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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/scoped_observer.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "components/history/core/browser/history_service.h"
#include "components/history/core/browser/history_service_observer.h"
#include "components/keyed_service/core/keyed_service.h"
#include "components/ntp_snippets/callbacks.h"
#include "components/ntp_snippets/category.h"
#include "components/ntp_snippets/category_rankers/category_ranker.h"
#include "components/ntp_snippets/category_status.h"
#include "components/ntp_snippets/content_suggestions_provider.h"
#include "components/ntp_snippets/user_classifier.h"
#include "components/signin/core/browser/signin_manager.h"
class PrefService;
class PrefRegistrySimple;
namespace ntp_snippets {
class RemoteSuggestionsProvider;
class RemoteSuggestionsScheduler;
// Retrieves suggestions from a number of ContentSuggestionsProviders and serves
// them grouped into categories. There can be at most one provider per category.
class ContentSuggestionsService : public KeyedService,
public ContentSuggestionsProvider::Observer,
public SigninManagerBase::Observer,
public history::HistoryServiceObserver {
class Observer {
// Fired every time the service receives a new set of data for the given
// |category|, replacing any previously available data (though in most cases
// there will be an overlap and only a few changes within the data). The new
// data is then available through |GetSuggestionsForCategory(category)|.
virtual void OnNewSuggestions(Category category) = 0;
// Fired when the status of a suggestions category changed. When the status
// changes to an unavailable status, the suggestions of the respective
// category have been invalidated, which means that they must no longer be
// displayed to the user. The UI must immediately clear any suggestions of
// that category.
virtual void OnCategoryStatusChanged(Category category,
CategoryStatus new_status) = 0;
// Fired when a suggestion has been invalidated. The UI must immediately
// clear the suggestion even from open NTPs. Invalidation happens, for
// example, when the content that the suggestion refers to is gone.
// Note that this event may be fired even if the corresponding category is
// not currently AVAILABLE, because open UIs may still be showing the
// suggestion that is to be removed. This event may also be fired for
// |suggestion_id|s that never existed and should be ignored in that case.
virtual void OnSuggestionInvalidated(
const ContentSuggestion::ID& suggestion_id) = 0;
// Fired when the previously sent data is not valid anymore and a refresh
// of all the suggestions is required. Called for example when the sign in
// state changes and personalised suggestions have to be shown or discarded.
virtual void OnFullRefreshRequired() = 0;
// Sent when the service is shutting down. After the service has shut down,
// it will not provide any data anymore, though calling the getters is still
// safe.
virtual void ContentSuggestionsServiceShutdown() = 0;
virtual ~Observer() = default;
enum State {
ContentSuggestionsService(State state,
SigninManagerBase* signin_manager,
history::HistoryService* history_service,
PrefService* pref_service,
std::unique_ptr<CategoryRanker> category_ranker);
~ContentSuggestionsService() override;
// Inherited from KeyedService.
void Shutdown() override;
static void RegisterProfilePrefs(PrefRegistrySimple* registry);
State state() { return state_; }
// Gets all categories for which a provider is registered. The categories may
// or may not be available, see |GetCategoryStatus()|. The order in which the
// categories are returned is the order in which they should be displayed.
std::vector<Category> GetCategories() const;
// Gets the status of a category.
CategoryStatus GetCategoryStatus(Category category) const;
// Gets the meta information of a category.
base::Optional<CategoryInfo> GetCategoryInfo(Category category) const;
// Gets the available suggestions for a category. The result is empty if the
// category is available and empty, but also if the category is unavailable
// for any reason, see |GetCategoryStatus()|.
const std::vector<ContentSuggestion>& GetSuggestionsForCategory(
Category category) const;
// Fetches the image for the suggestion with the given |suggestion_id| and
// runs the |callback|. If that suggestion doesn't exist or the fetch fails,
// the callback gets an empty image. The callback will not be called
// synchronously.
void FetchSuggestionImage(const ContentSuggestion::ID& suggestion_id,
const ImageFetchedCallback& callback);
// Dismisses the suggestion with the given |suggestion_id|, if it exists.
// This will not trigger an update through the observers (i.e. providers must
// not call |Observer::OnNewSuggestions|).
void DismissSuggestion(const ContentSuggestion::ID& suggestion_id);
// Dismisses the given |category|, if it exists.
