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Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
found in the LICENSE file.
This file describes the enumerations used in metrics data. It is used
along with histograms.xml to describe the histogram data collected by Chrome.
For best practices on writing enumerations descriptions, see
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and scripts in the same directory as this file before
uploading your change for review. These are checked by presubmit scripts.
<!-- Enum types -->
<enum name="Abandoned">
<int value="0" label="Finished"/>
<int value="1" label="Abandoned"/>
<enum name="AbandonType">
<int value="0" label="Not abandoned"/>
<int value="1" label="FinishDoc missing"/>
<int value="2" label="FinishAllLoads missing"/>
<int value="3" label="FinishAllLoads+FinishDoc missing"/>
<int value="4" label="LoadEventStart missing"/>
<int value="5" label="LoadEventStart+FinishDoc missing"/>
<int value="6" label="LoadEventStart+FinishAllLoads missing"/>
<int value="7" label="LoadEventStart+FinishAllLoads+FinishDoc missing"/>
<int value="8" label="LoadEventEnd missing"/>
<int value="9" label="LoadEventEnd+FinishDoc missing"/>
<int value="10" label="LoadEventEnd+FinishAllLoads missing"/>
<int value="11" label="LoadEventEnd+FinishAllLoads+FinishDoc missing"/>
<int value="12" label="LoadEventEnd+LoadEventStart missing"/>
<int value="13" label="LoadEventEnd+LoadEventStart+FinishDoc missing"/>
<int value="14" label="LoadEventEnd+LoadEventStart+FinishAllLoads missing"/>
<int value="15"
label="LoadEventEnd+LoadEventStart+FinishAllLoads+FinishDoc missing"/>
<enum name="AcceleratedFixedRootBackground">
<int value="0" label="ScrolledMainFrame"/>
<int value="1" label="ScrolledMainFrameWithAcceleratedFixedRootBackground"/>
<int value="2" label="ScrolledMainFrameWithUnacceleratedFixedRootBackground"/>
<enum name="AccessibilityAndroidServiceInfoEnum">
Track flags and capabilities of enabled accessibility services on Android.
<int value="1" label="CAPABILITY_CAN_PERFORM_GESTURES"/>
<int value="6" label="EVENT_ANNOUNCEMENT"/>
<int value="7" label="EVENT_ASSIST_READING_CONTEXT"/>
<int value="8" label="EVENT_GESTURE_DETECTION_END"/>
<int value="9" label="EVENT_GESTURE_DETECTION_START"/>
<int value="10" label="EVENT_NOTIFICATION_STATE_CHANGED"/>
<int value="13" label="EVENT_TOUCH_INTERACTION_END"/>
<int value="14" label="EVENT_TOUCH_INTERACTION_START"/>
<int value="15" label="EVENT_VIEW_ACCESSIBILITY_FOCUSED"/>
<int value="17" label="EVENT_VIEW_CLICKED"/>
<int value="18" label="EVENT_VIEW_CONTEXT_CLICKED"/>
<int value="19" label="EVENT_VIEW_FOCUSED"/>
<int value="20" label="EVENT_VIEW_HOVER_ENTER"/>
<int value="21" label="EVENT_VIEW_HOVER_EXIT"/>
<int value="22" label="EVENT_VIEW_LONG_CLICKED"/>
<int value="23" label="EVENT_VIEW_SCROLLED"/>
<int value="24" label="EVENT_VIEW_SELECTED"/>
<int value="25" label="EVENT_VIEW_TEXT_CHANGED"/>
<int value="26" label="EVENT_VIEW_TEXT_SELECTION_CHANGED"/>
<int value="28" label="EVENT_WINDOWS_CHANGED"/>
<int value="29" label="EVENT_WINDOW_CONTENT_CHANGED"/>
<int value="30" label="EVENT_WINDOW_STATE_CHANGED"/>
<int value="31" label="FEEDBACK_AUDIBLE"/>
<int value="32" label="FEEDBACK_BRAILLE"/>
<int value="33" label="FEEDBACK_GENERIC"/>
<int value="34" label="FEEDBACK_HAPTIC"/>
<int value="35" label="FEEDBACK_SPOKEN"/>
<int value="36" label="FEEDBACK_VISUAL"/>
<int value="37" label="FLAG_FORCE_DIRECT_BOOT_AWARE"/>
<int value="38" label="FLAG_INCLUDE_NOT_IMPORTANT_VIEWS"/>
<int value="39" label="FLAG_REPORT_VIEW_IDS"/>
<int value="41" label="FLAG_REQUEST_FILTER_KEY_EVENTS"/>
<enum name="AccessibilityModeFlagEnum">
<summary>Track individual accessibility mode flags that are enabled.</summary>
<int value="0" label="Native APIs"/>
<int value="1" label="Web Contents"/>
<int value="2" label="Inline Text Boxes"/>
<int value="3" label="Screen Reader"/>
<int value="4" label="HTML"/>
<enum name="AccessibilityWinAPIEnum">
Track which Windows accessibility APIs are being called by clients.
<int value="0" label="UMA_API_ACC_DO_DEFAULT_ACTION">accDoDefaultAction</int>
<int value="1" label="UMA_API_ACC_HIT_TEST">accHitTest</int>
<int value="2" label="UMA_API_ACC_LOCATION">accLocation</int>
<int value="3" label="UMA_API_ACC_NAVIGATE">accNavigate</int>
<int value="4" label="UMA_API_ACC_SELECT">accSelect</int>
<int value="5" label="UMA_API_ADD_SELECTION">addSelection</int>
<int value="6" label="UMA_API_CONVERT_RETURNED_ELEMENT">
<int value="7" label="UMA_API_DO_ACTION">doAction</int>
<int value="8" label="UMA_API_GET_ACCESSIBLE_AT">get_accessibleAt</int>
<int value="9" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_CHILD">get_accChild</int>
<int value="10" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_CHILD_COUNT">get_accChildCount</int>
<int value="11" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_DEFAULT_ACTION">
<int value="12" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_DESCRIPTION">get_accDescription</int>
<int value="13" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_FOCUS">get_accFocus</int>
<int value="14" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_HELP">get_accHelp</int>
<int value="15" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_HELP_TOPIC">get_accHelpTopic</int>
<int value="16" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_KEYBOARD_SHORTCUT">
<int value="17" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_NAME">get_accName</int>
<int value="18" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_PARENT">get_accParent</int>
<int value="19" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_ROLE">get_accRole</int>
<int value="20" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_SELECTION">get_accSelection</int>
<int value="21" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_STATE">get_accState</int>
<int value="22" label="UMA_API_GET_ACC_VALUE">get_accValue</int>
<int value="23" label="UMA_API_GET_ANCHOR">get_anchor</int>
<int value="24" label="UMA_API_GET_ANCHOR_TARGET">get_anchorTarget</int>
<int value="25" label="UMA_API_GET_APP_NAME">get_appName</int>
<int value="26" label="UMA_API_GET_APP_VERSION">get_appVersion</int>
<int value="27" label="UMA_API_GET_ATTRIBUTES_FOR_NAMES">
<int value="28" label="UMA_API_GET_CAPTION">get_caption</int>
<int value="29" label="UMA_API_GET_CARET_OFFSET">get_caretOffset</int>
<int value="30" label="UMA_API_GET_CELL_AT">get_cellAt</int>
<int value="31" label="UMA_API_GET_CHARACTER_EXTENTS">
<int value="32" label="UMA_API_GET_CHILD_AT">get_childAt</int>
<int value="33" label="UMA_API_GET_CHILD_INDEX">get_childIndex</int>
<int value="35" label="UMA_API_GET_COLUMN_DESCRIPTION">
<int value="36" label="UMA_API_GET_COLUMN_EXTENT">get_columnExtent</int>
<int value="37" label="UMA_API_GET_COLUMN_EXTENT_AT">get_columnExtentAt</int>
<int value="38" label="UMA_API_GET_COLUMN_HEADER">get_columnHeader</int>
<int value="39" label="UMA_API_GET_COLUMN_HEADER_CELLS">
<int value="40" label="UMA_API_GET_COLUMN_INDEX">get_columnIndex</int>
<int value="41" label="UMA_API_GET_COMPUTED_STYLE">get_computedStyle</int>
<int value="43" label="UMA_API_GET_CURRENT_VALUE">get_currentValue</int>
<int value="44" label="UMA_API_GET_DESCRIPTION">get_description</int>
<int value="45" label="UMA_API_GET_DOC_TYPE">get_docType</int>
<int value="46" label="UMA_API_GET_DOM_TEXT">get_domText</int>
<int value="47" label="UMA_API_GET_END_INDEX">get_endIndex</int>
<int value="48" label="UMA_API_GET_EXTENDED_ROLE">get_extendedRole</int>
<int value="49" label="UMA_API_GET_EXTENDED_STATES">get_extendedStates</int>
<int value="50" label="UMA_API_GET_FIRST_CHILD">get_firstChild</int>
<int value="51" label="UMA_API_GET_FONT_FAMILY">get_fontFamily</int>
<int value="52" label="UMA_API_GET_GROUP_POSITION">get_groupPosition</int>
<int value="53" label="UMA_API_GET_HOST_RAW_ELEMENT_PROVIDER">
<int value="54" label="UMA_API_GET_HYPERLINK">get_hyperlink</int>
<int value="55" label="UMA_API_GET_HYPERLINK_INDEX">get_hyperlinkIndex</int>
<int value="56" label="UMA_API_GET_IACCESSIBLE_PAIR">
GetIAccessiblePair ALT
<int value="57" label="UMA_API_GET_IMAGE_POSITION">get_imagePosition</int>
<int value="58" label="UMA_API_GET_IMAGE_SIZE">get_imageSize</int>
<int value="59" label="UMA_API_GET_INDEX_IN_PARENT">get_indexInParent</int>
<int value="60" label="UMA_API_GET_INNER_HTML">get_innerHTML</int>
<int value="61" label="UMA_API_GET_IS_COLUMN_SELECTED">
<int value="62" label="UMA_API_GET_IS_ROW_SELECTED">get_isRowSelected</int>
<int value="63" label="UMA_API_GET_IS_SELECTED">get_isSelected</int>
<int value="64" label="UMA_API_GET_KEY_BINDING">get_keyBinding</int>
<int value="65" label="UMA_API_GET_LANGUAGE">get_language</int>
<int value="66" label="UMA_API_GET_LAST_CHILD">get_lastChild</int>
<int value="67" label="UMA_API_GET_LOCALE">get_locale</int>
<int value="68" label="UMA_API_GET_LOCALIZED_EXTENDED_ROLE">
<int value="70" label="UMA_API_GET_LOCALIZED_NAME">get_localizedName</int>
<int value="71" label="UMA_API_GET_LOCAL_INTERFACE">get_localInterface</int>
<int value="72" label="UMA_API_GET_MAXIMUM_VALUE">get_maximumValue</int>
<int value="73" label="UMA_API_GET_MIME_TYPE">get_mimeType</int>
