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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<grit current_release="1" latest_public_release="0">
<outputs />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_am.xtb" lang="am" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_ar.xtb" lang="ar" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_bg.xtb" lang="bg" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_bn.xtb" lang="bn" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_ca.xtb" lang="ca" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_cs.xtb" lang="cs" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_da.xtb" lang="da" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_de.xtb" lang="de" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_el.xtb" lang="el" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_en-GB.xtb" lang="en-GB" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_es.xtb" lang="es" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_es-419.xtb" lang="es-419" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_et.xtb" lang="et" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_fa.xtb" lang="fa" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_fi.xtb" lang="fi" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_fil.xtb" lang="fil" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_fr.xtb" lang="fr" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_gu.xtb" lang="gu" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_hi.xtb" lang="hi" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_hr.xtb" lang="hr" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_hu.xtb" lang="hu" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_id.xtb" lang="id" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_it.xtb" lang="it" />
<!-- The translation console uses 'iw' for Hebrew, but we use 'he'. -->
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_iw.xtb" lang="he" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_ja.xtb" lang="ja" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_kn.xtb" lang="kn" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_ko.xtb" lang="ko" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_lt.xtb" lang="lt" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_lv.xtb" lang="lv" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_ml.xtb" lang="ml" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_mr.xtb" lang="mr" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_ms.xtb" lang="ms" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_nl.xtb" lang="nl" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_no.xtb" lang="no" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_pl.xtb" lang="pl" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_pt-BR.xtb" lang="pt-BR" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_pt-PT.xtb" lang="pt-PT" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_ro.xtb" lang="ro" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_ru.xtb" lang="ru" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_sk.xtb" lang="sk" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_sl.xtb" lang="sl" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_sr.xtb" lang="sr" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_sv.xtb" lang="sv" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_sw.xtb" lang="sw" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_ta.xtb" lang="ta" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_te.xtb" lang="te" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_th.xtb" lang="th" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_tr.xtb" lang="tr" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_uk.xtb" lang="uk" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_vi.xtb" lang="vi" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_zh-CN.xtb" lang="zh-CN" />
<file path="strings/gaia_resources_zh-TW.xtb" lang="zh-TW" />
<release seq="1">
<messages fallback_to_english="true">
<message name="IDS_PROJNAME" desc="">
Google Credential Provider for Windows
<message name="IDS_INVALID_UI_RESPONSE" desc="">
Signing in to your work account failed. Make sure the computer has an internet connection, then try again.
<message name="IDS_CANT_CREATE_USER" desc="">
A user could not be created.
<message name="IDS_INVALID_PASSWORD" desc="">
You entered an incorrect Windows password. Please try again.
<message name="IDS_INTERNAL_ERROR" desc="">
An internal error occurred.
<message name="IDS_EMAIL_MISMATCH" desc="">
Signing in with this account is not allowed. Try a different account.
<message name="IDS_INVALID_EMAIL_DOMAIN" desc="">
Signing in with a work account on this domain is not allowed. Try a different account.
<message name="IDS_DISALLOWED_CONSUMER_EMAIL" desc="">
Signing in with a personal account on this device is not allowed. Please login with a work account.
<message name="IDS_GAIA_ACCOUNT_FULLNAME" desc="">
Google Credential Provider for Windows helper
<message name="IDS_GAIA_ACCOUNT_COMMENT" desc="">
Used to run Google Credential Provider sign in page.
<message name="IDS_AUTH_FID_DESCRIPTION" desc="">
Sign in using your work account.
<message name="IDS_REAUTH_FID_DESCRIPTION" desc="">
Your session has expired. Sign in using your Google work account.
Your device needs to enroll with device management. Sign in using your Google work account.
Your device is missing recovery info. Sign in using your Google work account.
<message name="IDS_REAUTH_AD_NO_USER_FID_DESCRIPTION" desc="">
Sign in using your GSuite work account.
<message name="IDS_AUTH_FID_PROVIDER_LABEL" desc="">
Add work account
Sign in using your work account
<message name="IDS_USER_ACCOUNT_COMMENT" desc="">
User account created by Google Credential Provider for Windows
<message name="IDS_NO_NETWORK" desc="">
Make sure you have a network connection and try again.
<message name="IDS_FAILED_CREATE_LOGON_STUB" desc="">
Unable to load Google sign in screen due to an issue in your Chrome installation. Contact your administrator.
<message name="IDS_PASSWORD_UPDATE_NEEDED" desc="">
Your account password has changed. Please enter your current Windows password in order to sync your Windows account with your work account.
<message name="IDS_ACCOUNT_IN_USE" desc="">
A user on this computer was already added using this account. Please sign in with a different account.
<message name="IDS_ACCOUNT_LOCKED" desc="">
Your account has been locked out. Please contact your system administrator.
<message name="IDS_MDM_ENROLLMENT_FAILED" desc="">
Unable to enroll this computer for enterprise management. Please sign in with a different work account.
Only the user that locked this computer is allowed to sign in.
<message name="IDS_ADD_USER_DISALLOWED" desc="">
Failed to add a new user. This computer only allows one user to be created using a work account.
<message name="IDS_FORGOT_PASSWORD_LINK" desc="">
Forgot Windows Password
<message name="IDS_ENTER_PASSWORD_LINK" desc="">
Enter Windows Password
Continuing without entering your current Windows password might cause irreversible loss of information.
Unable to continue without entering the current Windows password. Please contact a system administrator.
<message name="IDS_WINDOWS_PASSWORD_FIELD_LABEL" desc="">
<message name="IDS_EMPTY_ACCESS_TOKEN" desc="">
Only GSuite Enterprise users are allowed to login.
<message name="IDS_INVALID_AD_UPN" desc="">
No Domain user could be found for your account. Please contact your administrator.