[Extensions SW] Fix Event registration race.

There's no ordering guarantee between SW mojo IPCs and extension IPCs.
This (infrequently) causes browser process to see event listener registration
*after* the browser process decides to dispatch that event.

This CL adds extension IPCs to notify browser process when:
  - A service worker context has finished loading and executing its global JS
    scope's code (this corresponds to EmbeddedWorkerInstance::OnStarted)
  - A service worker context has destroyed.

With these IPCs, browser process can identify which extenison SWs are running
at a given point, and ServiceWorkerTaskQueue can queue up tasks to dispatch
events when a worker hasn't completely started, e.g. when the worker has started
from SW mojo IPC's perspective, but it hasn't yet finished executing its global
JS code from legacy IPC's perspective.

Bug: 879015
Test: EventsToStoppedWorker test doesn't flake locally anymore.
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