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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "chrome/browser/media_galleries/media_galleries_dialog_controller.h"
#include "chrome/browser/media_galleries/media_galleries_preferences.h"
#include "components/storage_monitor/removable_storage_observer.h"
#include "ui/gfx/native_widget_types.h"
#include "ui/shell_dialogs/select_file_dialog.h"
namespace content {
class WebContents;
namespace extensions {
class Extension;
namespace ui {
class MenuModel;
class MediaGalleriesDialogController;
class MediaGalleryContextMenu;
class Profile;
// Newly added galleries are not added to preferences until the dialog commits,
// so they do not have a pref id while the dialog is open; leading to
// complicated code in the dialogs. To solve this complication, the controller
// maps pref ids into a new space where it can also assign ids to new galleries.
// The new number space is only valid for the lifetime of the controller. To
// make it more clear where real pref ids are used and where the fake ids are
// used, the GalleryDialogId type is used where fake ids are needed.
typedef MediaGalleryPrefId GalleryDialogId;
class MediaGalleriesPermissionController
: public MediaGalleriesDialogController,
public ui::SelectFileDialog::Listener,
public storage_monitor::RemovableStorageObserver,
public MediaGalleriesPreferences::GalleryChangeObserver {
// The constructor creates a dialog controller which owns itself.
MediaGalleriesPermissionController(content::WebContents* web_contents,
const extensions::Extension& extension,
const base::Closure& on_finish);
// MediaGalleriesDialogController implementation.
base::string16 GetHeader() const override;
base::string16 GetSubtext() const override;
bool IsAcceptAllowed() const override;
std::vector<base::string16> GetSectionHeaders() const override;
Entries GetSectionEntries(size_t index) const override;
// Auxiliary button for this dialog is the 'Add Folder' button.
base::string16 GetAuxiliaryButtonText() const override;
void DidClickAuxiliaryButton() override;
void DidToggleEntry(GalleryDialogId gallery_id, bool selected) override;
void DidForgetEntry(GalleryDialogId gallery_id) override;
base::string16 GetAcceptButtonText() const override;
void DialogFinished(bool accepted) override;
ui::MenuModel* GetContextMenu(GalleryDialogId gallery_id) override;
content::WebContents* WebContents() override;
friend class MediaGalleriesPermissionControllerTest;
typedef base::Callback<MediaGalleriesDialog* (
MediaGalleriesDialogController*)> CreateDialogCallback;
// For use with tests.
const extensions::Extension& extension,
MediaGalleriesPreferences* preferences,
const CreateDialogCallback& create_dialog_callback,
const base::Closure& on_finish);
~MediaGalleriesPermissionController() override;
// This type keeps track of media galleries already known to the prefs system.
typedef std::map<GalleryDialogId, Entry> GalleryPermissionsMap;
typedef std::map<GalleryDialogId, bool /*permitted*/> ToggledGalleryMap;
class DialogIdMap {
GalleryDialogId GetDialogId(MediaGalleryPrefId pref_id);
MediaGalleryPrefId GetPrefId(GalleryDialogId id) const;
GalleryDialogId next_dialog_id_;
std::map<MediaGalleryPrefId, GalleryDialogId> back_map_;
std::vector<MediaGalleryPrefId> forward_mapping_;
// Bottom half of constructor -- called when |preferences_| is initialized.
void OnPreferencesInitialized();
// SelectFileDialog::Listener implementation:
void FileSelected(const base::FilePath& path,
int index,
void* params) override;
// RemovableStorageObserver implementation.
// Used to keep dialog in sync with removable device status.
void OnRemovableStorageAttached(
const storage_monitor::StorageInfo& info) override;
void OnRemovableStorageDetached(
const storage_monitor::StorageInfo& info) override;
// MediaGalleriesPreferences::GalleryChangeObserver implementations.
// Used to keep the dialog in sync when the preferences change.
void OnPermissionAdded(MediaGalleriesPreferences* pref,
const std::string& extension_id,
MediaGalleryPrefId pref_id) override;
void OnPermissionRemoved(MediaGalleriesPreferences* pref,
const std::string& extension_id,
MediaGalleryPrefId pref_id) override;
void OnGalleryAdded(MediaGalleriesPreferences* pref,
MediaGalleryPrefId pref_id) override;
void OnGalleryRemoved(MediaGalleriesPreferences* pref,
MediaGalleryPrefId pref_id) override;
void OnGalleryInfoUpdated(MediaGalleriesPreferences* pref,
MediaGalleryPrefId pref_id) override;
// Populates |known_galleries_| from |preferences_|. Subsequent calls merge
// into |known_galleries_| and do not change permissions for user toggled
// galleries.
void InitializePermissions();
// Saves state of |known_galleries_|, |new_galleries_| and
// |forgotten_galleries_| to model.
// NOTE: possible states for a gallery:
// K N F (K = Known, N = New, F = Forgotten)
// +---+---+---+
// | Y | N | N |
// +---+---+---+
// | N | Y | N |
// +---+---+---+
// | Y | N | Y |
// +---+---+---+
void SavePermissions();
// Updates the model and view when |preferences_| changes. Some of the
// possible changes includes a gallery getting blacklisted, or a new
// auto detected gallery becoming available.
void UpdateGalleriesOnPreferencesEvent();
// Updates the model and view when a device is attached or detached.
void UpdateGalleriesOnDeviceEvent(const std::string& device_id);
GalleryDialogId GetDialogId(MediaGalleryPrefId pref_id);
MediaGalleryPrefId GetPrefId(GalleryDialogId id) const;
Profile* GetProfile();
// The web contents from which the request originated.
content::WebContents* web_contents_;
// This is just a reference, but it's assumed that it won't become invalid
// while the dialog is showing.
const extensions::Extension* extension_;
// Mapping between pref ids and dialog ids.
DialogIdMap id_map_;
// This map excludes those galleries which have been blacklisted; it only
// counts active known galleries.
GalleryPermissionsMap known_galleries_;
// Galleries in |known_galleries_| that the user have toggled.
ToggledGalleryMap toggled_galleries_;
// The current set of permitted galleries (according to prefs).
MediaGalleryPrefIdSet pref_permitted_galleries_;
// Map of new galleries the user added, but have not saved. This list should
// never overlap with |known_galleries_|.
GalleryPermissionsMap new_galleries_;
// Galleries in |known_galleries_| that the user has forgotten.
std::set<GalleryDialogId> forgotten_galleries_;
// Callback to run when the dialog closes.
base::Closure on_finish_;
// The model that tracks galleries and extensions' permissions.
// This is the authoritative source for gallery information.
MediaGalleriesPreferences* preferences_;
// The view that's showing.
std::unique_ptr<MediaGalleriesDialog> dialog_;
scoped_refptr<ui::SelectFileDialog> select_folder_dialog_;
std::unique_ptr<MediaGalleryContextMenu> context_menu_;
// Creates the dialog. Only changed for unit tests.
CreateDialogCallback create_dialog_callback_;