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Add constant for Ethernet MTU.
Merge internal change: 224882175

Enable partial delivery on the length field for HttpDecoder.
API change. Not affecting existing behavior.
Merge internal change: 224879495

QuicConnection changes to fix a segfault during quic::QuicDispatcher::OnCanWrite(). Protected by existing flag --quic_restart_flag_quic_check_blocked_writer_for_blockage.
Merge internal change: 224583378

Do not add disconnected QuicConnection to dispatcher's write blocked list. Protected by FLAGS_quic_reloadable_flag_quic_connection_do_not_add_to_write_blocked_list_if_disconnected.
Merge internal change: 224570824

Change QuicTimeWaitListManager::SendOrQueuePacket() to be protected, and return bool indicating whether packet was sent or queued.
Merge internal change: 224515605

STOP_SENDING on closed stream does not close connetion.
Merge internal change: 224510444

Check that stream ID for MaybeIncreaseLargestPeerStreamId is not too big
Merge internal change: 224498905

Third step towards variable length QUIC connection IDs. This CL changes the size of the QuicConnectionId class to allow storing longer connection IDs. It also changes clients who were calling sizeof(connection_id) to instead use connection_id.length()
Merge internal change: 224446552

Second step towards variable length QUIC connection IDs. This CL makes QuicConnectionId a class that contains a uint64_t. The next step will be to start changing the implementation of that class.
Merge internal change: 224240712

Use BoringSSL's QUIC hooks in //third_party/quic
Merge internal change: 224237363

Add repro e2e tests for server silently closed IETF connections.
Merge internal change: 223974948

Add fuzzer for QpackEncoderStreamSender and QpackEncoderStreamReceiver.
Merge internal change: 223866872

If a V44 QUIC connection is closed post-handshake and has no termination packet, add it to time wait list with action=SEND_STATELESS_RESET. Protected by default true flag FLAGS_quic_reloadable_flag_quic_send_reset_for_post_handshake_connections_without_termination_packets.
Merge internal change: 223857778

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