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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <deque>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted_memory.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "base/threading/sequenced_worker_pool.h"
#include "base/threading/thread_checker.h"
#include "base/threading/thread_task_runner_handle.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "components/signin/core/account_id/account_id.h"
#include "components/user_manager/user.h"
#include "components/user_manager/user_image/user_image.h"
#include "components/wallpaper/wallpaper_export.h"
#include "components/wallpaper/wallpaper_layout.h"
#include "ui/gfx/image/image_skia.h"
class PrefRegistrySimple;
namespace base {
class CommandLine;
class SequencedTaskRunner;
namespace user_manager {
class User;
class UserImage;
namespace wallpaper {
// This object is passed between several threads while wallpaper is being
// loaded. It will notify callback when last reference to it is removed
// (thus indicating that the last load action has finished).
class WALLPAPER_EXPORT MovableOnDestroyCallback {
explicit MovableOnDestroyCallback(const base::Closure& callback);
base::Closure callback_;
using MovableOnDestroyCallbackHolder =
struct WALLPAPER_EXPORT WallpaperInfo {
WallpaperInfo(const std::string& in_location,
WallpaperLayout in_layout,
user_manager::User::WallpaperType in_type,
const base::Time& in_date);
// Either file name of migrated wallpaper including first directory level
// (corresponding to user wallpaper_files_id) or online wallpaper URL.
std::string location;
WallpaperLayout layout;
user_manager::User::WallpaperType type;
base::Time date;
bool operator==(const WallpaperInfo& other) {
return (location == other.location) && (layout == other.layout) &&
(type == other.type);
// Asserts that the current task is sequenced with any other task that calls
// this.
void WALLPAPER_EXPORT AssertCalledOnWallpaperSequence();
class WallpaperManagerBrowserTest;
// Name of wallpaper sequence token.
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const char kWallpaperSequenceTokenName[];
// File path suffices of resized small or large wallpaper.
// TODO(bshe): Use the same sub folder system as custom wallpapers use.
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const char kSmallWallpaperSuffix[];
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const char kLargeWallpaperSuffix[];
// Directory names of custom wallpapers.
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const char kSmallWallpaperSubDir[];
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const char kLargeWallpaperSubDir[];
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const char kOriginalWallpaperSubDir[];
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const char kThumbnailWallpaperSubDir[];
// The width and height of small/large resolution wallpaper. When screen size is
// smaller than |kSmallWallpaperMaxWidth| and |kSmallWallpaperMaxHeight|, the
// small resolution wallpaper should be used. Otherwise, use the large
// resolution wallpaper.
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const int kSmallWallpaperMaxWidth;
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const int kSmallWallpaperMaxHeight;
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const int kLargeWallpaperMaxWidth;
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const int kLargeWallpaperMaxHeight;
// The width and height of wallpaper thumbnails.
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const int kWallpaperThumbnailWidth;
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const int kWallpaperThumbnailHeight;
// A dictionary that maps usernames to wallpaper properties.
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const char kUsersWallpaperInfo[];
// A dictionary pref that maps usernames to file paths to their wallpapers.
// Deprecated. Will remove this const char after done migration.
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const char kUserWallpapers[];
// A dictionary pref that maps usernames to wallpaper properties.
WALLPAPER_EXPORT extern const char kUserWallpapersProperties[];
class WallpaperFilesId;
// This singleton class maintains wallpapers for users.
class WALLPAPER_EXPORT WallpaperManagerBase {
enum WallpaperResolution {
class CustomizedWallpaperRescaledFiles {
CustomizedWallpaperRescaledFiles(const base::FilePath& path_downloaded,
const base::FilePath& path_rescaled_small,
const base::FilePath& path_rescaled_large);
bool AllSizesExist() const;
// Closure will hold unretained pointer to this object. So caller must
// make sure that the closure will be destoyed before this object.
