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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Functions for discovering and clearing the build directory."""
import os
import sys
def IsFileNewerThanFile(file_a, file_b):
"""Returns True if file_a's mtime is newer than file_b's."""
def getmtime(f):
return os.path.getmtime(f)
except os.error:
return 0
return getmtime(file_a) >= getmtime(file_b)
def AreNinjaFilesNewerThanXcodeFiles(src_dir=None):
"""Returns True if the generated ninja files are newer than the generated
xcode files.
src_dir: The path to the src directory. If None, it's assumed to be
at src/ relative to the current working directory.
src_dir = src_dir or 'src'
ninja_path = os.path.join(src_dir, 'out', 'Release', '')
xcode_path = os.path.join(
src_dir, 'build', 'all.xcodeproj', 'project.pbxproj')
return IsFileNewerThanFile(ninja_path, xcode_path)
def GetBuildOutputDirectory(src_dir=None, cros_board=None):
"""Returns the path to the build directory, relative to the checkout root.
Assumes that the current working directory is the checkout root.
# src_dir is only needed for compiling v8, which uses (but no other
# of the build scripts), but its source root isn't "src" --
if src_dir is None:
src_dir = 'src'
if sys.platform.startswith('linux'):
out_dirname = 'out'
if cros_board:
# Simple chrome workflow output (e.g., "out_x86-generic")
out_dirname += '_%s' % (cros_board,)
return os.path.join(src_dir, out_dirname)
assert not cros_board, "'cros_board' not supported on this platform"
if sys.platform == 'cygwin' or sys.platform.startswith('win') or (
sys.platform == 'darwin'):
return os.path.join(src_dir, 'out')
raise NotImplementedError('Unexpected platform %s' % sys.platform)