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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// A class that provides the interface between the SafeBrowsing protocol manager
// and database that holds the downloaded updates.
#include <memory>
#include <unordered_set>
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/db/database_manager.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/db/hit_report.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/db/v4_database.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/db/v4_get_hash_protocol_manager.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/db/v4_protocol_manager_util.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/db/v4_update_protocol_manager.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/proto/webui.pb.h"
#include "content/public/browser/notification_service.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace safe_browsing {
typedef unsigned ThreatSeverity;
// Manages the local, on-disk database of updates downloaded from the
// SafeBrowsing service and interfaces with the protocol manager.
class V4LocalDatabaseManager : public SafeBrowsingDatabaseManager {
// Create and return an instance of V4LocalDatabaseManager, if Finch trial
// allows it; nullptr otherwise.
static scoped_refptr<V4LocalDatabaseManager> Create(
const base::FilePath& base_path,
ExtendedReportingLevelCallback extended_reporting_level_callback);
// Populates the protobuf with the database data.
void CollectDatabaseManagerInfo(
DatabaseManagerInfo* v4_database_info,
FullHashCacheInfo* full_hash_cache_info) const;
// Return an instance of the V4LocalDatabaseManager object
static const V4LocalDatabaseManager* current_local_database_manager() {
return current_local_database_manager_;
// SafeBrowsingDatabaseManager implementation
void CancelCheck(Client* client) override;
bool CanCheckResourceType(content::ResourceType resource_type) const override;
bool CanCheckSubresourceFilter() const override;
bool CanCheckUrl(const GURL& url) const override;
bool ChecksAreAlwaysAsync() const override;
bool CheckBrowseUrl(const GURL& url,
const SBThreatTypeSet& threat_types,
Client* client) override;
AsyncMatch CheckCsdWhitelistUrl(const GURL& url, Client* client) override;
bool CheckDownloadUrl(const std::vector<GURL>& url_chain,
Client* client) override;
// TODO(vakh): |CheckExtensionIDs| in the base class accepts a set of
// std::strings but the overriding method in this class accepts a set of
// FullHash objects. Since FullHash is currently std::string, it compiles,
// but this difference should be eliminated.
bool CheckExtensionIDs(const std::set<FullHash>& extension_ids,
Client* client) override;
bool CheckResourceUrl(const GURL& url, Client* client) override;
bool CheckUrlForSubresourceFilter(const GURL& url, Client* client) override;
bool MatchDownloadWhitelistString(const std::string& str) override;
bool MatchDownloadWhitelistUrl(const GURL& url) override;
bool MatchMalwareIP(const std::string& ip_address) override;
safe_browsing::ThreatSource GetThreatSource() const override;
bool IsDownloadProtectionEnabled() const override;
bool IsSupported() const override;
void StartOnIOThread(net::URLRequestContextGetter* request_context_getter,
const V4ProtocolConfig& config) override;
void StopOnIOThread(bool shutdown) override;
// The stores/lists to always get full hashes for, regardless of which store
// the hash prefix matched. We request all lists since it makes the full hash
// cache management simpler and we expect very few lists to have overlap for
// the same hash prefix anyway.
StoresToCheck GetStoresForFullHashRequests() override;
std::unique_ptr<StoreStateMap> GetStoreStateMap() override;
// End: SafeBrowsingDatabaseManager implementation
// Construct V4LocalDatabaseManager.
// Must be initialized by calling StartOnIOThread() before using.
const base::FilePath& base_path,
ExtendedReportingLevelCallback extended_reporting_level_callback,
scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner> task_runner_for_tests);
~V4LocalDatabaseManager() override;
enum class ClientCallbackType {
// This represents the case when we're trying to determine if a URL is
// unsafe from the following perspectives: Malware, Phishing, UwS.
// This represents the case when we're trying to determine if any of the
// URLs in a vector of URLs is unsafe for downloading binaries.
// This represents the case when we're trying to determine if a URL is an
// unsafe resource.
// This represents the case when we're trying to determine if a Chrome
// extension is a unsafe.
// This respresents the case when we're trying to determine if a URL belongs
// to the list where subresource filter should be active.
// This respresents the case when we're trying to determine if a URL is
// part of the CSD whitelist.
// This represents the other cases when a check is being performed
// synchronously so a client callback isn't required. For instance, when
// trying to determing if an IP address is unsafe due to hosting Malware.