<int value="74" label="UMA_API_GET_MINIMUM_VALUE">get_minimumValue</int>
<int value="75" label="UMA_API_GET_NAME">get_name</int>
<int value="76" label="UMA_API_GET_NAMESPACE_URI_FOR_ID">
get_nameSpaceURIForID ALT
<int value="77" label="UMA_API_GET_NEW_TEXT">get_newText</int>
<int value="78" label="UMA_API_GET_NEXT_SIBLING">get_nextSibling</int>
<int value="79" label="UMA_API_GET_NODE_INFO">get_nodeInfo</int>
<int value="80" label="UMA_API_GET_N_CHARACTERS">get_nCharacters</int>
<int value="81" label="UMA_API_GET_N_COLUMNS">get_nColumns</int>
<int value="82" label="UMA_API_GET_N_EXTENDED_STATES">
<int value="83" label="UMA_API_GET_N_HYPERLINKS">get_nHyperlinks</int>
<int value="84" label="UMA_API_GET_N_RELATIONS">get_nRelations</int>
<int value="85" label="UMA_API_GET_N_ROWS">get_nRows</int>
<int value="86" label="UMA_API_GET_N_SELECTED_CELLS">get_nSelectedCells</int>
<int value="87" label="UMA_API_GET_N_SELECTED_CHILDREN">
<int value="88" label="UMA_API_GET_N_SELECTED_COLUMNS">
<int value="89" label="UMA_API_GET_N_SELECTED_ROWS">get_nSelectedRows</int>
<int value="90" label="UMA_API_GET_N_SELECTIONS">get_nSelections</int>
<int value="91" label="UMA_API_GET_OBJECT_FOR_CHILD">GetObjectForChild</int>
<int value="92" label="UMA_API_GET_OFFSET_AT_POINT">get_offsetAtPoint</int>
<int value="93" label="UMA_API_GET_OLD_TEXT">get_oldText</int>
<int value="94" label="UMA_API_GET_PARENT_NODE">get_parentNode</int>
<int value="95" label="UMA_API_GET_PATTERN_PROVIDER">GetPatternProvider</int>
<int value="96" label="UMA_API_GET_PREVIOUS_SIBLING">get_previousSibling</int>
<int value="97" label="UMA_API_GET_PROPERTY_VALUE">GetPropertyValue</int>
<int value="98" label="UMA_API_GET_PROVIDER_OPTIONS">get_ProviderOptions</int>
<int value="99" label="UMA_API_GET_RELATION">get_relation</int>
<int value="100" label="UMA_API_GET_RELATIONS">get_relations</int>
<int value="101" label="UMA_API_GET_ROW_COLUMN_EXTENTS">
<int value="102" label="UMA_API_GET_ROW_COLUMN_EXTENTS_AT_INDEX">
<int value="103" label="UMA_API_GET_ROW_DESCRIPTION">get_rowDescription</int>
<int value="104" label="UMA_API_GET_ROW_EXTENT">get_rowExtent</int>
<int value="105" label="UMA_API_GET_ROW_EXTENT_AT">get_rowExtentAt</int>
<int value="106" label="UMA_API_GET_ROW_HEADER">get_rowHeader</int>
<int value="107" label="UMA_API_GET_ROW_HEADER_CELLS">get_rowHeaderCells</int>
<int value="108" label="UMA_API_GET_ROW_INDEX">get_rowIndex</int>
<int value="109" label="UMA_API_GET_RUNTIME_ID">GetRuntimeId</int>
<int value="110" label="UMA_API_GET_SELECTED_CELLS">get_selectedCells</int>
<int value="111" label="UMA_API_GET_SELECTED_CHILDREN">
<int value="112" label="UMA_API_GET_SELECTED_COLUMNS">
<int value="113" label="UMA_API_GET_SELECTED_ROWS">get_selectedRows</int>
<int value="114" label="UMA_API_GET_SELECTION">get_selection</int>
<int value="115" label="UMA_API_GET_START_INDEX">get_startIndex</int>
<int value="116" label="UMA_API_GET_STATES">get_states</int>
<int value="117" label="UMA_API_GET_SUMMARY">get_summary</int>
<int value="118" label="UMA_API_GET_TABLE">get_table</int>
<int value="119" label="UMA_API_GET_TEXT">get_text</int>
<int value="120" label="UMA_API_GET_TEXT_AFTER_OFFSET">
<int value="121" label="UMA_API_GET_TEXT_AT_OFFSET">get_textAtOffset</int>
<int value="122" label="UMA_API_GET_TEXT_BEFORE_OFFSET">
<int value="123" label="UMA_API_GET_TITLE">get_title</int>
<int value="124" label="UMA_API_GET_TOOLKIT_NAME">get_toolkitName</int>
<int value="125" label="UMA_API_GET_TOOLKIT_VERSION">get_toolkitVersion</int>
<int value="127" label="UMA_API_GET_UNIQUE_ID">get_uniqueID</int>
<int value="128" label="UMA_API_GET_URL">get_URL</int>
<int value="129" label="UMA_API_GET_VALID">get_valid</int>
<int value="130" label="UMA_API_GET_WINDOW_HANDLE">get_windowHandle</int>
<int value="131" label="UMA_API_IA2_GET_ATTRIBUTES">get_attributes ALT</int>
<int value="132" label="UMA_API_IA2_SCROLL_TO">scrollTo ALT</int>
<int value="133" label="UMA_API_IAACTION_GET_DESCRIPTION">
get_description ALT
<int value="134" label="UMA_API_IATEXT_GET_ATTRIBUTES">
get_attributes ALT
get_attributes ALT
<int value="136" label="UMA_API_ISIMPLEDOMNODE_SCROLL_TO">scrollTo ALT</int>
<int value="137" label="UMA_API_N_ACTIONS">nActions</int>
<int value="138" label="UMA_API_PUT_ALTERNATE_VIEW_MEDIA_TYPES">
<int value="139" label="UMA_API_QUERY_SERVICE">QueryService</int>
<int value="140" label="UMA_API_REMOVE_SELECTION">removeSelection</int>
<int value="141" label="UMA_API_ROLE">role</int>
<int value="142" label="UMA_API_SCROLL_SUBSTRING_TO">scrollSubstringTo</int>
<int value="143" label="UMA_API_SCROLL_SUBSTRING_TO_POINT">
<int value="144" label="UMA_API_SCROLL_TO_POINT">scrollToPoint</int>
<int value="145" label="UMA_API_SCROLL_TO_SUBSTRING">scrollToSubstring</int>
<int value="146" label="UMA_API_SELECT_COLUMN">selectColumn</int>
<int value="147" label="UMA_API_SELECT_ROW">selectRow</int>
<int value="148" label="UMA_API_SET_CARET_OFFSET">setCaretOffset</int>
<int value="149" label="UMA_API_SET_CURRENT_VALUE">setCurrentValue</int>
<int value="150" label="UMA_API_SET_SELECTION">setSelection</int>
<int value="151" label="UMA_API_TABLE2_GET_SELECTED_COLUMNS">
get_selectedColumns ALT
<int value="152" label="UMA_API_TABLE2_GET_SELECTED_ROWS">
get_selectedRows ALT
<int value="153" label="UMA_API_TABLECELL_GET_COLUMN_INDEX">
get_columnIndex ALT
<int value="154" label="UMA_API_TABLECELL_GET_IS_SELECTED">
get_isSelected ALT
<int value="155" label="UMA_API_TABLECELL_GET_ROW_INDEX">
get_rowIndex ALT
<int value="156" label="UMA_API_UNSELECT_COLUMN">unselectColumn</int>
<int value="157" label="UMA_API_UNSELECT_ROW">unselectRow</int>
<enum name="AccessPasswordInSettingsEvent">
<int value="0" label="Viewed"/>
<int value="1" label="Copied"/>
<enum name="AccountChooserDismissalReason">
<int value="0" label="Canceled"/>
<int value="1" label="Credential chosen"/>
<int value="2" label="Sign in clicked"/>
<enum name="AccountChooserUsabilityState">
<int value="0" label="Looks OK"/>
<int value="1" label="Empty username"/>
<int value="2" label="Duplicate usernames"/>
<int value="3" label="Empty and duplicate usernames"/>
<enum name="AccountRelation">
<int value="0" label="Empty cookie jar"/>
<int value="1" label="No signed in, single signed out match"/>
<int value="2" label="No signed in, one of multiple signed out match"/>
<int value="3" label="No signed in with signed out, no match"/>
<int value="4" label="Single signed in match, no signed out"/>
<int value="5" label="Signle signed in match with signed out"/>
<int value="6" label="One of multiple signed in match, any signed out"/>
<int value="7" label="With signed in, one of signed out match"/>
<int value="8" label="With signed in, no match"/>
<enum name="ActionAfterDoubleTap">
<int value="0" label="Navigated Back"/>
<int value="1" label="Stopped Navigation"/>
<int value="2" label="No Action"/>
<enum name="ActionUponResourceRequest">
<int value="0" label="Load resource"/>
<int value="1" label="Revalidate resource"/>
<int value="2" label="Use resource from cache"/>
<enum name="ActiveWindowShowType">
<int value="0" label="No Active Window"/>
<int value="1" label="Other"/>
<int value="2" label="Maximized"/>
<int value="3" label="Fullscreen"/>
<int value="4" label="Snapped"/>
<int value="5" label="Docked"/>
<int value="6" label="Pinned"/>
<int value="7" label="TrustedPinned"/>
<enum name="ActivityTrackerAnalyzerCreationError">
<int value="0" label="Invalid memory mapped file"/>
<int value="1" label="PMA bad file"/>
<int value="2" label="PMA uninitialized"/>
<int value="3" label="PMA deleted"/>
<int value="4" label="PMA corrupt"/>
<enum name="ActivityTrackerCollectInitStatus">
<int value="0" label="Success"/>
<int value="1" label="Unknown directory"/>
<int value="2" label="Get stability file path failed"/>
<int value="3" label="Crashpad database init failed"/>
<enum name="ActivityTrackerCollectOnCrashEvent">
<int value="0" label="Collection attempt"/>
<int value="1" label="User data directory not empty"/>
<int value="2" label="Path exists"/>
<int value="3" label="Report extraction success"/>
<int value="4" label="PMA set deleted failed"/>
<int value="5" label="Open for delete failed"/>
<int value="6" label="Success"/>
<enum name="ActivityTrackerCollectStatus">
<int value="0" label="None"/>
<int value="1" label="Sucess"/>
<int value="2" label="Analyzer creation failed"/>
<int value="3" label="Debug file has no data"/>
<int value="4" label="Prepare new crash report failed"/>
<int value="5" label="Write to minidump failed"/>
<int value="6" label="Debug file deletion failed"/>
<int value="7" label="Finished writing crash report failed"/>
<int value="8" label="Unclean shutdown"/>
<int value="9" label="Unclean session"/>
<int value="10" label="Collection attempt"/>
<enum name="ActivityTrackerRecordEvent">
<int value="0" label="Recording attempt"/>
<int value="1" label="Stability directory exists"/>
<int value="2" label="Got stability file path"/>
<int value="3" label="Got tracker"/>
<int value="4" label="Mark deleted"/>
<int value="5" label="Mark deleted got file"/>
<int value="6" label="Open for delete failed"/>
<enum name="ActivityTrackerRecordInitStatus">
Removed from code May 2017.
