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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "services/metrics/public/cpp/ukm_source_id.h"
#include "url/origin.h"
namespace ukm {
class UkmRecorder;
} // namespace ukm
class MediaEngagementService;
// Represents a session with regards to the Media Engagement. A session consists
// of a visit on a tab and all the tabs opened to the same origin originating
// from that tab or one of its children.
// Each tab will have a MediaEngagementContentsObserver that will hold a
// reference to a session. When all the references are released, the session
// will be destructed and record all the information. It guarantees that
// information are recorded only once.
class MediaEngagementSession : public base::RefCounted<MediaEngagementSession> {
enum class RestoreType {
kNotRestored = 0,
MediaEngagementSession(MediaEngagementService* service,
const url::Origin& origin,
RestoreType restore_status);
// Returns whether the session's origin is same origin with |origin|.
bool IsSameOriginWith(const url::Origin& origin) const;
// Record that the session received a significant playback from a media
// element.
void RecordSignificantMediaElementPlayback();
// Record that the session received a significant playback from an audio
// context.
void RecordSignificantAudioContextPlayback();
// Record the length of an ignored media playback.
void RecordShortPlaybackIgnored(int length_msec);
// Register new audible/significant players. `significant_players` can't be
// greater than `audible_players`.
void RegisterAudiblePlayers(int32_t audible_players,
int32_t significant_players);
// Whether any significant playback was recorded.
bool WasSignificantPlaybackRecorded() const;
bool significant_media_element_playback_recorded() const;
bool significant_audio_context_playback_recorded() const;
const url::Origin& origin() const;
friend class base::RefCounted<MediaEngagementSession>;
friend class MediaEngagementSessionTest;
// Private because the class is RefCounted.
// Returns the UkmRecorder with the right source id set.
ukm::UkmRecorder* GetUkmRecorder();
// Records a significant playback that is either a media element or an audio
// context playback.
void RecordSignificantPlayback();
// Record the score and change in score to UKM.
void RecordUkmMetrics();
// Returns whether the session has a pending playback that needs to be
// committed into the database.
bool HasPendingPlaybackToCommit() const;
// Returns whether the session has data that needs to be committed into the
// database.
bool HasPendingDataToCommit() const;
// Records the session information (restored, playback, etc.) into histograms.
// NOTE: must be called just before commiting.
void RecordStatusHistograms() const;
// Commits any pending data to website settings.
void CommitPendingData();
// Weak pointer because |this| has a lifetime shorter than it.
MediaEngagementService* service_;
// Origin associated with the session.
url::Origin origin_;
// UKM source ID associated with the session. It will be used by all the
// session clients.
ukm::SourceId ukm_source_id_ = ukm::kInvalidSourceId;
// Delta counts are counts to be added to the score while total counts are
// the sum of all the changes that happened during the session lifetime. The
// total count is recorded as delta with regards to UKM.
int32_t audible_players_delta_ = 0;
int32_t significant_players_delta_ = 0;
int32_t audible_players_total_ = 0;
int32_t significant_players_total_ = 0;
bool significant_media_element_playback_recorded_ = false;
bool significant_audio_context_playback_recorded_ = false;
struct PendingDataToCommit {
bool visit = true;
bool audio_context_playback = false;
bool media_element_playback = false;
bool players = false;
PendingDataToCommit pending_data_to_commit_;
// The time the first significant playback occurred.
base::Time first_significant_playback_time_;
// The time between significant playbacks to be recorded to UKM.
base::TimeDelta time_since_playback_for_ukm_;
// Whether the session was restored.
RestoreType restore_status_ = RestoreType::kNotRestored;
// If the |is_high_| bit has changed since this object was created.
bool high_score_changed_ = false;