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// Copyright 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "cc/base/cc_export.h"
#include "cc/layers/contents_scaling_layer.h"
#include "cc/resources/layer_tiling_data.h"
#include "cc/resources/resource_format.h"
namespace cc {
class LayerUpdater;
class PrioritizedResourceManager;
class PrioritizedResource;
class UpdatableTile;
class CC_EXPORT TiledLayer : public ContentsScalingLayer {
enum TilingOption {
// Layer implementation.
void SetIsMask(bool is_mask) override;
void PushPropertiesTo(LayerImpl* layer) override;
void ReduceMemoryUsage() override;
void SetNeedsDisplayRect(const gfx::Rect& dirty_rect) override;
void SetLayerTreeHost(LayerTreeHost* layer_tree_host) override;
void SetTexturePriorities(const PriorityCalculator& priority_calc) override;
SimpleEnclosedRegion VisibleContentOpaqueRegion() const override;
bool Update(ResourceUpdateQueue* queue,
const OcclusionTracker<Layer>* occlusion) override;
void OnOutputSurfaceCreated() override;
~TiledLayer() override;
void UpdateTileSizeAndTilingOption();
void UpdateBounds();
// Exposed to subclasses for testing.
void SetTileSize(const gfx::Size& size);
void SetTextureFormat(ResourceFormat texture_format) {
texture_format_ = texture_format;
void SetBorderTexelOption(LayerTilingData::BorderTexelOption option);
size_t NumPaintedTiles() { return tiler_->tiles().size(); }
virtual LayerUpdater* Updater() const = 0;
virtual void CreateUpdaterIfNeeded() = 0;
// Set invalidations to be potentially repainted during Update().
void InvalidateContentRect(const gfx::Rect& content_rect);
// Reset state on tiles that will be used for updating the layer.
void ResetUpdateState();
// After preparing an update, returns true if more painting is needed.
bool NeedsIdlePaint();
gfx::Rect IdlePaintRect();
bool SkipsDraw() const { return skips_draw_; }
bool HasDrawableContent() const override;
// Virtual for testing
virtual PrioritizedResourceManager* ResourceManager();
const LayerTilingData* TilerForTesting() const { return tiler_.get(); }
const PrioritizedResource* ResourceAtForTesting(int i, int j) const;
scoped_ptr<LayerImpl> CreateLayerImpl(LayerTreeImpl* tree_impl) override;
void CreateTilerIfNeeded();
void set_tiling_option(TilingOption tiling_option) {
tiling_option_ = tiling_option;
bool TileOnlyNeedsPartialUpdate(UpdatableTile* tile);
bool TileNeedsBufferedUpdate(UpdatableTile* tile);
void MarkOcclusionsAndRequestTextures(
int left,
int top,
int right,
int bottom,
const OcclusionTracker<Layer>* occlusion);
bool UpdateTiles(int left,
int top,
int right,
int bottom,
ResourceUpdateQueue* queue,
const OcclusionTracker<Layer>* occlusion,
bool* did_paint);
bool HaveTexturesForTiles(int left,
int top,
int right,
int bottom,
bool ignore_occlusions);
void MarkTilesForUpdate(gfx::Rect* update_rect,
gfx::Rect* paint_rect,
int left,
int top,
int right,
int bottom,
bool ignore_occlusions);
void UpdateTileTextures(const gfx::Rect& update_rect,
const gfx::Rect& paint_rect,
int left,
int top,
int right,
int bottom,
ResourceUpdateQueue* queue,
const OcclusionTracker<Layer>* occlusion);
void UpdateScrollPrediction();
UpdatableTile* TileAt(int i, int j) const;
UpdatableTile* CreateTile(int i, int j);
bool IsSmallAnimatedLayer() const;
ResourceFormat texture_format_;
bool skips_draw_;
bool failed_update_;
// Used for predictive painting.
gfx::Vector2d predicted_scroll_;
gfx::Rect predicted_visible_rect_;
gfx::Rect previous_visible_rect_;
gfx::Size previous_content_bounds_;
TilingOption tiling_option_;
scoped_ptr<LayerTilingData> tiler_;
} // namespace cc