<int value="0" label="Success"/>
<int value="1" label="Create stability dir failed"/>
<int value="2" label="Get stability file path failed"/>
<enum name="ActivityTrackerSystemSessionAnalysisStatus">
<int value="0" label="Success"/>
<int value="1" label="Missing timestamp"/>
<int value="2" label="Missing analyzer"/>
<int value="3" label="Analysis failed"/>
<int value="4" label="Outside range"/>
<enum name="ActivityTrackerWriteDumpStatus">
<int value="0" label="Sucess"/>
<int value="1" label="Failed"/>
<int value="2" label="Failed (missing product details)"/>
<enum name="AddressFamily">
<int value="0" label="Unspecified"/>
<int value="1" label="IPv4"/>
<int value="2" label="IPv6"/>
<enum name="AddSearchProvider">
<int value="0" label="window.external.AddSearchProvider was called"/>
<int value="1" label="A confirmation dialog was shown"/>
<int value="2" label="The user added a search engine via the dialog"/>
<int value="3"
label="The user saw the dialog but closed it without adding an engine"/>
<enum name="AffiliationFetchResult">
<int value="0" label="Success"/>
<int value="1" label="Network/server error"/>
<int value="2" label="Malformed response"/>
<enum name="AlternateProtocolUsage">
<int value="0" label="ALTERNATE_PROTOCOL_USAGE_NO_RACE"/>
<int value="1" label="ALTERNATE_PROTOCOL_USAGE_WON_RACE"/>
<int value="4" label="ALTERNATE_PROTOCOL_USAGE_BROKEN"/>
<enum name="AlternativeServiceType">
<int value="0" label="No alternative service"/>
<int value="1" label="QUIC, destination same as origin"/>
<int value="2" label="QUIC, destination different from origin"/>
<int value="3" label="Not QUIC, destination same as origin"/>
<int value="4" label="Not QUIC, destination different from origin"/>
<enum name="AndroidActivityId">
<int value="1" label="Unknown"/>
<int value="2" label="Main"/>
<int value="3" label="Preferences"/>
<int value="4" label="WebappActivity"/>
<int value="5" label="FullScreenActivity"/>
<enum name="AndroidActivityStopReason">
<int value="0" label="Unknown"/>
<int value="1" label="Chrome sent to background by system back">
The user pressed the system back button, sending Chrome to the background.
<int value="2" label="Return button closed app">
The user hit the return UI button to close the tab and return to the
previous app.
<int value="3" label="Immediately launched child CustomTabActivity">
The Activity immediately launched a CustomTabActivity on top of itself.
<int value="4" label="Child CustomTabActivity closed itself">
The child CustomTabActivity was closed by the user, so this Activity sent
itself to the background to return the user to the previous app.
<int value="5" label="Another Chrome Activity took focus">
Another of Chrome's Activities (e.g. Settings or Bookmarks) launched and
took focus.
<enum name="AndroidActivitySystemBackAction">
<int value="0" label="Nothing happened"/>
<int value="1"
label="The foreground tab contained a help article and was closed"/>
<int value="2"
label="Chrome was minimized and the foreground tab was kept open"/>
<int value="3"
label="Chrome was minimized and the foreground tab was closed"/>
<int value="4"
label="The foreground tab was closed, but Chrome stayed visible"/>
<int value="5" label="Error: No tab is currently being displayed"/>
<int value="6" label="User exited the tab switcher"/>
<int value="7" label="User exited fullscreen mode"/>
<int value="8" label="User navigated backward in the tab's history"/>
<enum name="AndroidArmFpu">
<int value="0" label="No NEON support"/>
<int value="1" label="NEON support"/>
<enum name="AndroidDownloadExtensionType">
<int value="0" label="Other"/>
<int value="1" label="APK"/>
<int value="2" label="CSV"/>
<int value="3" label="DOC"/>
<int value="4" label="DOCX"/>
<int value="5" label="EXE"/>
<int value="6" label="PDF"/>
<int value="7" label="PPT"/>
<int value="8" label="PPTX"/>
<int value="9" label="PSD"/>
<int value="10" label="RTF"/>
<int value="11" label="TXT"/>
<int value="12" label="XLS"/>
<int value="13" label="XLSX"/>
<int value="14" label="ZIP"/>
<enum name="AndroidDownloadFilterType">
<int value="0" label="All"/>
<int value="1" label="Page"/>
<int value="2" label="Video"/>
<int value="3" label="Audio"/>
<int value="4" label="Image"/>
<int value="5" label="Document"/>
<int value="6" label="Other"/>
<enum name="AndroidEvictionReason">
<int value="0" label="TabUnusedTooLong"/>
<int value="1" label="TabUnusedInSession"/>
<int value="2" label="LimitOfActiveTabs"/>
<int value="3" label="EvictNTabs"/>
<int value="4" label="EvictAll"/>
<enum name="AndroidFeedbackCategory">
This list corresponds to the categories the user can press when selecting a
category their feedback falls under.
<int value="0" label="Error or blank page"/>
<int value="1" label="Chrome crashes or freezes"/>
<int value="2" label="Issues with website"/>
<int value="3" label="Trouble with something else"/>
<enum name="AndroidFeedbackCategoryDetails">
This list corresponds to all the possible options a user can press when
selecting an option their feedback falls under. Each option is prefixed with
a shortened name of the category that the option belongs to.
<int value="0" label="Error Network error"/>
<int value="1" label="Error Blank page"/>
<int value="2" label="Error Video won't play"/>
<int value="3" label="Error Page won't download"/>
<int value="4" label="Error Can't connect to Wi-Fi"/>
<int value="5" label="Error Other"/>
<int value="6" label="Crash Watching videos"/>
<int value="7" label="Crash Downloading files"/>
<int value="8" label="Crash Browsing websites"/>
<int value="9" label="Crash Other"/>
<int value="10" label="Website Account or sign-in problems"/>
<int value="11" label="Website Advertisements"/>
<int value="12" label="Website Video won't play"/>
<int value="13" label="Website Slow website"/>
<int value="14" label="Website Broken or unreadable website"/>
<int value="15" label="Website Other"/>
<int value="16" label="Something Website"/>
<int value="17" label="Something Tabs"/>
<int value="18" label="Something Settings"/>
<int value="19" label="Something Other"/>
<enum name="AndroidGATTConnectionErrorCodes">
This list includes all errors from the Bluetooth Specification Version 4.2
[Vol 2, Part D] as well as an error from Android's BluetoothGatt (0x101
GATT_FAILURE) and an error from Bluedroid's gatt_api.h (0x100 L2CAP
connection cancelled).
<int value="0" label="0x00 Success"/>
<int value="1" label="0x01 Unknown HCI Command"/>
<int value="2" label="0x02 Unknown Connection Identifier"/>
<int value="3" label="0x03 Hardware Failure"/>
<int value="4" label="0x04 Page Timeout"/>
<int value="5" label="0x05 Authentication Failure"/>
<int value="6" label="0x06 PIN or Key Missing"/>
<int value="7" label="0x07 Memory Capacity Exceeded"/>
<int value="8" label="0x08 Connection Timeout"/>
<int value="9" label="0x09 Connection Limit Exceeded"/>
<int value="10"
label="0x0A Synchronous Connection Limit To A Device Exceeded"/>
<int value="11" label="0x0B ACL Connection Already Exists"/>
<int value="12" label="0x0C Command Disallowed"/>
<int value="13" label="0x0D Connection Rejected due to Limited Resources"/>
<int value="14" label="0x0E Connection Rejected Due To Security Reasons"/>
<int value="15" label="0x0F Connection Rejected due to Unacceptable BD_ADDR"/>
<int value="16" label="0x10 Connection Accept Timeout Exceeded"/>
<int value="17" label="0x11 Unsupported Feature or Parameter Value"/>
<int value="18" label="0x12 Invalid HCI Command Parameters"/>
<int value="19" label="0x13 Remote User Terminated Connection"/>
<int value="20"
label="0x14 Remote Device Terminated Connection due to Low Resources"/>
<int value="21"
label="0x15 Remote Device Terminated Connection due to Power Off"/>
<int value="22" label="0x16 Connection Terminated By Local Host"/>
<int value="23" label="0x17 Repeated Attempts"/>
<int value="24" label="0x18 Pairing Not Allowed"/>
<int value="25" label="0x19 Unknown LMP PDU"/>
<int value="26"
label="0x1A Unsupported Remote Feature / Unsupported LMP Feature"/>
<int value="27" label="0x1B SCO Offset Rejected"/>
<int value="28" label="0x1C SCO Interval Rejected"/>
<int value="29" label="0x1D SCO Air Mode Rejected"/>
<int value="30" label="0x1E Invalid LMP Parameters / Invalid LL Parameters"/>
<int value="31" label="0x1F Unspecified Error"/>
<int value="32"
label="0x20 Unsupported LMP Parameter Value / Unsupported LL Parameter
<int value="33" label="0x21 Role Change Not Allowed"/>
<int value="34" label="0x22 LMP Response Timeout / LL Response Timeout"/>
<int value="35" label="0x23 LMP Error Transaction Collision"/>
<int value="36" label="0x24 LMP PDU Not Allowed"/>
<int value="37" label="0x25 Encryption Mode Not Acceptable"/>
<int value="38" label="0x26 Link Key cannot be Changed"/>
<int value="39" label="0x27 Requested QoS Not Supported"/>
<int value="40" label="0x28 Instant Passed"/>
<int value="41" label="0x29 Pairing With Unit Key Not Supported"/>
<int value="42" label="0x2A Different Transaction Collision"/>
<int value="43" label="0x2B Reserved"/>
<int value="44" label="0x2C QoS Unacceptable Parameter"/>
<int value="45" label="0x2D QoS Rejected"/>
<int value="46" label="0x2E Channel Classification Not Supported"/>
<int value="47" label="0x2F Insufficient Security"/>
<int value="48" label="0x30 Parameter Out Of Mandatory Range"/>
<int value="49" label="0x31 Reserved"/>
<int value="50" label="0x32 Role Switch Pending"/>
<int value="51" label="0x33 Reserved"/>
<int value="52" label="0x34 Reserved Slot Violation"/>
<int value="53" label="0x35 Role Switch Failed"/>
<int value="54" label="0x36 Extended Inquiry Response Too Large"/>
<int value="55" label="0x37 Secure Simple Pairing Not Supported By Host"/>
<int value="56" label="0x38 Host Busy - Pairing"/>
<int value="57"
label="0x39 Connection Rejected due to No Suitable Channel Found"/>
<int value="58" label="0x3A Controller Busy"/>
<int value="59" label="0x3B Unacceptable Connection Parameters"/>
<int value="60" label="0x3C Directed Advertising Timeout"/>
<int value="61" label="0x3D Connection Terminated due to MIC Failure"/>
<int value="62" label="0x3E Connection Failed to be Established"/>
<int value="63" label="0x3F MAC Connection Failed"/>
<int value="64"
label="0x40 Coarse Clock Adjustment Rejected but Will Try to Adjust
Using Clock Dragging"/>
<int value="133" label="Application Error 0x85, Bluedroid GATT_ERROR"/>
<int value="135" label="Application Error 0x87, Bluedroid GATT_PENDING"/>
<int value="256" label="0x100 Bluedroid L2CAP connection cancelled"/>
<int value="257" label="0x101 Android GATT Failure"/>
<enum name="AndroidGATTStatusResult">
This list includes errors from the Bluetooth Specification Version 4.2 Vol
3, Part F, Section and Core Specification Supplement Part B. Also
Android's BluetoothGatt (0x101 GATT_FAILURE) and an error from Bluedroid's
gatt_api.h (0x100 L2CAP connection cancelled).
