Revert "🤝 Account for signature in verification result cache."

This reverts commit 4b8dcb3f1486f3a35751d45ccf38d7d4c5dbbc70.

Reason for revert:

The downstream change could not easily land. I think this change is not only making compiling issue but has some logic change so the downstream tests will fail.

Original change's description:
> 🤝 Account for signature in verification result cache.
> Previously we didn't cache the signature of the package with the
> verification result - this caused bugs when someone is developing and
> switching signatures around.
> Additionally removed checking the cache from the main verification
> logic, this resulted in verification never failing for an app that it
> had previously succeeded with (originally this made sense when we had
> two separate stores - one in Android Preferences and on in a static
> variable, but is a bug now).
> Bug: 919170
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Bug: 919170
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