// This will not trigger an update through the observers.
void DismissCategory(Category category);
// Restores all dismissed categories.
// This will not trigger an update through the observers.
void RestoreDismissedCategories();
// Returns whether |category| is dismissed.
bool IsCategoryDismissed(Category category) const;
// Fetches additional contents for the given |category|. If the fetch was
// completed, the given |callback| is called with the updated content.
// This includes new and old data.
// TODO(jkrcal): Consider either renaming this to FetchMore or unify the ways
// to get suggestions to just this async Fetch() API.
void Fetch(const Category& category,
const std::set<std::string>& known_suggestion_ids,
const FetchDoneCallback& callback);
// Reloads suggestions from all categories, from all providers. If a provider
// naturally has some ability to generate fresh suggestions, it may provide a
// completely new set of suggestions. If the provider has no ability to
// generate fresh suggestions on demand, it may only fill in any vacant space
// by suggestions that were previously not included due to space limits (there
// may be vacant space because of the user dismissing suggestions in the
// meantime).
void ReloadSuggestions();
// Observer accessors.
void AddObserver(Observer* observer);
void RemoveObserver(Observer* observer);
// Registers a new ContentSuggestionsProvider. It must be ensured that at most
// one provider is registered for every category and that this method is
// called only once per provider.
void RegisterProvider(std::unique_ptr<ContentSuggestionsProvider> provider);
// Removes history from the specified time range where the URL matches the
// |filter| from all providers. The data removed depends on the provider. Note
// that the data outside the time range may be deleted, for example
// suggestions, which are based on history from that time range. Providers
// should immediately clear any data related to history from the specified
// time range where the URL matches the |filter|.
void ClearHistory(base::Time begin,
base::Time end,
const base::Callback<bool(const GURL& url)>& filter);
// Removes all suggestions from all caches or internal stores in all
// providers. See |ClearCachedSuggestions|.
void ClearAllCachedSuggestions();
// Removes all suggestions of the given |category| from all caches or internal
// stores in the service and the corresponding provider. It does, however, not
// remove any suggestions from the provider's sources, so if its configuration
// hasn't changed, it might return the same results when it fetches the next
// time. In particular, calling this method will not mark any suggestions as
// dismissed.
void ClearCachedSuggestions(Category category);
// Only for debugging use through the internals page.
// Retrieves suggestions of the given |category| that have previously been
// dismissed and are still stored in the respective provider. If the
// provider doesn't store dismissed suggestions, the callback receives an
// empty vector. The callback may be called synchronously.
void GetDismissedSuggestionsForDebugging(
Category category,
const DismissedSuggestionsCallback& callback);
// Only for debugging use through the internals page. Some providers
// internally store a list of dismissed suggestions to prevent them from
// reappearing. This function clears all suggestions of the given |category|
// from such lists, making dismissed suggestions reappear (if the provider
// supports it).
void ClearDismissedSuggestionsForDebugging(Category category);
// The reference to the RemoteSuggestionsProvider provider should
// only be set by the factory and only used for debugging.
// TODO(jkrcal) The way we deal with the circular dependency feels wrong.
// Consider swapping the dependencies: first constructing all providers, then
// constructing the service (passing the remote provider as arg), finally
// registering the service as an observer of all providers?
void set_remote_suggestions_provider(
RemoteSuggestionsProvider* remote_suggestions_provider) {
remote_suggestions_provider_ = remote_suggestions_provider;
RemoteSuggestionsProvider* remote_suggestions_provider_for_debugging() {
return remote_suggestions_provider_;
// The reference to RemoteSuggestionsScheduler should only be set by the
// factory. The interface is suited for informing about external events that
// have influence on scheduling remote fetches.
void set_remote_suggestions_scheduler(
ntp_snippets::RemoteSuggestionsScheduler* remote_suggestions_scheduler) {
remote_suggestions_scheduler_ = remote_suggestions_scheduler;
RemoteSuggestionsScheduler* remote_suggestions_scheduler() {
return remote_suggestions_scheduler_;
UserClassifier* user_classifier() { return &user_classifier_; }
CategoryRanker* category_ranker() { return category_ranker_.get(); }
friend class ContentSuggestionsServiceTest;
// Implementation of ContentSuggestionsProvider::Observer.
