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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This file includes Safe Browsing WebUI protocol buffer.
syntax = "proto2";
package safe_browsing;
option optimize_for = LITE_RUNTIME;
// Describes the state of the database manager.
message DatabaseManagerInfo {
// Describes the status of the last update request sent to SafeBrowsing.
message UpdateInfo {
// Network status code for the last update request sent to SafeBrowsing.
optional int32 network_status_code = 1;
// The time, since epoch, when the last update request was sent to
// SafeBrowsing.
optional uint64 last_update_time_millis = 2;
optional UpdateInfo update_info = 1;
// Describes the state of the database.
message DatabaseInfo {
// Was the last update applied successfully?
optional bool update_successful = 1;
// Sum of the store sizes in the database.
optional uint64 database_size_bytes = 2;
// Describes the state of a store in the database.
message StoreInfo {
// The store file name.
optional string file_name = 1;
// The store file size.
optional int64 file_size_bytes = 2;
// The status of applying the updates fetched from the server to the
// store. The values of update_status corresponds to the enum
// ApplyUpdateResult in V4Store.
optional int32 update_status = 3;
// The time, since epoch, of applying the updates to the store.
optional uint64 last_apply_update_time_millis = 4;
// The number of times the store has been queried for a prefix.
optional uint32 checks_attempted = 5;
// Information about each of the stores managed by the database.
repeated StoreInfo store_info = 3;
optional DatabaseInfo database_info = 2;
// The information about the list of prefixes for which the full hashes have
// been stored in the cache.
message FullHashCacheInfo {
// Records number of cache hits since the beginning of the session.
optional int32 number_of_hits = 1;
// Cached full hashes received from the server for the corresponding hash
// prefixes.
message FullHashCache {
// The hash prefix for which the full hashes are stored in the cache.
optional string hash_prefix = 1;
// The information about a hash prefix stored in the cache.
message CachedHashPrefixInfo {
// The negative ttl for the hash prefix.
optional int64 negative_expiry = 1;
// The information about a particular full hash.
message FullHashInfo {
// The expiration time of the full hash for a particular store.
optional int64 positive_expiry = 1;
// A variable-length SHA256 hash with size between 4 and 32 bytes
// inclusive.
optional string full_hash = 2;
// The list for which this full hash is applicable.
message ListIdentifier {
// Types of platforms. The value of platform_type corresponds to the
// PlatformType enum in safebrowsing_proto.
optional int32 platform_type = 1;
// Types of entries that pose threats. The value of threat_entry_type
// corresponds to the ThreatEntryType enum in safebrowsing_proto.
optional int32 threat_entry_type = 2;
// Types of threats. The value of threat_type corresponds to the
// ThreatType enum in safebrowsing_proto.
optional int32 threat_type = 3;
optional ListIdentifier list_identifier = 3;
// The list of all full hashes (and related info) that start with a
// particular hash prefix and are known to be unsafe.
repeated FullHashInfo full_hash_info = 2;
// Information about the cached hash prefix for each hash prefix in the
// cache.
optional CachedHashPrefixInfo cached_hash_prefix_info = 2;
repeated FullHashCache full_hash_cache = 2;