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2019-03-14 Avoid WideStringViews from constant strings in cfgas_stringformatter.cpp
2019-03-14 Rename some variables in fpdf_edittext.cpp.
2019-03-14 Split CFFL_InteractiveFormFiller::GetFormFiller() in two.
2019-03-14 Use "bs" prefix for ByteStrings in cfxjse_formcalc_context.cpp.
2019-03-14 Fix two XFA JS calls that trigger fatal errors in v8::FromJust().
2019-03-14 Specify CFGAS_StringFormatter format at creation time.
2019-03-14 Remove extra slashes in fxjs/
2019-03-14 Mark CPDF_FontEncoding::Realize() as a const method.

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