// The information we need to process a URL safety reputation request and
// respond to the SafeBrowsing client that asked for it.
struct PendingCheck {
PendingCheck(Client* client,
ClientCallbackType client_callback_type,
const StoresToCheck& stores_to_check,
const std::vector<GURL>& urls);
PendingCheck(Client* client,
ClientCallbackType client_callback_type,
const StoresToCheck& stores_to_check,
const std::set<FullHash>& full_hashes);
// The SafeBrowsing client that's waiting for the safe/unsafe verdict.
Client* client;
// Determines which funtion from the |client| needs to be called once we
// know whether the URL in |url| is safe or unsafe.
const ClientCallbackType client_callback_type;
// The most severe threat verdict for the URLs/hashes being checked.
SBThreatType most_severe_threat_type;
// When the check was sent to the SafeBrowsing service. Used to record the
// time it takes to get the uncached full hashes from the service (or a
// cached full hash response).
base::TimeTicks full_hash_check_start;
// The SafeBrowsing lists to check hash prefixes in.
const StoresToCheck stores_to_check;
// The URLs that are being checked for being unsafe. The size of exactly
// one of |full_hashes| and |urls| should be greater than 0.
const std::vector<GURL> urls;
// The full hashes that are being checked for being safe.
std::vector<FullHash> full_hashes;
// The most severe SBThreatType for each full hash in |full_hashes|. The
// length of |full_hash_threat_type| must always match |full_hashes|.
std::vector<SBThreatType> full_hash_threat_types;
// The metadata associated with the full hash of the severest match found
// for that URL.
ThreatMetadata url_metadata;
// The full hash that matched for a blacklisted resource URL. Used only for
// |CheckResourceUrl| case.
FullHash matching_full_hash;
typedef std::vector<std::unique_ptr<PendingCheck>> QueuedChecks;
friend class V4LocalDatabaseManagerTest;
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(V4LocalDatabaseManagerTest, NotificationOnUpdate);
// The checks awaiting a full hash response from SafeBrowsing service.
typedef std::unordered_set<const PendingCheck*> PendingChecks;
// Called when all the stores managed by the database have been read from
// disk after startup and the database is ready for checking resource
// reputation.
void DatabaseReadyForChecks(std::unique_ptr<V4Database> v4_database);
// Called when all the stores managed by the database have been verified for
// checksum correctness after startup and the database is ready for applying
// updates.
void DatabaseReadyForUpdates(
const std::vector<ListIdentifier>& stores_to_reset);
// Called when the database has been updated and schedules the next update.
void DatabaseUpdated();
// Delete any PVer3 list files from disk because PVer3 has been deprecated.
// This method can be removed after the UMA metrics for the following prefix
// go down to 0 in Stable: "SafeBrowsing.V4UnusedStoreFileExists.V3."
void DeletePVer3StoreFiles();
// Delete any *.store files from disk that are no longer used.
void DeleteUnusedStoreFiles();
// Identifies the prefixes and the store they matched in, for a given |check|.
// Returns true if one or more hash prefix matches are found; false otherwise.
bool GetPrefixMatches(
const std::unique_ptr<PendingCheck>& check,
FullHashToStoreAndHashPrefixesMap* full_hash_to_store_and_hash_prefixes);
// Goes over the |full_hash_infos| and stores the most severe SBThreatType in
// |most_severe_threat_type|, the corresponding metadata in |metadata|, and
// the matching full hash in |matching_full_hash|. Also, updates in
// |full_hash_threat_types|, the threat type for each full hash in
// |full_hashes|.
void GetSeverestThreatTypeAndMetadata(
const std::vector<FullHashInfo>& full_hash_infos,
const std::vector<FullHash>& full_hashes,
std::vector<SBThreatType>* full_hash_threat_types,
SBThreatType* most_severe_threat_type,
ThreatMetadata* metadata,
FullHash* matching_full_hash);
// Returns the SBThreatType for a given ListIdentifier.
SBThreatType GetSBThreatTypeForList(const ListIdentifier& list_id);
// Queues the check for async response if the database isn't ready yet.
// If the database is ready, checks the database for prefix matches and
// returns true immediately if there's no match. If a match is found, it
// schedules a task to perform full hash check and returns false.
bool HandleCheck(std::unique_ptr<PendingCheck> check);
// Like HandleCheck, but for whitelists that have both full-hashes and
// partial hashes in the DB. Returns MATCH, NO_MATCH, or ASYNC.
