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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/bindings/api_binding_types.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/bindings/api_bindings_system.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/bindings/event_emitter.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/extension_bindings_system.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/feature_cache.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/native_renderer_messaging_service.h"
#include "v8/include/v8.h"
namespace extensions {
class IPCMessageSender;
class ScriptContext;
// The implementation of the Bindings System for extensions code with native
// implementations (rather than JS hooks). Handles permission/availability
// checking and creates all bindings available for a given context. Sending the
// IPC is still abstracted out for testing purposes, but otherwise this should
// be a plug-and-play version for use in the Extensions system.
// Designed to be used in a single thread, but for all contexts on that thread.
class NativeExtensionBindingsSystem : public ExtensionBindingsSystem {
explicit NativeExtensionBindingsSystem(
std::unique_ptr<IPCMessageSender> ipc_message_sender);
~NativeExtensionBindingsSystem() override;
// ExtensionBindingsSystem:
void DidCreateScriptContext(ScriptContext* context) override;
void WillReleaseScriptContext(ScriptContext* context) override;
void UpdateBindingsForContext(ScriptContext* context) override;
void DispatchEventInContext(const std::string& event_name,
const base::ListValue* event_args,
const EventFilteringInfo* filtering_info,
ScriptContext* context) override;
bool HasEventListenerInContext(const std::string& event_name,
ScriptContext* context) override;
void HandleResponse(int request_id,
bool success,
const base::ListValue& response,
const std::string& error) override;
RequestSender* GetRequestSender() override;
IPCMessageSender* GetIPCMessageSender() override;
RendererMessagingService* GetMessagingService() override;
void OnExtensionPermissionsUpdated(const ExtensionId& id) override;
void OnExtensionRemoved(const ExtensionId& id) override;
APIBindingsSystem* api_system() { return &api_system_; }
NativeRendererMessagingService* messaging_service() {
return &messaging_service_;
// Returns the API with the given |name| for the given |context|. Used for
// testing purposes.
v8::Local<v8::Object> GetAPIObjectForTesting(ScriptContext* context,
const std::string& api_name);
// Handles sending a given |request|, forwarding it on to the send_ipc_ after
// adding additional info.
void SendRequest(std::unique_ptr<APIRequestHandler::Request> request,
v8::Local<v8::Context> context);
// Returns the transient user activation state for the |context|.
bool GetUserActivationState(v8::Local<v8::Context> context);
// Called when listeners for a given event have changed, and forwards it along
// to |send_event_listener_ipc_|.
void OnEventListenerChanged(const std::string& event_name,
binding::EventListenersChanged change,
const base::DictionaryValue* filter,
bool was_manual,
v8::Local<v8::Context> context);
// Getter callback for an extension API, since APIs are constructed lazily.
static void BindingAccessor(v8::Local<v8::Name> name,
const v8::PropertyCallbackInfo<v8::Value>& info);
// Creates and returns the API binding for the given |name|.
static v8::Local<v8::Object> GetAPIHelper(v8::Local<v8::Context> context,
v8::Local<v8::String> name);
// Gets the chrome.runtime API binding.
static v8::Local<v8::Object> GetLastErrorParents(
v8::Local<v8::Context> context,
v8::Local<v8::Object>* secondary_parent);
// Callback to get an API binding for an internal API.
static void GetInternalAPI(const v8::FunctionCallbackInfo<v8::Value>& info);
// Helper method to get a APIBindingJSUtil object for the current context,
// and populate |binding_util_out|. We use an out parameter instead of
// returning it in order to let us use weak ptrs, which can't be used on a
// method with a return value.
void GetJSBindingUtil(v8::Local<v8::Context> context,
v8::Local<v8::Value>* binding_util_out);
std::unique_ptr<IPCMessageSender> ipc_message_sender_;
// The APIBindingsSystem associated with this class.
APIBindingsSystem api_system_;
NativeRendererMessagingService messaging_service_;
FeatureCache feature_cache_;
// A function to acquire an internal API.
v8::Eternal<v8::FunctionTemplate> get_internal_api_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<NativeExtensionBindingsSystem> weak_factory_;
} // namespace extensions