// Closure must be called on BlockingPool.
base::Closure CreateCheckerClosure();
const base::FilePath& path_downloaded() const;
const base::FilePath& path_rescaled_small() const;
const base::FilePath& path_rescaled_large() const;
bool downloaded_exists() const;
bool rescaled_small_exists() const;
bool rescaled_large_exists() const;
// Must be called on BlockingPool.
void CheckCustomizedWallpaperFilesExist();
const base::FilePath path_downloaded_;
const base::FilePath path_rescaled_small_;
const base::FilePath path_rescaled_large_;
bool downloaded_exists_;
bool rescaled_small_exists_;
bool rescaled_large_exists_;
// For testing.
class TestApi {
explicit TestApi(WallpaperManagerBase* wallpaper_manager);
virtual ~TestApi();
bool GetWallpaperFromCache(const AccountId& account_id,
gfx::ImageSkia* image);
bool GetPathFromCache(const AccountId& account_id, base::FilePath* path);
void SetWallpaperCache(const AccountId& account_id,
const base::FilePath& path,
const gfx::ImageSkia& image);
void ClearDisposableWallpaperCache();
WallpaperManagerBase* wallpaper_manager_; // not owned
class Observer {
virtual ~Observer() {}
virtual void OnWallpaperAnimationFinished(const AccountId& account_id) = 0;
virtual void OnUpdateWallpaperForTesting() {}
virtual void OnPendingListEmptyForTesting() {}
// set path IDs for used directories
static void SetPathIds(int dir_user_data_enum,
int dir_chromeos_wallpapers_enum,
int dir_chromeos_custom_wallpapers_enum);
// Returns custom wallpaper directory by appending corresponding |sub_dir|.
static base::FilePath GetCustomWallpaperDir(const char* sub_dir);
// Registers wallpaper manager preferences.
static void RegisterPrefs(PrefRegistrySimple* registry);
// Resizes |image| to a resolution which is nearest to |preferred_width| and
// |preferred_height| while respecting the |layout| choice. |output_skia| is
// optional (may be NULL). Returns true on success.
static bool ResizeImage(const gfx::ImageSkia& image,
WallpaperLayout layout,
int preferred_width,
int preferred_height,
scoped_refptr<base::RefCountedBytes>* output,
gfx::ImageSkia* output_skia);
// Resizes |image| to a resolution which is nearest to |preferred_width| and
// |preferred_height| while respecting the |layout| choice and saves the
// resized wallpaper to |path|. |output_skia| is optional (may be
// NULL). Returns true on success.
static bool ResizeAndSaveWallpaper(const gfx::ImageSkia& image,
const base::FilePath& path,
WallpaperLayout layout,
int preferred_width,
int preferred_height,
gfx::ImageSkia* output_skia);
// Returns custom wallpaper path. Append |sub_dir|, |wallpaper_files_id| and
// |file|
// to custom wallpaper directory.
static base::FilePath GetCustomWallpaperPath(
const char* sub_dir,
const WallpaperFilesId& wallpaper_files_id,
const std::string& file);
virtual ~WallpaperManagerBase();
// Returns the appropriate wallpaper resolution for all root windows.
virtual WallpaperResolution GetAppropriateResolution() = 0;
virtual void SetCommandLineForTesting(base::CommandLine* command_line);
// Adds PowerManagerClient, TimeZoneSettings and CrosSettings observers.
virtual void AddObservers() = 0;
// Loads wallpaper asynchronously if the current wallpaper is not the
// wallpaper of logged in user.
virtual void EnsureLoggedInUserWallpaperLoaded();
// Gets wallpaper information of logged in user.
virtual bool GetLoggedInUserWallpaperInfo(WallpaperInfo* info);
// Initializes wallpaper. If logged in, loads user's wallpaper. If not logged
// in, uses a solid color wallpaper. If logged in as a stub user, uses an
// empty wallpaper.
