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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/shared_image_backing_factory_ahardwarebuffer.h"
#include "base/android/android_hardware_buffer_compat.h"
#include "base/android/scoped_hardware_buffer_handle.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "components/viz/common/resources/resource_format_utils.h"
#include "components/viz/common/resources/resource_sizes.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/common/gles2_cmd_utils.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/common/shared_image_usage.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/ahardwarebuffer_utils.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/gles2_cmd_decoder.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/mailbox_manager.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/memory_tracking.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/shared_image_backing.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/shared_image_representation.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/skia_utils.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/texture_manager.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/gpu/GrBackendSurface.h"
#include "ui/gfx/color_space.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/size.h"
#include "ui/gl/gl_context.h"
#include "ui/gl/gl_gl_api_implementation.h"
#include "ui/gl/gl_image_ahardwarebuffer.h"
#include "ui/gl/gl_version_info.h"
namespace gpu {
// Representation of a SharedImageBackingAHB as a GL Texture.
class SharedImageRepresentationGLTextureAHB
: public SharedImageRepresentationGLTexture {
SharedImageRepresentationGLTextureAHB(SharedImageManager* manager,
SharedImageBacking* backing,
MemoryTypeTracker* tracker,
gles2::Texture* texture)
: SharedImageRepresentationGLTexture(manager, backing, tracker),
texture_(texture) {}
gles2::Texture* GetTexture() override { return texture_; }
gles2::Texture* texture_;
// GL backed Skia representation of SharedImageBackingAHB.
// TODO(vikassoni): Add follow up patch to add a vulkan backed skia
// representation.
class SharedImageRepresentationSkiaGLAHB
: public SharedImageRepresentationSkia {
SharedImageRepresentationSkiaGLAHB(SharedImageManager* manager,
SharedImageBacking* backing,
MemoryTypeTracker* tracker,
GLenum target,
GLenum internal_format,
GLenum driver_internal_format,
GLuint service_id)
: SharedImageRepresentationSkia(manager, backing, tracker),
service_id_(service_id) {}
~SharedImageRepresentationSkiaGLAHB() override { DCHECK(!write_surface_); }
sk_sp<SkSurface> BeginWriteAccess(
GrContext* gr_context,
int final_msaa_count,
SkColorType color_type,
const SkSurfaceProps& surface_props) override {
if (write_surface_)
return nullptr;
GrBackendTexture backend_texture;
if (!GetGrBackendTexture(target_, size(), internal_format_,
driver_internal_format_, service_id_, color_type,
&backend_texture)) {
return nullptr;
auto surface = SkSurface::MakeFromBackendTextureAsRenderTarget(
gr_context, backend_texture, kTopLeft_GrSurfaceOrigin, final_msaa_count,
color_type, nullptr, &surface_props);
write_surface_ = surface.get();
return surface;
void EndWriteAccess(sk_sp<SkSurface> surface) override {
DCHECK_EQ(surface.get(), write_surface_);
// TODO(ericrk): Keep the surface around for re-use.
write_surface_ = nullptr;
bool BeginReadAccess(SkColorType color_type,
GrBackendTexture* backend_texture) override {
if (!GetGrBackendTexture(target_, size(), internal_format_,
driver_internal_format_, service_id_, color_type,
backend_texture)) {
return false;
return true;
void EndReadAccess() override {
// TODO(ericrk): Handle begin/end correctness checks.
GLenum target_;
GLenum internal_format_ = 0;
GLenum driver_internal_format_ = 0;
GLuint service_id_;
SkSurface* write_surface_ = nullptr;
// Implementation of SharedImageBacking that holds an AHardwareBuffer. This
// can be used to create a GL texture or a VK Image from the AHardwareBuffer
// backing.
class SharedImageBackingAHB : public SharedImageBacking {
SharedImageBackingAHB(const Mailbox& mailbox,
viz::ResourceFormat format,
const gfx::Size& size,
const gfx::ColorSpace& color_space,
uint32_t usage,
base::android::ScopedHardwareBufferHandle handle,
size_t estimated_size)
: SharedImageBacking(mailbox,
hardware_buffer_handle_(std::move(handle)) {
~SharedImageBackingAHB() override {
// Check to make sure buffer is explicitly destroyed using Destroy() api
// before this destructor is called.
bool IsCleared() const override {
if (texture_)
return texture_->IsLevelCleared(texture_->target(), 0);
return is_cleared_;
void SetCleared() override {
if (texture_)
texture_->SetLevelCleared(texture_->target(), 0, true);
is_cleared_ = true;
void Update() override {}
bool ProduceLegacyMailbox(MailboxManager* mailbox_manager) override {
if (!GenGLTexture())
return false;
mailbox_manager->ProduceTexture(mailbox(), texture_);
return true;
void Destroy() override {
if (texture_) {
texture_ = nullptr;
std::unique_ptr<SharedImageRepresentationGLTexture> ProduceGLTexture(
SharedImageManager* manager,
MemoryTypeTracker* tracker) override {
// Use same texture for all the texture representations generated from same
// backing.
if (!GenGLTexture())
return nullptr;
return std::make_unique<SharedImageRepresentationGLTextureAHB>(
manager, this, tracker, texture_);
std::unique_ptr<SharedImageRepresentationSkia> ProduceSkia(
SharedImageManager* manager,
MemoryTypeTracker* tracker) override {
// TODO(vikassoni): Currently we only have a GL backed skia representation.