<int value="0" label="GATT_SUCCESS"/>
<int value="1" label="Invalid Handle"/>
<int value="2" label="Read Not Permitted"/>
<int value="3" label="Write Not Permitted"/>
<int value="4" label="Invalid PDU"/>
<int value="5" label="Insufficient Authentication"/>
<int value="6" label="Request Not Supported"/>
<int value="7" label="Invalid Offset"/>
<int value="8" label="Insufficient Authorization"/>
<int value="9" label="Prepare Queue Full"/>
<int value="10" label="Attribute Not Found"/>
<int value="11" label="Attribute Not Long"/>
<int value="12" label="Insufficient Encryption Key Size"/>
<int value="13" label="Invalid Attribute Value Length"/>
<int value="14" label="Unlikely Error"/>
<int value="15" label="Insufficient Encryption"/>
<int value="16" label="Unsupported Group Type"/>
<int value="17" label="Insufficient Resources"/>
<int value="128" label="Application Error 0x80, 128"/>
<int value="129" label="Application Error 0x81, 129"/>
<int value="130" label="Application Error 0x82, 130"/>
<int value="131" label="Application Error 0x83, 131"/>
<int value="132" label="Application Error 0x84, 132"/>
<int value="133" label="Application Error 0x85, Bluedroid GATT_ERROR"/>
<int value="134" label="Application Error 0x86, 134"/>
<int value="135" label="Application Error 0x87, Bluedroid GATT_PENDING"/>
<int value="136" label="Application Error 0x88, 136"/>
<int value="137" label="Application Error 0x89, 137"/>
<int value="138" label="Application Error 0x8A, 138"/>
<int value="139" label="Application Error 0x8B, 139"/>
<int value="140" label="Application Error 0x8C, 140"/>
<int value="141" label="Application Error 0x8D, 141"/>
<int value="142" label="Application Error 0x8E, 142"/>
<int value="143" label="Application Error 0x8F, 143"/>
<int value="144" label="Application Error 0x90, 144"/>
<int value="145" label="Application Error 0x91, 145"/>
<int value="146" label="Application Error 0x92, 146"/>
<int value="147" label="Application Error 0x93, 147"/>
<int value="148" label="Application Error 0x94, 148"/>
<int value="149" label="Application Error 0x95, 149"/>
<int value="150" label="Application Error 0x96, 150"/>
<int value="151" label="Application Error 0x97, 151"/>
<int value="152" label="Application Error 0x98, 152"/>
<int value="153" label="Application Error 0x99, 153"/>
<int value="154" label="Application Error 0x9A, 154"/>
<int value="155" label="Application Error 0x9B, 155"/>
<int value="156" label="Application Error 0x9C, 156"/>
<int value="157" label="Application Error 0x9D, 157"/>
<int value="158" label="Application Error 0x9E, 158"/>
<int value="159" label="Application Error 0x9F, 159"/>
<int value="253"
label="Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor Improperly
Configured (CSS)"/>
<int value="254" label="Procedure Already in Progress (CSS)"/>
<int value="255" label="Out of Range (CSS)"/>
<int value="256" label="0x100 Bluedroid L2CAP connection cancelled"/>
<int value="257" label="GATT_FAILURE"/>
<enum name="AndroidKernelVersion">
<int value="131078" label="2.6"/>
<int value="196608" label="3.0"/>
<int value="196609" label="3.1"/>
<int value="196610" label="3.2"/>
<int value="196611" label="3.3"/>
<int value="196612" label="3.4"/>
<int value="196613" label="3.5"/>
<int value="196614" label="3.6"/>
<int value="196615" label="3.7"/>
<int value="196616" label="3.8"/>
<int value="196618" label="3.10"/>
<int value="196619" label="3.11"/>
<int value="196620" label="3.12"/>
<int value="196621" label="3.13"/>
<int value="196622" label="3.14"/>
<int value="196625" label="3.17"/>
<int value="196626" label="3.18"/>
<int value="196627" label="3.19"/>
<int value="262144" label="4.0"/>
<int value="262145" label="4.1"/>
<int value="262154" label="4.10"/>
<enum name="AndroidManageSpaceButton">
<int value="0" label="Clear Unimportant Storage"/>
<int value="1" label="Manage Site Storage"/>
<int value="2" label="Clear App Data"/>
<enum name="AndroidMemoryNotificationBackground">
<int value="0" label="TrimMemoryUiHidden"/>
<int value="1" label="TrimMemoryBackground"/>
<int value="2" label="TrimMemoryModerate"/>
<int value="3" label="TrimMemoryComplete"/>
<enum name="AndroidMemoryNotificationForeground">
<int value="0" label="TrimMemoryRunningModerate"/>
<int value="1" label="TrimMemoryRunningLow"/>
<int value="2" label="TrimMemoryRunningCritical"/>
<int value="3" label="LowMemory"/>
<enum name="AndroidRestoreResult">
<int value="0" label="No restore attempted"/>
<int value="1" label="Restore successful"/>
<int value="2" label="Failed: Chrome already run locally"/>
<int value="3" label="Failed: Chrome startup failed"/>
<int value="4" label="Failed: Cannot sign in as previous user"/>
<enum name="AndroidSeccompSandboxStatus">
<int value="0" label="Not Supported"/>
<int value="1" label="Detection Failed"/>
<int value="2" label="Feature Disabled"/>
<int value="3" label="Feature Enabled"/>
<int value="4" label="Sandbox Engaged"/>
<enum name="AndroidSeccompStatus">
<int value="0" label="Detection Failed"/>
<int value="1" label="Not Supported"/>
<int value="2" label="Supported"/>
<enum name="AndroidSigninPromoAction">
<int value="0" label="Promo enabled">
The Android signin promo was enabled to show on next startup.
<int value="1" label="Promo shown">The Android signin promo was shown.</int>
<int value="2" label="Promo declined">
User declined the Android signin promo.
<int value="3" label="Promo accepted">
User completed signin through the Android signin promo flow successfully.
<int value="4" label="Promo accepted with advanced settings">
User completed signin through the Android signin promo flow successfully and
chose to configure sync settings.
<enum name="AndroidTabCloseUndoToastEvent">
<int value="0" label="Undo Shown (Cold)"/>
<int value="1" label="Undo Shown (Warm)"/>
<int value="2" label="Undo Pressed"/>
<int value="3" label="Undos Dismissed (Timeout) (Deprecated)"/>
<int value="4" label="Undos Dismissed (Action) (Deprecated)"/>
<enum name="ANGLEProgramCacheResult">
<int value="0" label="Cache Miss"/>
<int value="1" label="Cache Hit From Memory"/>
<int value="2" label="Cache Hit From Disk"/>
<enum name="AntiVirusMetricsProviderResult">
<int value="0" label="RESULT_SUCCESS"/>
<int value="1" label="RESULT_GENERIC_FAILURE"/>
<int value="2" label="RESULT_FAILED_TO_INITIALIZE_COM"/>
<int value="3" label="RESULT_FAILED_TO_CREATE_INSTANCE"/>
<int value="5" label="RESULT_FAILED_TO_GET_PRODUCT_COUNT"/>
<int value="6" label="RESULT_FAILED_TO_GET_ITEM"/>
<int value="7" label="RESULT_FAILED_TO_GET_PRODUCT_STATE"/>
<int value="8" label="RESULT_PRODUCT_STATE_INVALID"/>
<int value="9" label="RESULT_FAILED_TO_GET_PRODUCT_NAME"/>
<int value="11" label="RESULT_FAILED_TO_CONNECT_TO_WMI"/>
<int value="13" label="RESULT_FAILED_TO_EXEC_WMI_QUERY"/>
<int value="14" label="RESULT_FAILED_TO_ITERATE_RESULTS"/>
<int value="15" label="RESULT_WSC_NOT_AVAILABLE"/>
<enum name="AppBannersBeforeInstallEvent">
<int value="1" label="Event created and dispatched"/>
<int value="2" label="Showing the banner"/>
<int value="3" label="preventDefault() not called"/>
<int value="4" label="preventDefault() called"/>
<int value="5" label="prompt() called after preventDefault()"/>
<int value="6" label="prompt() not called after preventDefault()"/>
<enum name="AppBannersDismissEvent">
<int value="41" label="Error/unknown reason for dismissal"/>
<int value="42" label="User opened the application after installing it"/>
<int value="43" label="User clicked on the banner"/>
<int value="44" label="(Obsolete) User swiped the banner away"/>
<int value="45" label="User hit the X button"/>
<int value="46" label="User began app install, but it didn't finish in time"/>
<int value="47" label="Banner was dismissed for any reason"/>
<enum name="AppBannersDisplayEvent">
<int value="1" label="Banner was requested by the site"/>
<int value="2" label="User previously blocked the same banner"/>
<int value="3" label="User blocked too many other banners from the site"/>
<int value="4" label="Banner created"/>
<int value="5" label="User already installed the app"/>
<int value="6" label="User ignored the banner last time"/>
<int value="7" label="Manifest lacks a service worker"/>
<int value="8" label="Site hasn't been visited frequently enough"/>
<int value="9" label="Native app banner was requested by the site"/>
<int value="10" label="Web app banner was requested by the site"/>
<int value="11" label="Native app banner created"/>
<int value="12" label="Web app banner created"/>
<enum name="AppBannersInstallableStatusCode">
<int value="0" label="No error"/>
<int value="1" label="Renderer exiting"/>
<int value="2" label="Renderer called beforeinstallprompt.preventDefault()"/>
<int value="3" label="User navigated before the banner was shown"/>
<int value="4" label="Site not loaded in main frame"/>
<int value="5" label="Site not served from a secure origin"/>
<int value="6" label="Site did not provide a manifest link"/>
<int value="7" label="Manifest was empty or could not be parsed"/>
<int value="8" label="Manifest start_url not valid"/>
<int value="9" label="Manifest missing name or short_name"/>
<int value="10" label="Manifest display not supported"/>
<int value="11" label="Manifest missing suitable icon"/>
<int value="12" label="No matching service worker"/>
<int value="13" label="Could not select suitable icon to download"/>
<int value="14" label="Could not download selected icon"/>
<int value="15" label="Downloaded icon was empty"/>
<int value="16" label="Application platform not supported on Android"/>
<int value="17" label="No native app id specified"/>
<int value="18" label="URL and manifest specified different native app ids"/>
<int value="19" label="Site is already installed"/>
<int value="20" label="Insufficient engagement"/>
<int value="21" label="Package name or start_url empty"/>
<int value="22" label="Banner was previously blocked by the user"/>
<int value="23" label="Banner was previously ignored by the user"/>
<int value="24" label="Native app banner shown"/>
<int value="25" label="Web app banner shown"/>
<int value="26" label="Site eligible, but banner creation failed"/>
<int value="27" label="Url is not eligible for WebAPKs"/>
<int value="28" label="Site loaded in incognito window (not reported)"/>
<int value="29" label="Service worker not offline capable"/>
<int value="30" label="Waiting for manifest to be fetched"/>
<int value="31" label="Waiting for installability check"/>
<int value="32" label="No gesture associated with call to prompt"/>
<enum name="AppBannersInstallEvent">
<int value="21" label="(Native app) User triggered the app install dialog"/>
<int value="22" label="(Native app) User began installing the app"/>
<int value="23"
