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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module service_manager.test.mojom;
import "services/service_manager/public/interfaces/connector.mojom";
interface ConnectTestService {
GetTitle() => (string title);
GetInstance() => (string instance);
interface ClassInterface {
Ping() => (string response);
// Interface implemented by a standalone (non-package) app,
// mojo:connect_test_app.
interface StandaloneApp {
// Attempts to connect to an application whose name is explicitly allowed by
// the standalone app's CapabilitySpec, but whose enclosing package is not.
// The connection should succeed anyway.
ConnectToAllowedAppInBlockedPackage() => (string title);
// Connects to mojo:connect_test_class_app & requests ClassInterface from it.
// This should be permitted because mojo:connect_test_app requests class
// "class" from mojo:connect_test_class_app, which mojo:connect_test_class_app
// defines as including ClassInterface.
// The response contains the response from ClassInterface::Ping() and
// ConnectTestService::GetTitle().
ConnectToClassInterface() => (string class_interface_response, string title);
interface UserIdTest {
// Attempts to connect to mojo:connect_test_class_app as |user_id|.
// The callback takes the connection response result, and the identity
// mojo:connect_test_class_app was run as, which should match |user_id|.
ConnectToClassAppAsDifferentUser(service_manager.mojom.Identity target) =>
(int32 connection_result, service_manager.mojom.Identity target);
interface ClientProcessTest {
// Attempts to launch a bare exe and connect to it using the
// ClientProcessConnection param to Connector::Connect(). The callback takes
// the result of the connection, and the identity of the app that the caller
// can use to connect to this app as well.
LaunchAndConnectToProcess() =>
(int32 connection_result, service_manager.mojom.Identity target);
struct ConnectionState {
string connection_remote_name;
string connection_remote_userid;
string initialize_local_name;
string initialize_userid;
interface ExposedInterface {
ConnectionAccepted(ConnectionState state);
interface BlockedInterface {
GetTitleBlocked() => (string blocked_title);