virtual void InitializeWallpaper() = 0;
// Removes all |account_id| related wallpaper info and saved wallpapers.
virtual void RemoveUserWallpaperInfo(const AccountId& account_id) = 0;
// Saves custom wallpaper to file, post task to generate thumbnail and updates
// local state preferences. If |update_wallpaper| is false, don't change
// wallpaper but only update cache.
virtual void SetCustomWallpaper(const AccountId& account_id,
const WallpaperFilesId& wallpaper_files_id,
const std::string& file,
WallpaperLayout layout,
user_manager::User::WallpaperType type,
const gfx::ImageSkia& image,
bool update_wallpaper) = 0;
// Use given files as new default wallpaper.
// Reloads current wallpaper, if old default was loaded.
// Current value of default_wallpaper_image_ is destroyed.
// Sets default_wallpaper_image_ either to |small_wallpaper_image| or
// |large_wallpaper_image| depending on GetAppropriateResolution().
virtual void SetDefaultWallpaperPath(
const base::FilePath& customized_default_wallpaper_file_small,
std::unique_ptr<gfx::ImageSkia> small_wallpaper_image,
const base::FilePath& customized_default_wallpaper_file_large,
std::unique_ptr<gfx::ImageSkia> large_wallpaper_image) = 0;
// Sets wallpaper to default wallpaper (asynchronously with zero delay).
virtual void SetDefaultWallpaperNow(const AccountId& account_id) = 0;
// Sets wallpaper to default wallpaper (asynchronously with default delay).
virtual void SetDefaultWallpaperDelayed(const AccountId& account_id) = 0;
// Sets selected wallpaper information for |account_id| and saves it to Local
// State if |is_persistent| is true.
virtual void SetUserWallpaperInfo(const AccountId& account_id,
const WallpaperInfo& info,
bool is_persistent) = 0;
// Sets |account_id|'s wallpaper (asynchronously with zero delay).
virtual void SetUserWallpaperNow(const AccountId& account_id);
// Sets |account_id|'s wallpaper (asynchronously with default delay).
virtual void SetUserWallpaperDelayed(const AccountId& account_id);
// Sets wallpaper to |image| (asynchronously with zero delay). If
// |update_wallpaper| is false, skip change wallpaper but only update cache.
virtual void SetWallpaperFromImageSkia(const AccountId& account_id,
const gfx::ImageSkia& image,
WallpaperLayout layout,
bool update_wallpaper) = 0;
// Updates current wallpaper. It may switch the size of wallpaper based on the
// current display's resolution. (asynchronously with zero delay)
virtual void UpdateWallpaper(bool clear_cache);
// Adds given observer to the list.
virtual void AddObserver(Observer* observer);
// Removes given observer from the list.
virtual void RemoveObserver(Observer* observer);
// Returns whether a wallpaper policy is enforced for |account_id|.
virtual bool IsPolicyControlled(const AccountId& account_id) const;
// Called when a wallpaper policy has been set for |account_id|. Blocks user
// from changing the wallpaper.
virtual void OnPolicySet(const std::string& policy,
const AccountId& account_id);
// Called when the wallpaper policy has been cleared for |account_id|.
virtual void OnPolicyCleared(const std::string& policy,
const AccountId& account_id);
// Called when the policy-set wallpaper has been fetched. Initiates decoding
// of the JPEG |data| with a callback to SetPolicyControlledWallpaper().
virtual void OnPolicyFetched(const std::string& policy,
const AccountId& account_id,
std::unique_ptr<std::string> data) = 0;
// This is called from CustomizationDocument.
