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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module tracing;
// To participate in the tracing ecosystem, implement the TraceProvider
// interface and connect to the tracing app. Then, when the provider's Start()
// function is called collect tracing data and pass it back via the provided
// TraceRecorder interface up until Stop() is called.
interface TraceProvider {
// Categories can either be the empty string to mean the default set of
// categories or a comma-delimited list of categories to trace.
StartTracing(string categories, TraceRecorder recorder);
interface TraceRecorder {
Record(string json);
interface TraceCollector {
// Request tracing data from all connected providers to stream to
// |stream|.
Start(handle<data_pipe_producer> stream, string categories);
// Stop tracing and flush results to the |stream| passed in to Start().
// Closes |stream| when all data is collected.
// These times are used to determine startup performance metrics.
// TODO(msw): Find a way to convert *_time metrics into TimeTicks earlier (ref:
struct StartupPerformanceTimes {
// TODO(msw): Rename to match "BrowserMainEntryTimeAbsolute" metric?
int64 shell_process_creation_time;
int64 shell_main_entry_point_time;
int64 browser_message_loop_start_ticks;
int64 browser_window_display_ticks;
int64 browser_open_tabs_time_delta;
// TODO(msw): Rename to avoid "web contents"?
int64 first_web_contents_main_frame_load_ticks;
// TODO(msw): Rename to match "FirstWebContents.NonEmptyPaint" metric?
int64 first_visually_non_empty_layout_ticks;
// This interface accepts startup performance timing from a variety of sources.
interface StartupPerformanceDataCollector {
// These setters may be called many times, only the first time is recorded.
SetShellProcessCreationTime(int64 time);
SetShellMainEntryPointTime(int64 time);
SetBrowserMessageLoopStartTicks(int64 ticks);
SetBrowserWindowDisplayTicks(int64 ticks);
SetBrowserOpenTabsTimeDelta(int64 delta);
SetFirstWebContentsMainFrameLoadTicks(int64 ticks);
SetFirstVisuallyNonEmptyLayoutTicks(int64 ticks);
// Get the currently available startup performance times.
GetStartupPerformanceTimes() => (StartupPerformanceTimes times);