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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "components/offline_items_collection/core/offline_item_filter.h"
#include "components/offline_items_collection/core/offline_item_state.h"
#include "ui/gfx/image/image.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace offline_items_collection {
// An id that uniquely represents a piece of offline content.
struct ContentId {
// The namespace for the offline content. This will be used to associate this
// id with a particular OfflineContentProvider. A name_space can include
// any characters except ','. This is due to a serialization format
// limitation.
// TODO(dtrainor): Remove the 'no ,' limitation.
std::string name_space;
// The id of the offline item.
std::string id;
ContentId(const ContentId& other);
ContentId(const std::string& name_space, const std::string& id);
bool operator==(const ContentId& content_id) const;
bool operator<(const ContentId& content_id) const;
// A Java counterpart will be generated for this enum.
// GENERATED_JAVA_ENUM_PACKAGE: org.chromium.components.offline_items_collection
enum class OfflineItemProgressUnit {
// This struct holds the relevant pieces of information to represent an abstract
// offline item to the front end. This is meant to be backed by components that
// need to both show content being offlined (downloading, saving, etc.) as well
// as content that should be exposed as available offline (downloads, pages,
// etc.).
// A new feature should expose these OfflineItems via an OfflineContentProvider.
struct OfflineItem {
// This struct holds the essential pieces of information to compute the
// download progress for an offline item to display in the UI.
struct Progress {
Progress(const Progress& other);
bool operator==(const Progress& progress) const;
// Current value of the download progress.
int64_t value;
// The maximum value of the download progress. Absence of the value implies
// indeterminate progress.
base::Optional<int64_t> max;
// The unit of progress to be displayed in the UI.
OfflineItemProgressUnit unit;
OfflineItem(const OfflineItem& other);
explicit OfflineItem(const ContentId& id);
bool operator==(const OfflineItem& offline_item) const;
// The id of this OfflineItem. Used to identify this item across all relevant
// systems.
ContentId id;
// Display Metadata.
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// The title of the OfflineItem to display in the UI.
std::string title;
// The description of the OfflineItem to display in the UI (may or may not be
// displayed depending on the specific UI component).
std::string description;
// The type of offline item this is. This can be used for filtering offline
// items as well as for determining which default icon to use.
OfflineItemFilter filter;
// Whether or not this item is transient. Transient items won't show up in
// persistent UI spaces and will only show up as notifications.
bool is_transient;
// Whether this item should show up as a suggested item for the user.
bool is_suggested;
// TODO(dtrainor): Build out custom per-item icon support.
// Content Metadata.
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// The total size of the offline item as best known at the current time.
int64_t total_size_bytes;
// Whether or not this item has been removed externally (not by Chrome).
bool externally_removed;
// The time when the underlying offline content was created.
base::Time creation_time;
// The last time the underlying offline content was accessed.
base::Time last_accessed_time;
// Whether or not this item can be opened after it is done being downloaded.
bool is_openable;
// The target file path for this offline item.
base::FilePath file_path;
// The mime type for this offline item.
std::string mime_type;
// Request Metadata.
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// The URL of the top level frame at the time the content was offlined.
GURL page_url;
// The URL that represents the original request (before any redirection).
GURL original_url;
// Whether or not this item is off the record.
bool is_off_the_record;
// In Progress Metadata.
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// The current state of the OfflineItem.
OfflineItemState state;
// Whether or not the offlining of this content can be resumed if it was
// paused or interrupted.
bool is_resumable;
// Whether or not this OfflineItem can be downloaded using a metered
// connection.
bool allow_metered;
// The current amount of bytes received for this item. This field is not used
// if |state| is COMPLETE.
int64_t received_bytes;
// Represents the current progress of this item. This field is not used if
// |state| is COMPLETE.
Progress progress;
// The estimated time remaining for the download in milliseconds. -1
// represents an unknown time remaining. This field is not used if |state| is
int64_t time_remaining_ms;
// This struct holds any potentially expensive visuals for an OfflineItem. If
// the front end requires the visuals it will ask for them through the
// OfflineContentProvider interface asynchronously to give the backend time to
// generate them if necessary.
// It is not expected that these will change. Currently the UI might cache the
// results of this call.
// TODO(dtrainor): If we run into a scenario where this changes, add a way for
// an OfflineItem update to let us know about an update to the visuals.
struct OfflineItemVisuals {
OfflineItemVisuals(const OfflineItemVisuals& other);
// The icon to use for displaying this item. The icon should be 64dp x 64dp.
// TODO(dtrainor): Suggest icon size based on the icon size supported by the
// current OS.
gfx::Image icon;
} // namespace offline_items_collection