// |resized_directory| is the directory where resized versions are stored and
// must be writable.
virtual void SetCustomizedDefaultWallpaper(
const GURL& wallpaper_url,
const base::FilePath& downloaded_file,
const base::FilePath& resized_directory);
// Returns queue size.
virtual size_t GetPendingListSizeForTesting() const = 0;
// Ruturns files identifier for the |account_id|.
virtual WallpaperFilesId GetFilesId(const AccountId& account_id) const = 0;
// If the device is enterprise managed and we're at the login screen, set the
// device wallpaper as the login screen wallpaper. If the device is enterprise
// managed and we're in a user session, only set the device wallpaper if there
// is no user policy wallpaper and the user hasn't changed the default or the
// device wallpaper. Returns true if the device wallpaper should be set as the
// wallpaper, otherwise returns false.
virtual bool SetDeviceWallpaperIfApplicable(const AccountId& account_id) = 0;
friend class TestApi;
friend class WallpaperManagerBrowserTest;
friend class WallpaperManagerBrowserTestDefaultWallpaper;
friend class WallpaperManagerPolicyTest;
// The |CustomWallpaperElement| contains |first| the path of the image which
// is currently being loaded and or in progress of being loaded and |second|
// the image itself.
typedef std::pair<base::FilePath, gfx::ImageSkia> CustomWallpaperElement;
typedef std::map<AccountId, CustomWallpaperElement> CustomWallpaperMap;
// Saves original custom wallpaper to |path| (absolute path) on filesystem
// and starts resizing operation of the custom wallpaper if necessary.
static void SaveCustomWallpaper(const WallpaperFilesId& wallpaper_files_id,
const base::FilePath& path,
WallpaperLayout layout,
std::unique_ptr<gfx::ImageSkia> image);
// Moves custom wallpapers from user email directory to
// |wallpaper_files_id| directory.
static void MoveCustomWallpapersOnWorker(
const AccountId& account_id,
const WallpaperFilesId& wallpaper_files_id,
const scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner>& reply_task_runner,
base::WeakPtr<WallpaperManagerBase> weak_ptr);
// Gets |account_id|'s custom wallpaper at |wallpaper_path|. Falls back on
// original custom wallpaper. When |update_wallpaper| is true, sets wallpaper
// to the loaded wallpaper. Must run on wallpaper sequenced worker thread.
static void GetCustomWallpaperInternal(
const AccountId& account_id,
const WallpaperInfo& info,
const base::FilePath& wallpaper_path,
bool update_wallpaper,
const scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner>& reply_task_runner,
MovableOnDestroyCallbackHolder on_finish,
base::WeakPtr<WallpaperManagerBase> weak_ptr);
// Resize and save customized default wallpaper.
static void ResizeCustomizedDefaultWallpaper(
std::unique_ptr<gfx::ImageSkia> image,
const CustomizedWallpaperRescaledFiles* rescaled_files,
bool* success,
gfx::ImageSkia* small_wallpaper_image,
gfx::ImageSkia* large_wallpaper_image);
// Initialize wallpaper for the specified user to default and saves this
// settings in local state. Note if the device policy controlled wallpaper
// exists, use the device wallpaper as the default wallpaper.
virtual void InitInitialUserWallpaper(const AccountId& account_id,
bool is_persistent);
// Gets encoded wallpaper from cache. Returns true if success.
virtual bool GetWallpaperFromCache(const AccountId& account_id,
gfx::ImageSkia* image);
// Gets path of encoded wallpaper from cache. Returns true if success.
virtual bool GetPathFromCache(const AccountId& account_id,
base::FilePath* path);
// The number of wallpapers have loaded. For test only.
virtual int loaded_wallpapers_for_test() const;
// Cache some (or all) logged in users' wallpapers to memory at login
// screen. It should not compete with first wallpaper loading when boot
// up/initialize login WebUI page.
// There are two ways the first wallpaper might be loaded:
// 1. Loaded on boot. Login WebUI waits for it.
// 2. When flag --disable-boot-animation is passed. Login WebUI is loaded
// right away and in 500ms after. Wallpaper started to load.
