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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ios/chrome/browser/ios_chrome_flag_descriptions.h"
// This file declares strings used in chrome://flags. These messages are not
// translated, because instead of end-users they target Chromium developers and
// testers. See and for more
// details.
namespace flag_descriptions {
const char kAdaptiveToolbarName[] = "Adaptive Toolbar";
const char kAdaptiveToolbarDescription[] =
"When enabled, the adaptive toolbar will be used.";
const char kBookmarkNewEditPageName[] = "Bookmark New Edit Page";
const char kBookmarkNewEditPageDescription[] =
"When enabled, the new bookmark edit page and folder picker will be used "
"in the new bookmark UI.";
const char kBrowserTaskScheduler[] = "Task Scheduler";
const char kBrowserTaskSchedulerDescription[] =
"Enables redirection of some task posting APIs to the task scheduler.";
const char kCaptivePortalName[] = "Captive Portal";
const char kCaptivePortalDescription[] =
"When enabled, the Captive Portal landing page will be displayed if it is "
"detected that the user is connected to a Captive Portal network.";
const char kCleanToolbarName[] = "Clean Toolbar";
const char kCleanToolbarDescription[] =
"When enabled, the Clean Toolbar will be used instead of "
const char kClippingTextfieldName[] = "Clipping Textfield";
const char kClippingTextfieldDescription[] =
"When enabled, the new URL clipping implementation compatible with iOS 11 "
"is used.";
const char kContextualSearch[] = "Contextual Search";
const char kContextualSearchDescription[] =
"Whether or not Contextual Search is enabled.";
const char kDragAndDropName[] = "Drag and Drop";
const char kDragAndDropDescription[] = "Enable support for drag and drop.";
const char kExternalSearchName[] = "External Search";
const char kExternalSearchDescription[] = "Enable support for External Search.";
const char kHistoryBatchUpdatesFilterName[] = "History Single Batch Filtering";
const char kHistoryBatchUpdatesFilterDescription[] =
"When enabled History inserts and deletes history items in the same "
"BatchUpdates block.";
const char kInProductHelpDemoModeName[] = "In-Product Help Demo Mode";
const char kInProductHelpDemoModeDescription[] =
"When enabled, in-product help promotions occur exactly once per cold "
"start. Enabled causes all in-product help promotions to occur. Enabling "
"an individual promotion causes that promotion but no other promotions to "
const char kMarkHttpAsName[] = "Mark non-secure origins as non-secure";
const char kMarkHttpAsDescription[] = "Change the UI treatment for HTTP pages";
const char kMemexTabSwitcherName[] = "Enable the Memex prototype Tab Switcher.";
const char kMemexTabSwitcherDescription[] =
"When enabled, the TabSwitcher button will navigate to the chrome memex "
"prototype site instead of triggering the native Tab Switcher. The native "
"TabSwitcher is accessible by long pressing the button";
const char kNewFullscreenName[] = "Enable the new FullscreenController.";
const char kNewFullscreenDescription[] =
"When enabled, the new implementation of FullscreenController will be used "
"instead of the legacy version. This new implementation utilizes the "
"observer and broadcaster patterns to simplify interaction with the "
"feature and to distribute UI implementations to more specific owners.";
const char kOmniboxUIElideSuggestionUrlAfterHostName[] =
"Hide the path, query, and ref of omnibox suggestions";
const char kOmniboxUIElideSuggestionUrlAfterHostDescription[] =
"Elides the path, query, and ref of suggested URLs in the omnibox "
const char kOmniboxUIHideSuggestionUrlSchemeName[] =
"Hide scheme in omnibox suggestions";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSuggestionUrlSchemeDescription[] =
"Elides the schemes of suggested URLs in the omnibox dropdown.";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSuggestionUrlTrivialSubdomainsName[] =
"Hide trivial subdomains in omnibox suggestions";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSuggestionUrlTrivialSubdomainsDescription[] =
"Elides trivially informative subdomains (www, m) from suggested URLs in "
"the omnibox dropdown.";
const char kPasswordExportName[] = "Password Export";
const char kPasswordExportDescription[] =
"Enables password exporting functionality in password settings.";
const char kPhysicalWeb[] = "Physical Web";
const char kPhysicalWebDescription[] =
"When enabled, the omnibox will include suggestions for web pages "
"broadcast by devices near you.";
const char kSafeAreaCompatibleToolbarName[] = "Safe Area Compatible Toolbar";
const char kSafeAreaCompatibleToolbarDescription[] =
"When enabled, the toolbar resizes itself when the safe area changes.";
const char kShareCanonicalURLName[] = "Share Canonical URL";
const char kShareCanonicalURLDescription[] =
"When enabled, the current page's canonical URL is shared (if it exists) "
"instead of the visible URL.";
const char kSlimNavigationManagerName[] = "Use Slim Navigation Manager";
const char kSlimNavigationManagerDescription[] =
"When enabled, uses the experimental slim navigation manager that provides "
"better compatibility with HTML navigation spec.";
const char kNewPassKitDownloadName[] = "Use PassKit with ios/web Download API";
const char kNewPassKitDownloadDescription[] =
"When enabled, uses ios/web Download API as dowload backend for PassKit.";
const char kNewFileDownloadName[] = "Use new Download Manager UI and backend";
const char kNewFileDownloadDescription[] =
"When enabled, uses new Download Manager UI and ios/web Download API as "
const char kShowAutofillTypePredictionsName[] = "Show Autofill predictions";
const char kShowAutofillTypePredictionsDescription[] =
"Annotates web forms with Autofill field type predictions as placeholder "
const char kTabSwitcherPresentsBVCName[] = "TabSwitcher Presents BVC";
const char kTabSwitcherPresentsBVCDescription[] =
"When enabled, the tab switcher will present the BVC, so that when the "
"BVC is visible, the tab switcher will remain in the VC hierarchy "
"underneath it.";
const char kUseDdljsonApiName[] = "Use new ddljson API for Doodles";
const char kUseDdljsonApiDescription[] =
"Enables the new ddljson API to fetch Doodles for the NTP.";
const char kWebPaymentsName[] = "Web Payments";
const char kWebPaymentsDescription[] =
"Enable Payment Request API integration, a JavaScript API for merchants.";
const char kWebPaymentsNativeAppsName[] = "Web Payments Native Apps";
const char kWebPaymentsNativeAppsDescription[] =
"Enable third party iOS native apps as payments methods within Payment "
const char kWKHTTPSystemCookieStoreName[] = "Use WKHTTPSystemCookieStore.";
const char kWKHTTPSystemCookieStoreDescription[] =
"Use WKHTTPCookieStore backed store for main context URL requests.";
// Please insert your name/description above in alphabetical order.
} // namespace flag_descriptions