label="(Native app) User waited for the app to finish installing"/>
<int value="24" label="(Web app) User installed a web app"/>
<enum name="AppBannersUserResponse">
<int value="1" label="Native app banner was accepted by the user"/>
<int value="2" label="Web app banner was accepted by the user"/>
<int value="3" label="Native app banner was dismissed by the user"/>
<int value="4" label="Web app banner was dismissed by the user"/>
<int value="5" label="Native app banner was ignored by the user"/>
<int value="6" label="Web app banner was ignored by the user"/>
<enum name="AppCacheCheckResponseResult">
<int value="0" label="OK"/>
<int value="1" label="Manifest obsolete"/>
<int value="2" label="Response obsolete"/>
<int value="3" label="Entry not found"/>
<int value="4" label="Read headers error"/>
<int value="5" label="Read data error"/>
<int value="6" label="Unexpected size"/>
<int value="7" label="Check canceled"/>
<enum name="AppCacheErrorSite">
<summary>Identifies the point of failure, see sources.</summary>
<enum name="AppCacheInitResult">
<int value="0" label="OK"/>
<int value="1" label="SQL Database Error"/>
<int value="2" label="Disk Cache Error"/>
<enum name="AppCacheUpdateJobResult">
<int value="0" label="OK"/>
<int value="1" label="SQL Database Error"/>
<int value="2" label="Disk Cache Error"/>
<int value="3" label="Quota Error"/>
<int value="4" label="Redirect Error"/>
<int value="5" label="Manifest Error"/>
<int value="6" label="Network Error"/>
<int value="7" label="Server Error"/>
<int value="8" label="Cancelled"/>
<int value="9" label="Security Error"/>
<enum name="AppInfoDialogLaunchOrigin">
<int value="0" label="App List context menu"/>
<int value="1" label="Extensions page"/>
<int value="2" label="Apps Page context menu"/>
<enum name="AppLaunch">
<int value="0" label="NTP_APPS_MAXIMIZED"/>
<int value="1" label="NTP_APPS_COLLAPSED"/>
<int value="2" label="NTP_APPS_MENU"/>
<int value="3" label="NTP_MOST_VISITED"/>
<int value="4" label="NTP_RECENTLY_CLOSED"/>
<int value="5" label="BOOKMARK_BAR"/>
<int value="6" label="CONTENT_NAVIGATION"/>
<int value="7" label="SESSION_RESTORE"/>
<int value="8" label="AUTOLAUNCH"/>
<int value="9" label="OMNIBOX_APP"/>
<int value="10" label="OMNIBOX_LOCATION"/>
<int value="11" label="OMNIBOX_INSTANT"/>
<int value="12" label="EXTENSION_API"/>
<int value="13" label="CMD_LINE_APP"/>
<int value="14" label="CMD_LINE_URL"/>
<int value="15" label="NTP_WEBSTORE"/>
<int value="16" label="NTP_APP_RE_ENABLE"/>
<int value="17" label="CMD_LINE_APP_LEGACY"/>
<int value="18" label="NTP_WEBSTORE_FOOTER"/>
<int value="19" label="NTP_WEBSTORE_PLUS_ICON"/>
<int value="20" label="APP_LIST_MAIN"/>
<int value="21" label="APP_LIST_SEARCH"/>
<int value="22" label="APP_LIST_MAIN_CHROME"/>
<int value="23" label="APP_LIST_MAIN_WEBSTORE"/>
<int value="24" label="APP_LIST_SEARCH_CHROME"/>
<int value="25" label="APP_LIST_SEARCH_WEBSTORE"/>
<enum name="AppLaunchContainer">
<int value="0" label="LAUNCH_CONTAINER_WINDOW"/>
<int value="1" label="LAUNCH_CONTAINER_PANEL"/>
<int value="2" label="LAUNCH_CONTAINER_TAB"/>
<int value="3" label="LAUNCH_CONTAINER_NONE (v2 packaged apps)"/>
<enum name="AppLauncherPromo">
<int value="0" label="Already installed"/>
<int value="1" label="Shown"/>
<int value="2" label="Dismissed"/>
<int value="3" label="Learn more"/>
<enum name="AppLaunchSource">
<int value="0" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_NONE"/>
<int value="1" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_UNTRACKED"/>
<int value="2" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_APP_LAUNCHER"/>
<int value="3" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_NEW_TAB_PAGE"/>
<int value="4" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_RELOAD"/>
<int value="5" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_RESTART"/>
<int value="6" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_LOAD_AND_LAUNCH"/>
<int value="7" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_COMMAND_LINE"/>
<int value="8" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_FILE_HANDLER"/>
<int value="9" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_URL_HANDLER"/>
<int value="10" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_SYSTEM_TRAY"/>
<int value="11" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_ABOUT_PAGE"/>
<int value="12" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_KEYBOARD"/>
<int value="13" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_EXTENSIONS_PAGE"/>
<int value="14" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_MANAGEMENT_API"/>
<int value="15" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_EPHEMERAL_APP"/>
<int value="16" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_BACKGROUND"/>
<int value="17" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_KIOSK"/>
<int value="18" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_CHROME_INTERNAL"/>
<int value="19" label="LAUNCH_SOURCE_TEST"/>
<enum name="AppleScriptCommandEvents">
<int value="0" label="Tab Close"/>
<int value="1" label="Tab Copy"/>
<int value="2" label="Tab Cut"/>
<int value="3" label="Tab Execute Javascript"/>
<int value="4" label="Tab Go Back"/>
<int value="5" label="Tab Go Forward"/>
<int value="6" label="Tab Paste"/>
<int value="7" label="Tab Print"/>
<int value="8" label="Tab Redo"/>
<int value="9" label="Tab Reload"/>
<int value="10" label="Tab Save"/>
<int value="11" label="Tab Select All"/>
<int value="12" label="Tab Stop"/>
<int value="13" label="Tab Undo"/>
<int value="14" label="Tab View Source"/>
<int value="15" label="Window Close"/>
<int value="16" label="Window Enter Presentation Mode"/>
<int value="17" label="Window Exit Presentation Mode"/>
<enum name="AppListDoodleAction">
<int value="0" label="DOODLE_SHOWN"/>
<int value="1" label="DOODLE_CLICKED"/>
<enum name="AppListEnableSource">
<int value="0" label="Not enabled (should never be recorded)"/>
<int value="1" label="Packaged app installed from Web Store"/>
<int value="2" label="Clicked app launcher link from the Web Store"/>
<int value="3" label="Command line flag"/>
<int value="4" label="Chrome reinstalled over old, enabled profile"/>
<int value="5" label="Second packaged app installed without showing"/>
<enum name="AppListFolderOpened">
<int value="0" label="Original Folder Design"/>
<int value="1" label="Peeking App List Folder Design"/>
<enum name="AppListPage">
<int value="0" label="APPS"/>
<int value="1" label="SEARCH_RESULTS"/>
<int value="2" label="START"/>
<int value="3" label="CUSTOM_LAUNCHER_PAGE"/>
<enum name="AppListPageSwitcherSource">
<int value="0" label="Touched Indicator"/>
<int value="1" label="Clicked Indicator"/>
<int value="2" label="Swiped App Grid"/>
<int value="3" label="Flung App Grid"/>
<int value="4" label="Mousewheel Scroll"/>
<int value="5" label="Mousepad Scroll"/>
<int value="6" label="Dragged App To Border"/>
<enum name="AppListPeekingToFullscreenSource">
<int value="0" label="Swiped Up On Launcher"/>
<int value="1" label="Clicked Expand Arrow"/>
<int value="2" label="Scrolled With Mousepad"/>
<int value="3" label="Scrolled With Mouse"/>
<enum name="AppListSearchResult">
<int value="0" label="OMNIBOX"/>
<int value="1" label="APP"/>
<int value="2" label="WEBSTORE"/>
<int value="3" label="SEARCH_WEBSTORE"/>
<int value="4" label="SEARCH_PEOPLE"/>
<int value="5" label="SUGGESTION"/>
<int value="6" label="LAUNCHER_SEARCH_PROVIDER"/>
<int value="7" label="PLAY_STORE_UNINSTALLED_APP"/>
<int value="8" label="PLAY_STORE_INSTANT_APP"/>
<int value="9" label="ANSWER_CARD"/>
<enum name="AppListSearchResultDisplayType">
<int value="0" label="NONE"/>
<int value="1" label="LIST"/>
<int value="2" label="TILE"/>
<int value="3" label="RECOMMENDATION"/>
<enum name="ApplistSearchResultOpenedSource">
<int value="0" label="Half Clamshell"/>
<int value="1" label="Fullscreen Clamshell"/>
<int value="2" label="Fullscreen Tablet"/>
<enum name="AppListShowSource">
<int value="0" label="Search Key"/>
<int value="1" label="Shelf Button"/>
<int value="2" label="Swipe Up From Shelf"/>
<enum name="AppListStateTransitionSource">
<int value="0" label="Fullscreen All Apps To Closed"/>
<int value="1" label="Fullscreen All Apps To Fullscreen Search"/>
<int value="2" label="Fullscreen All Apps To Peeking"/>
<int value="3" label="Fullscreen Search To Closed"/>
<int value="4" label="Fullscreen Search To Fullscreen All Apps"/>
<int value="5" label="Half To Closed"/>
<int value="6" label="Half To Fullscreen Search"/>
<int value="7" label="Half To Peeking"/>
<int value="8" label="Peeking To Closed"/>
<int value="9" label="Peeking To Fullscreen All Apps"/>
<int value="10" label="Peeking To Half"/>
<enum name="AppLoadedInTabSource">
<int value="0" label="SOURCE_APP"/>
<int value="1" label="SOURCE_BACKGROUND_PAGE"/>
<int value="2" label="SOURCE_OTHER_EXTENSION"/>
<int value="3" label="SOURCE_OTHER"/>
<enum name="AppLocation">
<int value="0" label="Invalid location"/>
<int value="1" label="Internal extension"/>
<int value="2" label="Internal extension (loaded via prefs)"/>
<int value="3" label="Internal extension (loaded via the registry)"/>
<int value="4" label="Unpacked extension"/>
<int value="5" label="Component app"/>
<int value="6" label="External extension (downloaded via prefs)"/>
<int value="7" label="External extension (downloaded via admin policies)"/>
<int value="8" label="Command-line extension"/>
<int value="9" label="External extension (loaded via prefs and cached)"/>
<int value="10" label="Component app (downloaded)"/>
<enum name="AppPromoAction">
<int value="0" label="PROMO_LAUNCH_APP"/>
<int value="1" label="PROMO_LAUNCH_WEB_STORE"/>
<int value="2" label="PROMO_CLOSE"/>
<int value="3" label="PROMO_EXPIRE"/>
<int value="4" label="PROMO_SEEN"/>
<enum name="AppsPageDragSource">
<int value="0" label="Same apps pane"/>
<int value="1" label="Different apps pane"/>
<int value="2" label="Most visited pane"/>
<int value="3" label="Bookmarks pane"/>
<int value="4" label="Outside of NTP (e.g. bookmarks bar)"/>
<enum name="ArcAuthAccountCheckStatus">
<int value="0" label="Account is up to date"/>
<int value="1" label="New account"/>
<int value="2" label="Account needs reauth"/>
<int value="3" label="Account has unknown state"/>
<int value="4" label="Account check failed"/>
<enum name="ArcIntentHandlerAction">
<summary>Defines Arc intent handler actions</summary>
<int value="0" label="Error"/>
<int value="1" label="Dialog deactivated"/>
<int value="2" label="Always"/>
<int value="3" label="Just once"/>
<int value="4" label="Preferred activity found"/>
<enum name="ArcIntentHandlerDestinationPlatform">
Defines ARC intent handler platforms to continue the navigation.
