Running Blimp

See build for instructions on how to build Blimp.

Running the client

There are both Android and Linux clients. The Android client is the shipping client while the Linux client is used for development purposes.

Android Client

Install the Blimp APK with the following:

./build/android/ $(PRODUCT_DIR)/apks/Blimp.apk

Set up any command line flags with:

./build/android/adb_blimp_command_line --enable-webgl

Run the Blimp APK with:


Linux Client


Running the engine

In a container

For running the engine in a container, see container.

On a workstation

If you are running the engine on your workstation and are connected to the client device via USB, you‘ll need remote port forwarding to allow the Blimp client to talk to your computer. Follow the instructions here to get started. You’ll probably want to remap 25467 to “localhost:25467”.

Required flags

  • --blimp-client-token-path=$PATH: Path to a file containing a nonempty token string. If this is not present, the engine will fail to boot.