[Cronet] Extend the lifetime of |RequestFinishedInfo|.

Cronet users have expressed a desire to correlate information from the
|RequestFinishedInfoListener| and the |UrlRequestCallback|.

With the current |RequestFinishedInfo| ownership, this is very awkward
to do -- the |RequestFinishedInfo| only lives for the duration of
|RequestFinishedInfoListener.OnRequestFinished()|, which may be run
before or after the |UrlRequestCallback| methods |OnSucceeded()|,
|OnFailed()|, and |OnCanceled()|, depending on the
|RequestFinishedListener| executor and ordering of thread execution.

The |UrlResponseInfo| and |Error| objects are already owned by the
|UrlRequest|, so making the |RequestFinishedInfo| also owned by the
|UrlRequest| makes sense.

However, since the app is allowed to destroy the |UrlRequest| after the
|OnSucceeded()|, |OnFailed()|, and |OnCanceled()| methods, which may be
run before |OnRequestFinished()|, we should also ensure that the
|RequestFinishedInfo| is valid for the duration of each
|RequestFinishedInfo| call so that app developers can avoid debugging
use-after-free races.

We can accomplish both by sharing ownership between the |UrlRequest| and
the |RequestFinishedInfoListener| runner code.

Bug: 879208
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