[css-lists] Fix 'content: counter(list-item)' in pseudo-elements

::before, ::after and ::marker pseudo-elements can use the counter()
function in the 'content' property in order to retrieve the value of a
counter. This was already working well, except for the automatic
'list-item' counter.

The problem was that in <ol> elements, the counter was set to the start
value. For example, in '<ol start="3"><li></li></ol>', the counter was 3
in ol::before, but <li> increments it, so it became 4 in li::before.
This patch sets it to the start value minus 1, according to the spec

There was also the problem that list items would increment the value,
even in reversed lists. E.g. in '<ol reversed><li></li><li></li></ol>',
the counter used to be 2 in ol::before, 3 in li:first-child::before,
and 4 in li:last-child::before. This patch checks whether the list item
is in a reversed list in order to decide if the value should be
incremented or decremented.

Bug: 796961


The former test is imported from WebKit.

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