<int value="0" label="ARC"/>
<int value="1" label="Chrome"/>
<enum name="ArcOptInAction">
<summary>Defines Arc OptIn actions</summary>
<int value="0" label="Opted Out"/>
<int value="1" label="Opted In"/>
<int value="2" label="Notification accepted"/>
<int value="3" label="Notification declined"/>
<int value="4" label="Notification timed out"/>
<int value="5" label="Retry after OptIn failure"/>
<enum name="ArcOptInCancel">
<summary>Defines Arc OptIn cancel reason</summary>
<int value="0" label="Canceled by user"/>
<int value="1" label="Unclassified failure"/>
<int value="2" label="Network failure"/>
<int value="3" label="DEPRECATED: GMS Services are not available"/>
<int value="4" label="DEPRECATED: Bad authentication returned by server"/>
<int value="5" label="DEPRECATED: GMS Core is not available"/>
<int value="6" label="Cloud provision flow failed"/>
<int value="7" label="Android Management required"/>
<int value="8" label="Busy"/>
<enum name="ArcOptInResult">
Defines Arc OptIn flow states. Normally each OptIn flow reports 2-3 states;
Started should be accompined with Succeeded or Canceled. Optionally
Succeeded after retry or Canceled after error may be provided.
<int value="0" label="Started"/>
<int value="1" label="Succeeded"/>
<int value="2" label="Succeeded after retry"/>
<int value="3" label="Canceled"/>
<int value="4" label="Canceled after error"/>
<enum name="ArcOptInSilentAuthCode">
<summary>Defines Arc OptIn Silent Auth code state</summary>
<int value="0" label="Disabled"/>
<int value="1" label="Success"/>
<int value="2" label="HTTP Context cannot be prepared"/>
<int value="3" label="No LST token is available"/>
<int value="4" label="Failed due sever HTTP error"/>
<int value="5" label="Failed due client HTTP error"/>
<int value="6" label="Failed due unknown HTTP error"/>
<int value="7" label="Cannot parse HTTP response"/>
<int value="8" label="No Auth code in response"/>
<enum name="ArcProvisioningResult">
<summary>Defines Arc Provisioning success and failure reasons</summary>
<int value="0" label="Success"/>
<int value="1" label="Unclassified failure"/>
<int value="2" label="GMS Network failure"/>
<int value="3" label="GMS Services are not available"/>
<int value="4" label="GMS Bad authentication returned by server"/>
<int value="5" label="GMS check-in was failed"/>
<int value="6" label="Cloud provision flow failed"/>
<int value="7" label="Mojo version mistmached"/>
<int value="8" label="Mojo call timeout"/>
<int value="9" label="GMS check-in was timed out"/>
<int value="10" label="GMS check-in reported internal error"/>
<int value="11" label="GMS core sign in procedure was failed"/>
<int value="12" label="GMS core sign in procedure was timed out"/>
<int value="13" label="GMS core sign in procedure reporeted internal error"/>
<int value="14" label="Cloud provision flow was timed out"/>
<int value="15" label="Cloud provision flow reporeted internal error"/>
<int value="16" label="ARC instance is stopped before complete provisioning"/>
<int value="17" label="Overall sign in timeout"/>
<int value="19" label="Network is unavailable"/>
<enum name="ArcVideoDecodeAcceleratorResult">
<summary>Defines ArcVideoDecodeAccelerator initialization status</summary>
<int value="0" label="SUCCESS"/>
<int value="1" label="ILLEGAL_STATE"/>
<int value="2" label="INVALID_ARGUMENT"/>
<int value="3" label="UNREADABLE_INPUT"/>
<int value="4" label="PLATFORM_FAILURE"/>
<int value="5" label="INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES"/>
<enum name="AshNightLightScheduleType">
<summary>Defines the possible Night Light schedule types</summary>
<int value="0" label="None"/>
<int value="1" label="Sunset to Sunrise"/>
<int value="2" label="Custom Schedule"/>
<enum name="AshNightLightTemperatureRanges">
Defines the ranges in which the value of the color temperature may reside
<int value="0" label="[0 to 20) (coldest)"/>
<int value="1" label="[20 to 40)"/>
<int value="2" label="[40 to 60)"/>
<int value="3" label="[60 to 80)"/>
<int value="4" label="[80 to 100) (warmest)"/>
<enum name="AssistantGestureType">
<int value="0" label="Not recognized"/>
<int value="1" label="Horizontal stroke"/>
<int value="2" label="Closed shape"/>
<enum name="AsyncDNSConfigParsePosix">
<int value="0" label="OK"/>
<int value="1" label="RES_INIT_FAILED"/>
<int value="2" label="RES_INIT_UNSET"/>
<int value="3" label="BAD_ADDRESS"/>
<int value="4" label="BAD_EXT_STRUCT"/>
<int value="5" label="NULL_ADDRESS"/>
<int value="6" label="NO_NAMESERVERS"/>
<int value="7" label="MISSING_OPTIONS"/>
<int value="8" label="UNHANDLED_OPTIONS"/>
<enum name="AsyncDNSConfigParseWin">
<int value="0" label="OK"/>
<int value="1" label="READ_IPHELPER"/>
<int value="2" label="READ_POLICY_SEARCHLIST"/>
<int value="3" label="READ_TCPIP_SEARCHLIST"/>
<int value="4" label="READ_DOMAIN"/>
<int value="5" label="READ_POLICY_DEVOLUTION"/>
<int value="6" label="READ_DNSCACHE_DEVOLUTION"/>
<int value="7" label="READ_TCPIP_DEVOLUTION"/>
<int value="8" label="READ_APPEND_MULTILABEL"/>
<int value="9" label="READ_PRIMARY_SUFFIX"/>
<int value="10" label="BAD_ADDRESS"/>
<int value="11" label="NO_NAMESERVERS"/>
<int value="12" label="UNHANDLED_OPTIONS"/>
<enum name="AsyncDNSHostsParseWin">
<int value="0" label="OK"/>
<int value="1" label="UNREADABLE_HOSTS_FILE"/>
<int value="2" label="COMPUTER_NAME_FAILED"/>
<int value="3" label="IPHELPER_FAILED"/>
<int value="4" label="BAD_ADDRESS"/>
<enum name="AsyncDNSNameServersType">
<summary>Type of nameservers in the DNS config.</summary>
<int value="0" label="NONE">No nameservers configured.</int>
<int value="1" label="GOOGLE_PUBLIC_DNS">
All nameservers are Google Public DNS servers.
<int value="2" label="PUBLIC">
All nameservers have public IP addresses (and aren't Google Public DNS
<int value="3" label="PRIVATE">
All nameservers have private IP addresses (loopback, link-local, or RFC
<int value="4" label="MIXED">
Nameservers are a mix of types (Google Public DNS, public, private).
<enum name="AsyncDNSParseResult">
<summary>Results of DnsResponse::ParseToAddressList.</summary>
<int value="0" label="SUCCESS"/>
<int value="1" label="MALFORMED_RESPONSE"/>
<int value="2" label="MALFORMED_CNAME"/>
<int value="3" label="NAME_MISMATCH"/>
<int value="4" label="SIZE_MISMATCH"/>
<int value="5" label="CNAME_AFTER_ADDRESS"/>
<int value="6" label="ADDRESS_TTL_MISMATCH"/>
<int value="7" label="NO_ADDRESSES"/>
<enum name="AsyncDNSPrefDefaultSource">
<int value="0" label="PLATFORM"/>
<int value="1" label="FIELD_TRIAL"/>
<int value="2" label="HARD_CODED_DEFAULT"/>
<enum name="AsyncDNSPrefSource">
<int value="0" label="MANAGED_PREF"/>
<int value="1" label="SUPERVISED_PREF"/>
<int value="2" label="EXTENSION_PREF"/>
<int value="3" label="COMMAND_LINE_PREF"/>
<int value="4" label="USER_PREF"/>
<int value="5" label="RECOMMENDED_PREF"/>
<int value="6" label="DEFAULT_PREF"/>
<int value="7" label="UNKNOWN_PREF"/>
<enum name="AsyncDNSResolveStatus">
<int value="0" label="DNS_SUCCESS">Succeeded with async DNS.</int>
<int value="1" label="PROC_SUCCESS">
Succeeded with getaddrinfo after async DNS failed.
<int value="2" label="FAIL">Both async DNS and getaddrinfo failed.</int>
<int value="3" label="SUSPECT_NETBIOS">
Same as PROC_SUCCESS except the hostname fits NetBIOS name criteria.
<enum name="AsyncDNSWatchStatus">
<int value="0" label="STARTED">Started.</int>
<int value="1" label="FAILED_TO_START_CONFIG">
Failed to start watching config.
<int value="2" label="FAILED_TO_START_HOSTS">
Failed to start watching HOSTS.
<int value="3" label="FAILED_CONFIG">Failed during watching config.</int>
<int value="4" label="FAILED_HOSTS">Failed during watching HOSTS.</int>
<enum name="AsyncRevalidationResult">
<int value="0" label="LOADED">A new entry was stored in the cache.</int>
<int value="1" label="REVALIDATED">
The existing cache entry was revalidated.
<int value="2" label="NET_ERROR">
An error occurred before a response was received.
<int value="3" label="READ_ERROR">
An error occurred while reading the response body.
