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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Using egl_native from gles2_conform_support
// TODO: We may want to phase out the old gles2_conform support in preference
// of this implementation. So eventually we'll need to move the egl_native
// stuff here or to a shareable location/path.
#include "gpu/gles2_conform_support/egl/test_support.h"
#include "third_party/khronos_glcts/framework/egl/tcuEglPlatform.hpp"
namespace egl {
namespace native {
namespace windowless {
class Surface : public tcu::egl::WindowSurface {
Surface(tcu::egl::Display& display,
EGLConfig config,
const EGLint* attribList,
int width,
int height)
: tcu::egl::WindowSurface(display,
height_(height) {}
int getWidth() const override { return width_; }
int getHeight() const override { return height_; }
const int width_;
const int height_;
class Window : public tcu::NativeWindow {
Window(tcu::egl::Display& display,
EGLConfig config,
const EGLint* attribList,
int width,
int height)
: tcu::NativeWindow::NativeWindow(),
surface_(display, config, attribList, width, height) {}
~Window() override {}
tcu::egl::Display& getEglDisplay() override { return eglDisplay_; }
tcu::egl::WindowSurface& getEglSurface() override { return surface_; }
void processEvents() override { return; }
tcu::egl::Display& eglDisplay_;
Surface surface_;
class Platform : public tcu::EglPlatform {
Platform() : tcu::EglPlatform::EglPlatform() {}
~Platform() override {}
tcu::NativeWindow* createWindow(tcu::NativeDisplay& dpy,
EGLConfig config,
const EGLint* attribList,
int width,
int height,
qpVisibility visibility) override {
tcu::egl::Display& eglDisplay = dpy.getEglDisplay();
EGLDisplay display = eglDisplay.getEGLDisplay();
CommandBufferGLESSetNextCreateWindowSurfaceCreatesPBuffer(display, width,
return new Window(eglDisplay, config, attribList, width, height);
} // namespace windowless
} // namespace native
} // namespace egl
tcu::Platform* createPlatform(void) {
return new egl::native::windowless::Platform();