void OnNewSuggestions(ContentSuggestionsProvider* provider,
Category category,
std::vector<ContentSuggestion> suggestions) override;
void OnCategoryStatusChanged(ContentSuggestionsProvider* provider,
Category category,
CategoryStatus new_status) override;
void OnSuggestionInvalidated(
ContentSuggestionsProvider* provider,
const ContentSuggestion::ID& suggestion_id) override;
// SigninManagerBase::Observer implementation
void GoogleSigninSucceeded(const std::string& account_id,
const std::string& username,
const std::string& password) override;
void GoogleSignedOut(const std::string& account_id,
const std::string& username) override;
// history::HistoryServiceObserver implementation.
void OnURLsDeleted(history::HistoryService* history_service,
bool all_history,
bool expired,
const history::URLRows& deleted_rows,
const std::set<GURL>& favicon_urls) override;
void HistoryServiceBeingDeleted(
history::HistoryService* history_service) override;
// Registers the given |provider| for the given |category|, unless it is
// already registered. Returns true if the category was newly registered or
// false if it is dismissed or was present before.
bool TryRegisterProviderForCategory(ContentSuggestionsProvider* provider,
Category category);
void RegisterCategory(Category category,
ContentSuggestionsProvider* provider);
void UnregisterCategory(Category category,
ContentSuggestionsProvider* provider);
// Removes a suggestion from the local store |suggestions_by_category_|, if it
// exists. Returns true if a suggestion was removed.
bool RemoveSuggestionByID(const ContentSuggestion::ID& suggestion_id);
// Fires the OnCategoryStatusChanged event for the given |category|.
void NotifyCategoryStatusChanged(Category category);
void OnSignInStateChanged();
// Re-enables a dismissed category, making querying its provider possible.
void RestoreDismissedCategory(Category category);
void RestoreDismissedCategoriesFromPrefs();
void StoreDismissedCategoriesToPrefs();
// Whether the content suggestions feature is enabled.
State state_;
// All registered providers, owned by the service.
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ContentSuggestionsProvider>> providers_;
// All registered categories and their providers. A provider may be contained
// multiple times, if it provides multiple categories. The keys of this map
// are exactly the entries of |categories_| and the values are a subset of
// |providers_|.
std::map<Category, ContentSuggestionsProvider*, Category::CompareByID>
// All dismissed categories and their providers. These may be restored by
// RestoreDismissedCategories(). The provider can be null if the dismissed
// category has received no updates since initialisation.
// (see RestoreDismissedCategoriesFromPrefs())
std::map<Category, ContentSuggestionsProvider*, Category::CompareByID>
// All current suggestion categories in arbitrary order. This vector contains
// exactly the same categories as |providers_by_category_|.
std::vector<Category> categories_;
// All current suggestions grouped by category. This contains an entry for
// every category in |categories_| whose status is an available status. It may
// contain an empty vector if the category is available but empty (or still
// loading).
std::map<Category, std::vector<ContentSuggestion>, Category::CompareByID>
// Observer for the SigninManager. All observers are notified when the signin
// state changes so that they can refresh their list of suggestions.
ScopedObserver<SigninManagerBase, SigninManagerBase::Observer>
// Observer for the HistoryService. All providers are notified when history is
// deleted.
ScopedObserver<history::HistoryService, history::HistoryServiceObserver>
base::ObserverList<Observer> observers_;
const std::vector<ContentSuggestion> no_suggestions_;
// Keep a direct reference to this special provider to redirect debugging
// calls to it. If the RemoteSuggestionsProvider is loaded, it is also present
// in |providers_|, otherwise this is a nullptr.
RemoteSuggestionsProvider* remote_suggestions_provider_;
// Interface for informing about external events that have influence on
// scheduling remote fetches. Not owned.
RemoteSuggestionsScheduler* remote_suggestions_scheduler_;
PrefService* pref_service_;
UserClassifier user_classifier_;
// Provides order for categories.
std::unique_ptr<CategoryRanker> category_ranker_;
} // namespace ntp_snippets