AsyncMatch HandleWhitelistCheck(std::unique_ptr<PendingCheck> check);
// Schedules a full-hash check for a given set of prefixes.
void ScheduleFullHashCheck(std::unique_ptr<PendingCheck> check,
const FullHashToStoreAndHashPrefixesMap&
// Checks |stores_to_check| in database synchronously for hash prefixes
// matching |hash|. Returns true if there's a match; false otherwise. This is
// used for lists that have full hash information in the database.
bool HandleHashSynchronously(const FullHash& hash,
const StoresToCheck& stores_to_check);
// Checks |stores_to_check| in database synchronously for hash prefixes
// matching the full hashes for |url|. See |HandleHashSynchronously| for
// details.
bool HandleUrlSynchronously(const GURL& url,
const StoresToCheck& stores_to_check);
// Called when the |v4_get_hash_protocol_manager_| has the full hash response
// available for the URL that we requested. It determines the severest
// threat type and responds to the |client| with that information.
void OnFullHashResponse(std::unique_ptr<PendingCheck> pending_check,
const std::vector<FullHashInfo>& full_hash_infos);
// Performs the full hash checking of the URL in |check|.
virtual void PerformFullHashCheck(std::unique_ptr<PendingCheck> check,
const FullHashToStoreAndHashPrefixesMap&
// Post a notification about the completion of database update process.
// This is currently used by the extension blacklist checker to disable any
// installed extensions that have been blacklisted since.
static void PostUpdateNotificationOnUIThread(
const content::NotificationSource& source);
// When the database is ready to use, process the checks that were queued
// while the database was loading from disk.
void ProcessQueuedChecks();
// Called on StopOnIOThread, it responds to the clients that are waiting for
// the database to become available with the verdict as SAFE.
void RespondSafeToQueuedChecks();
// Calls the appopriate method on the |client| object, based on the contents
// of |pending_check|.
void RespondToClient(std::unique_ptr<PendingCheck> pending_check);
// Instantiates and initializes |v4_database_| on the task runner. Sets up the
// callback for |DatabaseReady| when the database is ready for use.
void SetupDatabase();
// Instantiates and initializes |v4_update_protocol_manager_|.
void SetupUpdateProtocolManager(
net::URLRequestContextGetter* request_context_getter,
const V4ProtocolConfig& config);
// Updates the |list_client_states_| with the state information in
// |store_state_map|.
void UpdateListClientStates(
const std::unique_ptr<StoreStateMap>& store_state_map);
// The callback called each time the protocol manager downloads updates
// successfully.
void UpdateRequestCompleted(
std::unique_ptr<ParsedServerResponse> parsed_server_response);
// Return true if we're enabled and have loaded real data for all of
// these stores.
bool AreAllStoresAvailableNow(const StoresToCheck& stores_to_check) const;
// Return true if we're enabled and have loaded real data for any of
// these stores.
bool AreAnyStoresAvailableNow(const StoresToCheck& stores_to_check) const;
// The base directory under which to create the files that contain hashes.
const base::FilePath base_path_;
// Instance of the V4LocalDatabaseManager object
static const V4LocalDatabaseManager* current_local_database_manager_;
// Called when the V4Database has finished applying the latest update and is
// ready to process next update.
DatabaseUpdatedCallback db_updated_callback_;
// Callback to get the current extended reporting level. Needed by the update
// manager.
ExtendedReportingLevelCallback extended_reporting_level_callback_;
// The client_state of each list currently being synced. This is updated each
// time a database update completes, and used to send list client_state
// information in the full hash request.
std::vector<std::string> list_client_states_;
// The list of stores to manage (for hash prefixes and full hashes). Each
// element contains the identifier for the store, the corresponding
// SBThreatType, whether to fetch hash prefixes for that store, and the
// name of the file on disk that would contain the prefixes, if applicable.
ListInfos list_infos_;
// The checks awaiting for a full hash response from the SafeBrowsing service.
PendingChecks pending_checks_;
// The checks that need to be scheduled when the database becomes ready for
// use.
QueuedChecks queued_checks_;
// The sequenced task runner for running safe browsing database operations.
scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner> task_runner_;
// The database that manages the stores containing the hash prefix updates.
// All writes to this variable must happen on the IO thread only.
std::unique_ptr<V4Database> v4_database_;
// The protocol manager that downloads the hash prefix updates.
std::unique_ptr<V4UpdateProtocolManager> v4_update_protocol_manager_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<V4LocalDatabaseManager> weak_factory_;
}; // class V4LocalDatabaseManager
} // namespace safe_browsing