<int value="4" label="GOT_REDIRECT">A redirect response was received.</int>
<int value="5" label="AUTH_FAILED">
A request for authentication was received, and no cached credentials were
<int value="6" label="RESPONSE_TIMEOUT">
Timed out before a response was received.
<int value="7" label="BODY_TIMEOUT">
Timed out while reading the response body.
<enum name="AttachmentServicesResult">
<int value="0" label="Succeeded with MOTW"/>
<int value="1" label="Succeeded without MOTW"/>
<int value="2" label="Succeeded but file was missing"/>
<int value="3" label="Failed to instantiate CLSID_AttachmentServices"/>
<int value="4" label="Failed while invoking IAE setter"/>
<int value="5" label="Blocked (file exists)"/>
<int value="6" label="Blocked (file missing)"/>
<int value="7" label="Virus infected (file exists)"/>
<int value="8" label="Virus infected (file missing)"/>
<int value="9" label="Access denied (file exists)"/>
<int value="10" label="Access denied (file missing)"/>
<int value="11" label="Other error (file exists)"/>
<int value="12" label="Other error (file missing)"/>
<enum name="AudioCaptureStartupResult">
<int value="0" label="OK"/>
<int value="1" label="Failed to create stream"/>
<int value="2" label="Failed to open stream"/>
<int value="3" label="Never received any data"/>
<int value="4" label="No data received and capture stopped within 500ms"/>
<enum name="AudioCodec">
<int value="0" label="kUnknownAudioCodec"/>
<int value="1" label="kCodecAAC"/>
<int value="2" label="kCodecMP3"/>
<int value="3" label="kCodecPCM"/>
<int value="4" label="kCodecVorbis"/>
<int value="5" label="kCodecFLAC"/>
<int value="6" label="kCodecAMR_NB"/>
<int value="7" label="kCodecAMR_WB"/>
<int value="8" label="kCodecPCM_MULAW"/>
<int value="9" label="kCodecGSM_MS"/>
<int value="10" label="kCodecPCM_S16BE"/>
<int value="11" label="kCodecPCM_S24BE"/>
<int value="12" label="kCodecOpus"/>
<int value="13" label="kCodecEAC3"/>
<int value="14" label="kCodecPCM_ALAW"/>
<int value="15" label="kCodecALAC"/>
<int value="16" label="kCodecAC3"/>
<enum name="AudioDevicePropertyResult">
<int value="0" label="Other"/>
<int value="1" label="Device has changed"/>
<int value="2" label="IO stopped abnormally"/>
<int value="3" label="Hog mode"/>
<int value="4" label="Buffer frame size"/>
<int value="5" label="Buffer frame size range"/>
<int value="6" label="Stream configuration"/>
<int value="7" label="Actual sample rate"/>
<int value="8" label="Nominal sample rate"/>
<int value="9" label="Device is running somewhere"/>
<int value="10" label="Device is running"/>
<int value="11" label="Device is alive"/>
<int value="12" label="Stream physical format"/>
<int value="13" label="Jack is connected"/>
<int value="14" label="Processor overload"/>
<int value="15" label="Data sources"/>
<int value="16" label="Data source"/>
<int value="17" label="Volume decibels"/>
<int value="18" label="Volume scalar"/>
<int value="19" label="Mute"/>
<int value="20" label="Plugin"/>
<int value="21" label="Uses variable buffer fram sizes"/>
<int value="22" label="IO cycle usage"/>
<int value="23" label="IO proc stream usage"/>
<int value="24" label="Configuration application"/>
<int value="25" label="Device UID"/>
<int value="26" label="Mode UID"/>
<int value="27" label="Transport type"/>
<int value="28" label="Related devices"/>
<int value="29" label="Clock domain"/>
<int value="30" label="Device can be default device"/>
<int value="31" label="Device can be default system device"/>
<int value="32" label="Latency"/>
<int value="33" label="Streams"/>
<int value="34" label="Control list"/>
<int value="35" label="Safety offset"/>
<int value="36" label="Available nominal sample rates"/>
<int value="37" label="Icon"/>
<int value="38" label="Is hidden"/>
<int value="39" label="Preferred channels for stereo"/>
<int value="40" label="Preferred channel layout"/>
<int value="41" label="Volume range decibels"/>
<int value="42" label="Volume scalar to decibels"/>
<int value="43" label="Volume decibel to scalar"/>
<int value="44" label="Stereo pan"/>
<int value="45" label="Stereo pan channels"/>
<int value="46" label="Solo"/>
<int value="47" label="Phantom power"/>
<int value="48" label="Phase invert"/>
<int value="49" label="Clip light"/>
<int value="50" label="Talkback"/>
<int value="51" label="Listenback"/>
<int value="52" label="Clock source"/>
<int value="53" label="Clock sources"/>
<int value="54" label="Sub mute"/>
<enum name="AudioFramesPerBuffer">
Removed from code Sep 2014.
<int value="0" label="k160"/>
<int value="1" label="k320"/>
<int value="2" label="k440"/>
<int value="3" label="k480"/>
<int value="4" label="k640"/>
<int value="5" label="k880"/>
<int value="6" label="k960"/>
<int value="7" label="k1440"/>
<int value="8" label="k1920"/>
<enum name="AudioGlitchResult">
<int value="0" label="No audio glitches"/>
<int value="1" label="Audio glitches"/>
<enum name="AudioInputSilenceReport">
<int value="0" label="No measurement"/>
<int value="1" label="Only audio"/>
<int value="2" label="Only silence"/>
<int value="3" label="Audio and silence"/>
<enum name="AudioRendererEvents">
<int value="0" label="Initialized"/>
<int value="1" label="Runtime error"/>
<enum name="AudioSampleFormat">
<int value="0" label="Unknown"/>
<int value="1" label="Unsigned 8-bit"/>
<int value="2" label="Signed 16-bit"/>
<int value="3" label="Signed 32-bit"/>
<int value="4" label="Float 32-bit"/>
<int value="5" label="Signed 16-bit planar"/>
<int value="6" label="Float 32-bit planar"/>
<enum name="AudioSampleRate">
<int value="0" label="8 kHz"/>
<int value="1" label="16 kHz"/>
<int value="2" label="32 kHz"/>
<int value="3" label="48 kHz"/>
<int value="4" label="96 kHz"/>
<int value="5" label="11.025 kHz"/>
<int value="6" label="22.05 kHz"/>
<int value="7" label="44.1 kHz"/>
<int value="8" label="88.2 kHz"/>
<int value="9" label="176.4 kHz"/>
<int value="10" label="192 kHz"/>
<int value="11" label="24 kHz"/>
<int value="12" label="384 kHz"/>
<enum name="AudioStreamOpenResult">
<int value="0" label="OK"/>
<int value="1" label="CREATE_INSTANCE"/>
<int value="2" label="NO_ENDPOINT"/>
<int value="3" label="NO_STATE"/>
<int value="4" label="DEVICE_NOT_ACTIVE"/>
<int value="5" label="ACTIVATION_FAILED"/>
<int value="6" label="FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED"/>
<int value="7" label="AUDIO_CLIENT_INIT_FAILED"/>
<int value="8" label="GET_BUFFER_SIZE_FAILED"/>
<int value="9" label="LOOPBACK_ACTIVATE_FAILED"/>
<int value="10" label="LOOPBACK_INIT_FAILED"/>
<int value="11" label="SET_EVENT_HANDLE"/>
<int value="12" label="NO_CAPTURE_CLIENT"/>
<int value="13" label="NO_AUDIO_VOLUME"/>
<int value="14" label="OK_WITH_RESAMPLING"/>
<enum name="AudioThreadStatus">
<int value="0" label="None"/>
<int value="1" label="Started"/>
<int value="2" label="Hung"/>
<int value="3" label="Recovered"/>
<enum name="AudioTrackProcessingStates">
<int value="0" label="Enabled"/>
<int value="1" label="Disabled"/>
<int value="2" label="Processing in WebRTC"/>
<enum name="AuthPolicyErrorType">
<int value="0" label="Success"/>
<int value="1" label="Unspecified error"/>
<int value="2" label="Unspecified D-Bus error"/>
<int value="3" label="Badly formatted user principal name"/>
<int value="4" label="Auth failed because of bad user name"/>
<int value="5" label="Auth failed because of bad password"/>
<int value="6" label="Auth failed because of expired password"/>
<int value="7" label="Auth failed because of bad realm or network"/>
<int value="8" label="kinit exited with unspecified error"/>
<int value="9" label="net exited with unspecified error"/>
<int value="10" label="smdclient exited with unspecified error"/>
<int value="11" label="authpolicy_parser exited with unknown error"/>
<int value="12" label="Parsing GPOs failed"/>
<int value="13" label="GPO data is bad"/>
<int value="14" label="Some local IO operation failed"/>
<int value="15" label="Machine is not joined to AD domain yet"/>
<int value="16" label="User is not logged in yet"/>
<int value="17" label="Failed to send policy to Session Manager"/>
<int value="18"
label="User doesn't have the right to join machines to the domain"/>
<int value="19" label="General network problem"/>
<int value="20" label="Machine name contains restricted characters"/>
<int value="21" label="Machine name too long"/>
<int value="22" label="User joined maximum number of machines to the domain"/>
<int value="23"
label="kinit or smbclient failed to contact Key Distribution Center"/>
<int value="24" label="Kerberos credentials cache not found"/>
<int value="25" label="Kerberos ticket expired while renewing credentials"/>
<int value="26" label="klist exited with unspecified error"/>
<int value="27" label="kinit failed because of bad machine name."/>
<enum name="AutocheckoutBubble">
Deprecated as of 8/2013.
<int value="0" label="Created"/>
<int value="1" label="Accepted"/>
<int value="2" label="Dismissed"/>
<int value="3" label="Ignored"/>
<int value="4" label="Could be displayed"/>
<enum name="AutocheckoutBuyFlow">
Deprecated as of 8/2013.
<int value="0" label="Started"/>
<int value="1" label="Success"/>
<int value="2" label="Missing field mappings"/>
<int value="3" label="Missing advance element"/>
<int value="4" label="Cannot proceed"/>
<enum name="AutofillCardUploadDecision">
Deprecated as of 2/2016, replaced by AutofillCardUploadDecisionExpanded.
<int value="0" label="Upload offered"/>
<int value="1" label="Upload not offered, no CVC detected"/>
<int value="2" label="Upload not offered, no valid address available"/>
<int value="3" label="Upload not offered, get upload details RPC failed"/>
<enum name="AutofillCardUploadDecisionExpanded">
Deprecated as of 5/2017, replaced by AutofillCardUploadDecisionMetric.