// For case 2, should_cache_wallpaper_ is used to indicate if we need to
// cache wallpapers on wallpaper animation finished. The cache operation
// should be only executed once.
virtual void CacheUsersWallpapers();
// Caches |account_id|'s wallpaper to memory.
virtual void CacheUserWallpaper(const AccountId& account_id);
// Clears disposable ONLINE and CUSTOM wallpaper cache. At multi profile
// world, logged in users' wallpaper cache is not disposable.
virtual void ClearDisposableWallpaperCache();
// Deletes all |account_id| related custom wallpapers and directories.
virtual void DeleteUserWallpapers(const AccountId& account_id,
const std::string& path_to_file);
// Gets the CommandLine representing the current process's command line.
virtual base::CommandLine* GetCommandLine();
// Initialize wallpaper of registered device after device policy is trusted.
// Note that before device is enrolled, it proceeds with untrusted setting.
virtual void InitializeRegisteredDeviceWallpaper() = 0;
// Loads |account_id|'s wallpaper. When |update_wallpaper| is true, sets
// wallpaper to the loaded wallpaper.
virtual void LoadWallpaper(const AccountId& account_id,
const WallpaperInfo& info,
bool update_wallpaper,
MovableOnDestroyCallbackHolder on_finish);
// Called when the original custom wallpaper is moved to the new place.
// Updates the corresponding user wallpaper info.
virtual void MoveCustomWallpapersSuccess(
const AccountId& account_id,
const wallpaper::WallpaperFilesId& wallpaper_files_id);
// Moves custom wallpaper to a new place. Email address was used as directory
// name in the old system, this is not safe. New directory system uses
// wallpaper_files_id instead of e-mail. This must be called after
// wallpaper_files_id is ready.
virtual void MoveLoggedInUserCustomWallpaper();
// Gets wallpaper information of |account_id| from Local State or memory.
// Returns
// false if wallpaper information is not found.
virtual bool GetUserWallpaperInfo(const AccountId& account_id,
WallpaperInfo* info) const = 0;
// Returns true if the device wallpaper should be set for the account.
virtual bool ShouldSetDeviceWallpaper(const AccountId& account_id,
std::string* url,
std::string* hash) = 0;
// Returns the file directory where the downloaded device wallpaper is saved.
virtual base::FilePath GetDeviceWallpaperDir() = 0;
// Returns the full path for the downloaded device wallpaper.
virtual base::FilePath GetDeviceWallpaperFilePath() = 0;
// Sets wallpaper to the decoded wallpaper if |update_wallpaper| is true.
// Otherwise, cache wallpaper to memory if not logged in. (Takes a UserImage
// because that's the callback interface provided by UserImageLoader.)
virtual void OnWallpaperDecoded(
const AccountId& account_id,
WallpaperLayout layout,
bool update_wallpaper,
MovableOnDestroyCallbackHolder on_finish,
std::unique_ptr<user_manager::UserImage> user_image) = 0;
// Creates new PendingWallpaper request (or updates currently pending).
virtual void ScheduleSetUserWallpaper(const AccountId& account_id,
bool delayed) = 0;
// Sets wallpaper to default.
virtual void DoSetDefaultWallpaper(
const AccountId& account_id,
MovableOnDestroyCallbackHolder on_finish) = 0;
// Starts to load wallpaper at |wallpaper_path|. If |wallpaper_path| is
// already loaded for that user, do nothing. Must be called on UI thread.
virtual void StartLoad(const AccountId& account_id,
const WallpaperInfo& info,
bool update_wallpaper,
const base::FilePath& wallpaper_path,
MovableOnDestroyCallbackHolder on_finish) = 0;
// After completed load operation, update average load time.
virtual void SaveLastLoadTime(const base::TimeDelta elapsed);
// Notify all registered observers.
virtual void NotifyAnimationFinished();
// Calculate delay for next wallpaper load.
// It is usually average wallpaper load time.