// Follow up patch will add support to check whether we are in Vulkan mode
// OR GL mode and accordingly create Skia representation.
if (!GenGLTexture())
return nullptr;
return std::make_unique<SharedImageRepresentationSkiaGLAHB>(
manager, this, tracker, texture_->target(), internal_format_,
driver_internal_format_, texture_->service_id());
bool GenGLTexture() {
if (texture_)
return true;
// Target for AHB backed egl images.
// Note that we are not using GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES target since sksurface
// doesnt supports it. As per the egl documentation -
// if GL_OES_EGL_image is supported then <target> may also be TEXTURE_2D.
GLenum target = GL_TEXTURE_2D;
GLenum get_target = GL_TEXTURE_BINDING_2D;
// Create a gles2 texture using the AhardwareBuffer.
gl::GLApi* api = gl::g_current_gl_context;
GLuint service_id = 0;
api->glGenTexturesFn(1, &service_id);
GLint old_texture_binding = 0;
api->glGetIntegervFn(get_target, &old_texture_binding);
api->glBindTextureFn(target, service_id);
api->glTexParameteriFn(target, GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER, GL_LINEAR);
api->glTexParameteriFn(target, GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, GL_LINEAR);
api->glTexParameteriFn(target, GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_S, GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE);
api->glTexParameteriFn(target, GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_T, GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE);
// Create an egl image using AHardwareBuffer.
auto egl_image = base::MakeRefCounted<gl::GLImageAHardwareBuffer>(size());
if (!egl_image->Initialize(hardware_buffer_handle_.get(), false)) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Failed to create EGL image ";
api->glBindTextureFn(target, old_texture_binding);
api->glDeleteTexturesFn(1, &service_id);
return false;
if (!egl_image->BindTexImage(target)) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Failed to bind egl image";
api->glBindTextureFn(target, old_texture_binding);
api->glDeleteTexturesFn(1, &service_id);
return false;
// Create a gles2 Texture.
texture_ = new gles2::Texture(service_id);
texture_->SetTarget(target, 1);
texture_->sampler_state_.min_filter = GL_LINEAR;
texture_->sampler_state_.mag_filter = GL_LINEAR;
texture_->sampler_state_.wrap_t = GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE;
texture_->sampler_state_.wrap_s = GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE;
// If the backing is already cleared, no need to clear it again.
gfx::Rect cleared_rect;
if (is_cleared_)
cleared_rect = gfx::Rect(size());
GLenum gl_format = viz::GLDataFormat(format());
GLenum gl_type = viz::GLDataType(format());
texture_->SetLevelInfo(target, 0, egl_image->GetInternalFormat(),
size().width(), size().height(), 1, 0, gl_format,
gl_type, cleared_rect);
texture_->SetLevelImage(target, 0, egl_image.get(), gles2::Texture::BOUND);
api->glBindTextureFn(target, old_texture_binding);
internal_format_ = egl_image->GetInternalFormat();
driver_internal_format_ = gl::GetInternalFormat(
gl::GLContext::GetCurrent()->GetVersionInfo(), internal_format_);
return true;
base::android::ScopedHardwareBufferHandle hardware_buffer_handle_;
// This texture will be lazily initialised/created when ProduceGLTexture is
// called.
gles2::Texture* texture_ = nullptr;
GLenum internal_format_ = 0;
GLenum driver_internal_format_ = 0;
// TODO(vikassoni): In future when we add begin/end write support, we will
// need to properly use this flag to pass the is_cleared_ information to
// the GL texture representation while begin write and back to this class from
// the GL texture represntation after end write. This is because this class
// will not know if SetCleared() arrives during begin write happening on GL
// texture representation.
bool is_cleared_ = false;
const GpuDriverBugWorkarounds& workarounds,
const GpuFeatureInfo& gpu_feature_info) {
scoped_refptr<gles2::FeatureInfo> feature_info =
new gles2::FeatureInfo(workarounds, gpu_feature_info);
feature_info->Initialize(ContextType::CONTEXT_TYPE_OPENGLES2, false,
const gles2::Validators* validators = feature_info->validators();
const bool is_egl_image_supported =
// Build the feature info for all the resource formats.
for (int i = 0; i <= viz::RESOURCE_FORMAT_MAX; ++i) {
auto format = static_cast<viz::ResourceFormat>(i);
FormatInfo& info = format_info_[i];
// If AHB does not support this format, we will not be able to create this
// backing.
if (!AHardwareBufferSupportedFormat(format))
info.ahb_supported = true;
info.ahb_format = AHardwareBufferFormat(format);
// TODO(vikassoni): In future when we use GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES target
// with AHB, we need to check if oes_egl_image_external is supported or not.
if (!is_egl_image_supported)
// Check if AHB backed GL texture can be created using this format and
// gather GL related format info.
// TODO(vikassoni): Add vulkan related information in future.
