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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/values.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/script_injection.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
struct ExtensionMsg_ExecuteCode_Params;
namespace content {
class RenderFrame;
namespace extensions {
// A ScriptInjector to handle tabs.executeScript().
class ProgrammaticScriptInjector : public ScriptInjector {
explicit ProgrammaticScriptInjector(
const ExtensionMsg_ExecuteCode_Params& params);
~ProgrammaticScriptInjector() override;
// ScriptInjector implementation.
UserScript::InjectionType script_type() const override;
bool ShouldExecuteInMainWorld() const override;
bool IsUserGesture() const override;
base::Optional<CSSOrigin> GetCssOrigin() const override;
const base::Optional<std::string> GetInjectionKey() const override;
bool ExpectsResults() const override;
bool ShouldInjectJs(
UserScript::RunLocation run_location,
const std::set<std::string>& executing_scripts) const override;
bool ShouldInjectCss(
UserScript::RunLocation run_location,
const std::set<std::string>& injected_stylesheets) const override;
PermissionsData::PageAccess CanExecuteOnFrame(
const InjectionHost* injection_host,
blink::WebLocalFrame* web_frame,
int tab_id) override;
std::vector<blink::WebScriptSource> GetJsSources(
UserScript::RunLocation run_location,
std::set<std::string>* executing_scripts,
size_t* num_injected_js_scripts) const override;
std::vector<blink::WebString> GetCssSources(
UserScript::RunLocation run_location,
std::set<std::string>* injected_stylesheets,
size_t* num_injected_stylesheets) const override;
void OnInjectionComplete(std::unique_ptr<base::Value> execution_result,
UserScript::RunLocation run_location,
content::RenderFrame* render_frame) override;
void OnWillNotInject(InjectFailureReason reason,
content::RenderFrame* render_frame) override;
// Whether it is safe to include information about the URL in error messages.
bool CanShowUrlInError() const;
// Notify the browser that the script was injected (or never will be), and
// send along any results or errors.
void Finish(const std::string& error, content::RenderFrame* render_frame);
// The parameters for injecting the script.
std::unique_ptr<ExtensionMsg_ExecuteCode_Params> params_;
// The url of the frame into which we are injecting.
GURL url_;
// The serialization of the frame's origin if the frame is an about:-URL. This
// is used to provide user-friendly messages.
std::string origin_for_about_error_;
// The results of the script execution.
base::ListValue results_;
// Whether or not this script injection has finished.
bool finished_;
} // namespace extensions