[DeviceService] Move //device/time_zone_monitor to //services/device

This CL:
  - moves //device/time_zone_monitor/ into //services/device/,
  - lets Device Service register all necessary JNIs on its creation,
  - consolidates all java files under //services/device/ into a single target:
    //services/device:java, and keeps this target still as part of
    //content/public/android:content_java, because Device Service is embeded
    by content_browser service currently.

BUG=689394, 687125
TEST=http://crbug.com/288697#c12: load the page, change the system time zone,
     and then click "recheck" to ensure that the renderer picks up the new
     time zone. Don't reload the page, which is likely to give you a new
     renderer process, use the "recheck" link on the page.

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32 files changed