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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import <WebKit/WebKit.h>
#include <memory>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#import "ios/web/public/web_state/navigation_context.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace web {
class NavigationItemImpl;
// Tracks information related to a single navigation.
class NavigationContextImpl : public NavigationContext {
// Creates navigation context for successful navigation to a different page.
// Response headers will be null, and it will not be marked as committed or
// as a download.
static std::unique_ptr<NavigationContextImpl> CreateNavigationContext(
WebState* web_state,
const GURL& url,
bool has_user_gesture,
ui::PageTransition page_transition,
bool is_renderer_initiated);
#ifndef NDEBUG
// Returns human readable description of this object.
NSString* GetDescription() const;
#endif // NDEBUG
// NavigationContext overrides:
WebState* GetWebState() override;
int64_t GetNavigationId() const override;
const GURL& GetUrl() const override;
bool HasUserGesture() const override;
ui::PageTransition GetPageTransition() const override;
bool IsSameDocument() const override;
bool HasCommitted() const override;
bool IsDownload() const override;
bool IsPost() const override;
NSError* GetError() const override;
net::HttpResponseHeaders* GetResponseHeaders() const override;
bool IsRendererInitiated() const override;
~NavigationContextImpl() override;
// Setters for navigation context data members.
void SetUrl(const GURL& url);
void SetIsSameDocument(bool is_same_document);
void SetHasCommitted(bool has_committed);
void SetIsDownload(bool is_download);
void SetIsPost(bool is_post);
void SetError(NSError* error);
void SetResponseHeaders(
const scoped_refptr<net::HttpResponseHeaders>& response_headers);
// Optional unique id of the navigation item associated with this navigaiton.
int GetNavigationItemUniqueID() const;
void SetNavigationItemUniqueID(int unique_id);
// Optional WKNavigationType of the associated navigation in WKWebView.
void SetWKNavigationType(WKNavigationType wk_navigation_type);
WKNavigationType GetWKNavigationType() const;
// true if this navigation context is a -[WKWebView loadHTMLString:baseURL:]
// navigation used to load Error page into web view. IsLoadingErrorPage() and
// IsLoadingHtmlString() are mutually exclusive.
bool IsLoadingErrorPage() const;
void SetLoadingErrorPage(bool is_loading_error_page);
// true if this navigation context is a -[WKWebView loadHTMLString:baseURL:]
// navigation. IsLoadingErrorPage() and IsLoadingHtmlString() are mutually
// exclusive.
bool IsLoadingHtmlString() const;
void SetLoadingHtmlString(bool is_loading_html);
// true if this navigation context is a placeholder navigation associated with
// a native view URL and the native content is already presented.
bool IsNativeContentPresented() const;
void SetIsNativeContentPresented(bool is_native_content_presented);
// true if this navigation context is a placeholder navigation.
bool IsPlaceholderNavigation() const;
void SetPlaceholderNavigation(bool flag);
// MIMEType of the navigation.
void SetMimeType(NSString* mime_type);
NSString* GetMimeType() const;
// Returns pending navigation item.
NavigationItemImpl* GetItem();
// Similar to GetItem(), but this method transfers the ownership to the
// caller. Clients may use this method to commit navigation item or transfer
// the item to a different navigation context or back to the navigation
// manager.
std::unique_ptr<NavigationItemImpl> ReleaseItem();
// Stores pending navigation item. Clients may use this method to store
// pending navigation item after navigation context was created.
void SetItem(std::unique_ptr<NavigationItemImpl> item);
NavigationContextImpl(WebState* web_state,
const GURL& url,
bool has_user_gesture,
ui::PageTransition page_transition,
bool is_renderer_initiated);
WebState* web_state_ = nullptr;
int64_t navigation_id_ = 0;
GURL url_;
bool has_user_gesture_ = false;
const ui::PageTransition page_transition_;
bool is_same_document_ = false;
bool has_committed_ = false;
bool is_download_ = false;
bool is_post_ = false;
NSError* error_ = nil;
scoped_refptr<net::HttpResponseHeaders> response_headers_;
bool is_renderer_initiated_ = false;
int navigation_item_unique_id_ = -1;
WKNavigationType wk_navigation_type_ = WKNavigationTypeOther;
bool is_loading_error_page_ = false;
bool is_loading_html_string_ = false;
bool is_native_content_presented_ = false;
bool is_placeholder_navigation_ = false;
NSString* mime_type_ = nil;
// Holds pending navigation item in this object. Pending item is stored in
// NavigationContext after context is created. The item is still stored in
// NavigationManager if the navigated was requested, but context does not yet
// exist or when navigation was aborted.
std::unique_ptr<NavigationItemImpl> item_;
} // namespace web