GLuint internal_format = viz::GLInternalFormat(format);
GLenum gl_format = viz::GLDataFormat(format);
GLenum gl_type = viz::GLDataType(format);
// GLImageAHardwareBuffer currently supports internal format GL_RGBA only.
// TODO(vikassoni): Pass the AHBuffer format while GLImageAHardwareBuffer
// creation and based on that return the equivalent internal format as
if (internal_format != GL_RGBA)
// Validate if GL format, type and internal format is supported.
if (validators->texture_internal_format.IsValid(internal_format) &&
validators->texture_format.IsValid(gl_format) &&
validators->pixel_type.IsValid(gl_type)) {
info.gl_supported = true;
info.gl_format = gl_format;
info.gl_type = gl_type;
info.internal_format = internal_format;
// TODO(vikassoni): We are using below GL api calls for now as Vulkan mode
// doesn't exist. Once we have vulkan support, we shouldn't query GL in this
// code until we are asked to make a GL representation (or allocate a backing
// for import into GL)? We may use an AHardwareBuffer exclusively with Vulkan,
// where there is no need to require that a GL context is current. Maybe we
// can lazy init this if someone tries to create an AHardwareBuffer with
// SHARED_IMAGE_USAGE_GLES2 || !gpu_preferences.enable_vulkan. When in Vulkan
// mode, we should only need this with GLES2.
gl::GLApi* api = gl::g_current_gl_context;
api->glGetIntegervFn(GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE, &max_gl_texture_size_);
// TODO(vikassoni): Check vulkan image size restrictions also.
if (workarounds.max_texture_size) {
max_gl_texture_size_ =
std::min(max_gl_texture_size_, workarounds.max_texture_size);
SharedImageBackingFactoryAHB::~SharedImageBackingFactoryAHB() = default;
const Mailbox& mailbox,
viz::ResourceFormat format,
const gfx::Size& size,
const gfx::ColorSpace& color_space,
uint32_t usage) {
const FormatInfo& format_info = format_info_[format];
// Check if the format is supported by AHardwareBuffer.
if (!format_info.ahb_supported) {
LOG(ERROR) << "viz::ResourceFormat " << format
<< " not supported by AHardwareBuffer";
return nullptr;
// SHARED_IMAGE_USAGE_RASTER is set when we want to write on Skia
// representation and SHARED_IMAGE_USAGE_DISPLAY is used for cases we want to
// read from skia representation.
// TODO(vikassoni): Also check gpu_preferences.enable_vulkan to figure out if
// skia is using vulkan backing or GL backing.
const bool use_gles2 =
// If usage flags indicated this backing can be used as a GL texture, then do
// below gl related checks.
if (use_gles2) {
// Check if the GL texture can be created from AHB with this format.
if (!format_info.gl_supported) {
<< "viz::ResourceFormat " << format
<< " can not be used to create a GL texture from AHardwareBuffer.";
return nullptr;
// Check if AHB can be created with the current size restrictions.
// TODO(vikassoni): Check for VK size restrictions for VK import, GL size
// restrictions for GL import OR both if this backing is needed to be used
// with both GL and VK.
if (size.width() < 1 || size.height() < 1 ||
size.width() > max_gl_texture_size_ ||
size.height() > max_gl_texture_size_) {
LOG(ERROR) << "CreateSharedImage: invalid size";
return nullptr;
// Calculate SharedImage size in bytes.
size_t estimated_size;
if (!viz::ResourceSizes::MaybeSizeInBytes(size, format, &estimated_size)) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Failed to calculate SharedImage size";
return nullptr;
// Setup AHardwareBuffer.
AHardwareBuffer* buffer = nullptr;
AHardwareBuffer_Desc hwb_desc;
hwb_desc.width = size.width();
hwb_desc.height = size.height();
hwb_desc.format = format_info.ahb_format;
// Set usage so that gpu can both read as a texture/write as a framebuffer
// attachment. TODO(vikassoni): Find out if we need to set some more usage
// flags based on the usage params in the current function call.
// Number of images in an image array.
hwb_desc.layers = 1;
// The following three are not used here.
hwb_desc.stride = 0;
hwb_desc.rfu0 = 0;
hwb_desc.rfu1 = 0;
// Allocate an AHardwareBuffer.
base::AndroidHardwareBufferCompat::GetInstance().Allocate(&hwb_desc, &buffer);
if (!buffer) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Failed to allocate AHardwareBuffer";
return nullptr;
auto backing = std::make_unique<SharedImageBackingAHB>(
mailbox, format, size, color_space, usage,
base::android::ScopedHardwareBufferHandle::Adopt(buffer), estimated_size);
return backing;
SharedImageBackingFactoryAHB::FormatInfo::FormatInfo() = default;
SharedImageBackingFactoryAHB::FormatInfo::~FormatInfo() = default;
const Mailbox& mailbox,
int client_id,
gfx::GpuMemoryBufferHandle handle,
gfx::BufferFormat buffer_format,
SurfaceHandle surface_handle,
const gfx::Size& size,
const gfx::ColorSpace& color_space,
uint32_t usage) {
return nullptr;
} // namespace gpu