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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
// This file can be empty. Its purpose is to contain the relatively short lived
// declarations required for experimental flags.
namespace experimental_flags {
enum GaiaEnvironment {
enum WhatsNewPromoStatus {
WHATS_NEW_DEFAULT = 0, // Not forced to enable a promo.
WHATS_NEW_APP_RATING, // Force enable App Rating Promo.
WHATS_NEW_MOVE_TO_DOCK_TIP, // Force enable Move To Dock Tip promo.
WHATS_NEW_PROMO_STATUS_COUNT, // Count of Whats New Promo Statuses.
// Whether the First Run UI will be always be displayed.
bool AlwaysDisplayFirstRun();
GaiaEnvironment GetGaiaEnvironment();
// Returns the host name for an alternative Origin Server host for use by
// |BrandCode| startup ping. Returns empty string if there is no alternative
// host specified.
std::string GetOriginServerHost();
// Returns the promo force enabled, as determined by the experimental flags.
// If |WHATS_NEW_DEFAULT| is returned, no promo is force enabled.
WhatsNewPromoStatus GetWhatsNewPromoStatus();
// Whether the lru snapshot cache experiment is enabled.
bool IsLRUSnapshotCacheEnabled();
// Whether memory debugging tools are enabled.
bool IsMemoryDebuggingEnabled();
// Whether the Clear Browsing Data counters and time selection UI is enabled.
bool IsNewClearBrowsingDataUIEnabled();
// Whether the page icon for downgraded HTTPS is enabled.
bool IsPageIconForDowngradedHTTPSEnabled();
// Whether startup crash is enabled.
bool IsStartupCrashEnabled();
// Whether viewing and copying passwords is enabled.
bool IsViewCopyPasswordsEnabled();
// Whether a new version of FeedbackKit is the preferred feedback UI provider.
bool IsNewFeedbackKitEnabled();
// Whether the 3rd party keyboard omnibox workaround is enabled.
bool IsThirdPartyKeyboardWorkaroundEnabled();
// Whether the application group sandbox must be cleared before starting.
// Calling this method will reset the flag to false, so the sandbox is cleared
// only once.
bool MustClearApplicationGroupSandbox();
} // namespace experimental_flags