Revert "[Mac] Moved TextSuggestionsTouchBarController's Range Validity Check"

This reverts commit 8fd04b5fbba25e412874ff15c659c25fb9dcc12c.

Reason for revert: TextSuggestionsTouchBarControllerTest.InvalidRange started failing

Original change's description:
> [Mac] Moved TextSuggestionsTouchBarController's Range Validity Check
> Previously, -updateTextSelection:range:offset: could receive an invalid
> range from WebContentsTextObserver::DidChangeTextSelection(). This
> invalid range would then cause a crash in -requestSuggestions.
> A check has been added to -updateTextSelection:range:offset: to make
> sure that a selection with an invalid range is not passed to
> -requestSuggestions. This should prevent future crashes.
> TextSuggestionsTouchBarControllerTest.InvalidRange tests that an
> invalid range does not crash the controller and is handled
> properly.
> Bug: 717553
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