeos
# Indicates if the build is using PGO.
pgo_build = chrome_pgo_phase > 0
# Optimize parts of Chrome's UI written with web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS)
# for runtime performance purposes. This does more work at compile time for
# speed benefits at runtime (so we skip in debug builds). TODO(dbeam): rename
# this flag "optimize_web_uis" because we run more than vulcanize these days.
use_vulcanize = !is_debug
# Use brlapi from brltty for braille display support.
use_brlapi = is_chromeos
_enable_printing = enable_basic_printing || enable_print_preview
# Every grit target in //chrome should apply these defines so that the
# proper build flags can be set.
chrome_grit_defines = [