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// Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/hash_tables.h"
#include "webkit/appcache/appcache_host.h"
namespace appcache {
class AppCacheService;
class AppCacheBackendImpl {
AppCacheBackendImpl() : service_(NULL), frontend_(NULL), process_id_(0) {}
void Initialize(AppCacheService* service,
AppCacheFrontend* frontend,
int process_id);
int process_id() const { return process_id_; }
// Methods to support the AppCacheBackend interface. A false return
// value indicates an invalid host_id and that no action was taken
// by the backend impl.
bool RegisterHost(int host_id);
bool UnregisterHost(int host_id);
bool SelectCache(int host_id,
const GURL& document_url,
const int64 cache_document_was_loaded_from,
const GURL& manifest_url);
void GetResourceList(
int host_id, std::vector<AppCacheResourceInfo>* resource_infos);
bool SelectCacheForWorker(int host_id, int parent_process_id,
int parent_host_id);
bool SelectCacheForSharedWorker(int host_id, int64 appcache_id);
bool MarkAsForeignEntry(int host_id, const GURL& document_url,
int64 cache_document_was_loaded_from);
bool GetStatusWithCallback(int host_id, GetStatusCallback* callback,
void* callback_param);
bool StartUpdateWithCallback(int host_id, StartUpdateCallback* callback,
void* callback_param);
bool SwapCacheWithCallback(int host_id, SwapCacheCallback* callback,
void* callback_param);
// Returns a pointer to a registered host. The backend retains ownership.
AppCacheHost* GetHost(int host_id) {
HostMap::iterator it = hosts_.find(host_id);
return (it != hosts_.end()) ? (it->second) : NULL;
typedef base::hash_map<int, AppCacheHost*> HostMap;
const HostMap& hosts() { return hosts_; }
AppCacheService* service_;
AppCacheFrontend* frontend_;
int process_id_;
HostMap hosts_;
} // namespace