// If last wallpaper load happened long ago, timeout should be reduced by
// the time passed after last wallpaper load. So usual user experience results
// in zero delay.
virtual base::TimeDelta GetWallpaperLoadDelay() const;
// This is called after we check that supplied default wallpaper files exist.
virtual void SetCustomizedDefaultWallpaperAfterCheck(
const GURL& wallpaper_url,
const base::FilePath& downloaded_file,
std::unique_ptr<CustomizedWallpaperRescaledFiles> rescaled_files) = 0;
// Starts rescaling of customized wallpaper.
virtual void OnCustomizedDefaultWallpaperDecoded(
const GURL& wallpaper_url,
std::unique_ptr<CustomizedWallpaperRescaledFiles> rescaled_files,
std::unique_ptr<user_manager::UserImage> user_image);
// Check the result of ResizeCustomizedDefaultWallpaper and finally
// apply Customized Default Wallpaper.
virtual void OnCustomizedDefaultWallpaperResized(
const GURL& wallpaper_url,
std::unique_ptr<CustomizedWallpaperRescaledFiles> rescaled_files,
std::unique_ptr<bool> success,
std::unique_ptr<gfx::ImageSkia> small_wallpaper_image,
std::unique_ptr<gfx::ImageSkia> large_wallpaper_image) = 0;
// Init |*default_*_wallpaper_file_| from given command line and
// clear |default_wallpaper_image_|.
virtual void SetDefaultWallpaperPathsFromCommandLine(
base::CommandLine* command_line) = 0;
// Sets wallpaper to decoded default.
virtual void OnDefaultWallpaperDecoded(
const base::FilePath& path,
const WallpaperLayout layout,
std::unique_ptr<user_manager::UserImage>* result,
MovableOnDestroyCallbackHolder on_finish,
std::unique_ptr<user_manager::UserImage> user_image) = 0;
// Start decoding given default wallpaper.
virtual void StartLoadAndSetDefaultWallpaper(
const base::FilePath& path,
const WallpaperLayout layout,
MovableOnDestroyCallbackHolder on_finish,
std::unique_ptr<user_manager::UserImage>* result_out) = 0;
// Record the Wallpaper App that the user is using right now on Chrome OS.
virtual void RecordWallpaperAppType() = 0;
// Returns wallpaper subdirectory name for current resolution.
virtual const char* GetCustomWallpaperSubdirForCurrentResolution();
// Init default_wallpaper_image_ with 1x1 image of default color.
virtual void CreateSolidDefaultWallpaper();
// The number of loaded wallpapers.
int loaded_wallpapers_for_test_;
base::ThreadChecker thread_checker_;
// Sequence token associated with wallpaper operations.
base::SequencedWorkerPool::SequenceToken sequence_token_;
// Wallpaper sequenced task runner.
scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner> task_runner_;
// Logged-in user wallpaper information.
WallpaperInfo current_user_wallpaper_info_;
// If non-NULL, used in place of the real command line.
base::CommandLine* command_line_for_testing_;
// Caches wallpapers of users. Accessed only on UI thread.
CustomWallpaperMap wallpaper_cache_;
// The last selected user on user pod row.
AccountId last_selected_user_ = EmptyAccountId();
bool should_cache_wallpaper_;
base::ObserverList<Observer> observers_;
// These members are for the scheduler:
// When last load attempt finished.
base::Time last_load_finished_at_;
// last N wallpaper loads times.
std::deque<base::TimeDelta> last_load_times_;
base::FilePath default_small_wallpaper_file_;
base::FilePath default_large_wallpaper_file_;
base::FilePath guest_small_wallpaper_file_;
base::FilePath guest_large_wallpaper_file_;
base::FilePath child_small_wallpaper_file_;
base::FilePath child_large_wallpaper_file_;
// Current decoded default image is stored in cache.
std::unique_ptr<user_manager::UserImage> default_wallpaper_image_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<WallpaperManagerBase> weak_factory_;
} // namespace wallpaper