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Name: Polymer
Short Name: polymer
Version: 0.5.2-4
Revision: (See components/<component>/.bower.json)
License: BSD
License File: LICENSE.polymer
Security Critical: no
This directory contains a copy of the following components which are a part of
the Polymer project:
-all core elements and their dependencies (except "core-docs",
"core-component-page", and "core-doc-viewer")
-all paper elements and their dependencies (except "paper-menu-button")
See bower.json for a full list of components.
The version can be found in header of polymer/polymer.js. The license can
be found in polymer/LICENSE.
The source git repositories can be found at:<component>
Polymer is comprised of two efforts:
1. A set of core platform features (Shadow DOM, Custom Elements, MDV).
Initially, these core features will be enabled with a set of polyfills. As
browsers begin to implement these new primitives, the polyfill platform layer
becomes smaller and better over time.
2. A next-generation web application framework built upon these core
technologies called the Polymer.
Local Modifications:
- Removed executable bit from the files in 'components/core-list'.
- Created a copy 'components-chromium' of the 'components' directory with the
only difference that all inline JavaScript blocks are extracted from Polymer
HTML elements to external JS files. This version of the Polymer is used in a web
UI, where CSP forbids an execution of inline scripts. The extraction was made
with the help of the Vulcanize tool (
- Replaced CRLF line endings with LF line endings in text files.
To restore a content of the 'components', 'components-chromium' directorires
from scratch, run ./ (requires bower and vulcanize >= 0.7.2).
Note on Bower:
The directory can be updated by running "bower update". A new component can be
installed by running "bower install -S Polymer/<component>#version". Be sure to
add the .bower.json file to the repository as it includes the revision
information of the polymer component.
Also be sure that you listed all the added packages and **all their
dependencies** in bower.json, and specified **exact** versions of every package
explicitly. That is needed because Bower can't handle recursive dependencies
correctly (see