<int value="0" label="Upload offered"/>
<int value="1" label="Upload not offered, no CVC detected"/>
<int value="2" label="Upload not offered, no address available"/>
<int value="3" label="Upload not offered, no name available"/>
<int value="4"
label="Upload not offered, addresses had conflicting zip codes"/>
<int value="5" label="Upload not offered, no zip code available"/>
<int value="6" label="Upload not offered, get upload details RPC failed"/>
<int value="7"
label="Upload not offered, card and/or addresses had conflicting names"/>
<int value="8" label="Upload offered, no CVC detected"/>
<enum name="AutofillCardUploadDecisionMetric">
<int value="0" label="Upload offered"/>
<int value="1" label="CVC field not detected"/>
<int value="2" label="CVC value not filled in detected CVC field"/>
<int value="3" label="Invalid CVC value in detected CVC field"/>
<int value="4"
label="CVC field not detected, found possible CVC value in another
<int value="5" label="No address profile available"/>
<int value="6"
label="No recently used or recently modified address profile available"/>
<int value="7" label="Address profile available but without zip code"/>
<int value="8"
label="Address profiles available but had conflicting zip codes"/>
<int value="9" label="Name not found on card or address profiles"/>
<int value="10" label="Card and/or addresses had conflicting names"/>
<int value="11" label="Get upload details RPC failed"/>
<enum name="AutofillCreditCardInfoBar">
<int value="0" label="Shown"/>
<int value="1" label="Accepted"/>
<int value="2" label="Denied"/>
<int value="3" label="Ignored"/>
<enum name="AutofillDeveloperEngagement">
<int value="0" label="Fillable form parsed without type hints"/>
<int value="1" label="Fillable form parsed with type hints"/>
<int value="2" label="Includes UPI-VPA type hint"/>
<enum name="AutofillDialogDismissalState">
<int value="0" label="Submitted, existing data (deprecated)"/>
<int value="1" label="Submitted, saved to Wallet"/>
<int value="2" label="Submitted, saved locally"/>
<int value="3" label="Submitted, no save"/>
<int value="4" label="Canceled, no edits"/>
<int value="5" label="Canceled, no invalid fields"/>
<int value="6" label="Canceled, 1+ invalid fields"/>
<int value="7" label="Canceled during sign-in"/>
<int value="8" label="Submitted, existing data came from Wallet"/>
<int value="9" label="Submitted, existing data came from Autofill"/>
<enum name="AutofillDialogInitialUserState">
<int value="0" label="Not signed in, no Autofill"/>
<int value="1" label="Not signed in, has Autofill"/>
<int value="2" label="Signed in, no Wallet, no Autofill"/>
<int value="3" label="Signed in, no Wallet, has Autofill"/>
<int value="4" label="Signed in, has Wallet, no Autofill"/>
<int value="5" label="Signed in, ha Wallet, has Autofill"/>
<enum name="AutofillDialogPopupEvent">
<int value="0" label="Popup shown"/>
<int value="1" label="Form Autofilled"/>
<enum name="AutofillDialogSecurity">
<int value="0" label="Baseline: Dialog shown"/>
<int value="1" label="Credit card over HTTP"/>
<int value="2" label="Cross-origin frame"/>
<enum name="AutofillDialogUiEvents">
<int value="0" label="Dialog shown"/>
<int value="1" label="Dialog submitted"/>
<int value="2" label="Dialog canceled"/>
<int value="3"
label="Account switched: Wallet-&gt;Autofill (M35+: user actions only)"/>
<int value="4" label="Account switched: Autofill-&gt;Wallet"/>
<int value="5" label="Account switched: Wallet-&gt;Wallet"/>
<int value="6" label="Sign-in UI shown"/>
<int value="7" label="Selected different email suggestion"/>
<int value="8" label="Selected different billing suggestion"/>
<int value="9" label="Selected different cc+billing suggestion"/>
<int value="10" label="Selected different shipping suggestion"/>
<int value="11" label="Selected different cc suggestion"/>
<int value="12" label="Showed edit UI for email"/>
<int value="13" label="Showed edit UI for billing"/>
<int value="14" label="Showed edit UI for cc+billing"/>
<int value="15" label="Showed edit UI for shipping"/>
<int value="16" label="Showed edit UI for cc"/>
<int value="17" label="Selected 'Add email' suggestion"/>
<int value="18" label="Selected 'Add billing' suggestion"/>
<int value="19" label="Selected 'Add cc+billing' suggestion"/>
<int value="20" label="Selected 'Add shipping' suggestion"/>
<int value="21" label="Selected 'Add cc' suggestion"/>
<int value="22" label="Account switched: Wallet account added (multilogin)"/>
<enum name="AutofillExperimentId">
<int value="0" label="No Experiment"/>
<int value="1" label="Unknown"/>
<int value="2" label="ar06"/>
<int value="3" label="ar1"/>
<int value="4" label="ar2"/>
<int value="5" label="ar4"/>
<int value="6" label="ar05wlr15"/>
<int value="7" label="ar05wlr25"/>
<int value="8" label="ar05wlr25fs5"/>
<int value="9" label="tbar1"/>
<int value="10" label="ar04wr3fs4"/>
<int value="11" label="No Server Response"/>
<int value="12" label="fp05"/>
<int value="13" label="fp025"/>
<int value="14" label="fp05cc03"/>
<int value="15" label="fp05cco03"/>
<int value="16" label="fp05cco03cstd"/>
<int value="17" label="fp05cc03e1"/>
<enum name="AutofillFieldPredictionQuality">
<int value="0" label="True Positive"/>
<int value="1" label="True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="2" label="True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3" label="True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="4" label="False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="5" label="False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="6" label="False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="7" label="False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="8" label="False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="9" label="False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<enum name="AutofillFieldPredictionQualityByFieldType">
<int value="0" label="Ambiguous: True Positive"/>
<int value="1" label="Ambiguous: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="2" label="Ambiguous: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3" label="Ambiguous: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="4" label="Ambiguous: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="5" label="Ambiguous: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="6" label="Ambiguous: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="7" label="Ambiguous: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="8" label="Ambiguous: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="9" label="Ambiguous: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="256" label="Name: True Positive"/>
<int value="257" label="Name: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="258" label="Name: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="259" label="Name: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="260" label="Name: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="261" label="Name: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="262" label="Name: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="263" label="Name: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="264" label="Name: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="265" label="Name: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="512" label="Company: True Positive"/>
<int value="513" label="Company: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="514" label="Company: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="515" label="Company: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="516" label="Company: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="517" label="Company: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="518" label="Company: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="519" label="Company: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="520" label="Company: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="521" label="Company: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="768" label="Address Line 1: True Positive"/>
<int value="769" label="Address Line 1: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="770" label="Address Line 1: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="771" label="Address Line 1: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="772" label="Address Line 1: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="773" label="Address Line 1: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="774" label="Address Line 1: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="775" label="Address Line 1: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="776" label="Address Line 1: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="777" label="Address Line 1: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1024" label="Address Line 2: True Positive"/>
<int value="1025" label="Address Line 2: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="1026" label="Address Line 2: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1027" label="Address Line 2: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="1028" label="Address Line 2: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="1029" label="Address Line 2: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="1030" label="Address Line 2: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1031" label="Address Line 2: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="1032" label="Address Line 2: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="1033" label="Address Line 2: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1280" label="City: True Positive"/>
<int value="1281" label="City: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="1282" label="City: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1283" label="City: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="1284" label="City: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="1285" label="City: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="1286" label="City: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1287" label="City: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="1288" label="City: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="1289" label="City: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1536" label="State: True Positive"/>
<int value="1537" label="State: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="1538" label="State: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1539" label="State: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="1540" label="State: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="1541" label="State: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="1542" label="State: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1543" label="State: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="1544" label="State: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="1545" label="State: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1792" label="ZIP: True Positive"/>
<int value="1793" label="ZIP: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="1794" label="ZIP: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1795" label="ZIP: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="1796" label="ZIP: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="1797" label="ZIP: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="1798" label="ZIP: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="1799" label="ZIP: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="1800" label="ZIP: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="1801" label="ZIP: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2048" label="Country: True Positive"/>
<int value="2049" label="Country: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="2050" label="Country: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2051" label="Country: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="2052" label="Country: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="2053" label="Country: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="2054" label="Country: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2055" label="Country: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="2056" label="Country: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="2057" label="Country: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2304" label="Phone: True Positive"/>
<int value="2305" label="Phone: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="2306" label="Phone: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2307" label="Phone: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="2308" label="Phone: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="2309" label="Phone: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="2310" label="Phone: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2311" label="Phone: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="2312" label="Phone: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="2313" label="Phone: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2560" label="Fax: True Positive"/>
<int value="2561" label="Fax: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="2562" label="Fax: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2563" label="Fax: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="2564" label="Fax: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="2565" label="Fax: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="2566" label="Fax: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2567" label="Fax: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="2568" label="Fax: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="2569" label="Fax: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2816" label="Email: True Positive"/>
<int value="2817" label="Email: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="2818" label="Email: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2819" label="Email: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="2820" label="Email: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="2821" label="Email: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="2822" label="Email: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="2823" label="Email: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="2824" label="Email: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="2825" label="Email: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3072" label="CC Name: True Positive"/>
<int value="3073" label="CC Name: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="3074" label="CC Name: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3075" label="CC Name: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="3076" label="CC Name: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="3077" label="CC Name: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="3078" label="CC Name: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3079" label="CC Name: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="3080" label="CC Name: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="3081" label="CC Name: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3328" label="CC Number: True Positive"/>
<int value="3329" label="CC Number: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="3330" label="CC Number: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3331" label="CC Number: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="3332" label="CC Number: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="3333" label="CC Number: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="3334" label="CC Number: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3335" label="CC Number: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="3336" label="CC Number: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="3337" label="CC Number: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3584" label="CC Expiry: True Positive"/>
<int value="3585" label="CC Expiry: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="3586" label="CC Expiry: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3587" label="CC Expiry: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="3588" label="CC Expiry: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="3589" label="CC Expiry: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="3590" label="CC Expiry: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3591" label="CC Expiry: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="3592" label="CC Expiry: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="3593" label="CC Expiry: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3840" label="CC Type: True Positive"/>
<int value="3841" label="CC Type: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="3842" label="CC Type: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3843" label="CC Type: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="3844" label="CC Type: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="3845" label="CC Type: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="3846" label="CC Type: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="3847" label="CC Type: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="3848" label="CC Type: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="3849" label="CC Type: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="4096" label="Password: True Positive"/>
<int value="4097" label="Password: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="4098" label="Password: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="4099" label="Password: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="4100" label="Password: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="4101" label="Password: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="4102" label="Password: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="4103" label="Password: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="4104" label="Password: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="4105" label="Password: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="4352" label="Address Line 3: True Positive"/>
<int value="4353" label="Address Line 3: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="4354" label="Address Line 3: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="4355" label="Address Line 3: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="4356" label="Address Line 3: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="4357" label="Address Line 3: False Positive (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="4358" label="Address Line 3: False Positive (Unknown)"/>
<int value="4359" label="Address Line 3: False Positive (Empty)"/>
<int value="4360" label="Address Line 3: False Negative (Mismatch)"/>
<int value="4361" label="Address Line 3: False Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="4608" label="Username: True Positive"/>
<int value="4609" label="Username: True Negative (Ambiguous)"/>
<int value="4610" label="Username: True Negative (Unknown)"/>
<int value="4611" label="Username: True Negative (Empty)"/>
<int value="4612" label="Username: False Positive (Mismatch)"/>