Simplify and generalize touch action rect testing

This patch changes the touch action rect tests to dump the touch action
rects and their associated layer rect instead of dumping node-related
information. This is in preparation for making these tests work with
slimming paint v2 (SPV2 aka composite-after-paint) which does not have
a mapping from cc::Layer to Node and may produce different composited
layer decisions.

Before patch:
  normalFlow: #document scrolling (13, 128, 290, 12)

With patch:
  normalFlow: layer(0,0 785x1530) has hit test rect (13,128 290x12)

This patch also removes the visualization functionality from the touch
action tests. There is an easier way to visualize the touch-action
rects: the inspector has a "Scrolling performance issue" visualization
under the Rendering tab.

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