mac: bump deployment target to 10.10

This change:
1) Marks uses of launch_data_t as deprecated with no replacement (so ignored);
2) Marks uses of the NSObject accessibility API as deprecated to be replaced
   (per bug 921109)
3) Replaces one use of CWInterface with a corresponding use of CWWiFiClient, and
   marks another as ignored for now;
4) Replaces some LaunchServices invocations with their new equivalents;
5) Marks GTM to ignore deprecation warnings, since the GTM dependency will go
   away soon anyway;
6) Fixes how blink refers to NSCalendarIdentifierGregorian;
7) Replaces some uses of NSRunAlertPanel with explicit constructions of NSAlert;
8) Bumps the deployment target to 10.10

An earlier version of this change attempted to incrementally upgrade, but many
of the replacement APIs are themselves only @available on 10.10, so it proved
to be significantly uglier.

Bug: 841631
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