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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/component_export.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
namespace base {
class Thread;
} // namespace base
namespace dbus {
class Bus;
} // namespace dbus
namespace chromeos {
// Style Note: Clients are sorted by names.
class ArcAppfuseProviderClient;
class ArcMidisClient;
class ArcObbMounterClient;
class ArcOemCryptoClient;
class CecServiceClient;
class CiceroneClient;
class ConciergeClient;
class CrosDisksClient;
class DBusClientsBrowser;
class DBusThreadManagerSetter;
class DebugDaemonClient;
class EasyUnlockClient;
class GnubbyClient;
class ImageBurnerClient;
class ImageLoaderClient;
class LorgnetteManagerClient;
class ModemMessagingClient;
class OobeConfigurationClient;
class RuntimeProbeClient;
class SeneschalClient;
class ShillDeviceClient;
class ShillIPConfigClient;
class ShillManagerClient;
class ShillProfileClient;
class ShillServiceClient;
class ShillThirdPartyVpnDriverClient;
class SmbProviderClient;
class SMSClient;
class UpdateEngineClient;
class VirtualFileProviderClient;
class VmPluginDispatcherClient;
class WilcoDtcSupportdClient;
// THIS CLASS IS BEING DEPRECATED. See for guidelines and
// for details.
// DBusThreadManager manages the D-Bus thread, the thread dedicated to
// handling asynchronous D-Bus operations.
// This class also manages D-Bus connections and D-Bus clients, which
// depend on the D-Bus thread to ensure the right order of shutdowns for
// the D-Bus thread, the D-Bus connections, and the D-Bus clients.
// Processes for which to create and initialize the D-Bus clients.
// TODO(jamescook): Move creation of clients into //ash and //chrome/browser.
enum ClientSet {
// Common clients needed by both ash and the browser.
// Includes the client in |kShared| as well as the clients used only by
// the browser (and not ash).
// Sets the global instance. Must be called before any calls to Get().
// We explicitly initialize and shut down the global object, rather than
// making it a Singleton, to ensure clean startup and shutdown.
// This will initialize real or fake DBusClients depending on command-line
// arguments and whether this process runs in a ChromeOS environment.
// Only D-Bus clients specified in |client_set| will be created.
static void Initialize(ClientSet client_set);
// Equivalent to Initialize(kAll).
static void Initialize();
// Returns a DBusThreadManagerSetter instance that allows tests to
// replace individual D-Bus clients with their own implementations.
// Also initializes the main DBusThreadManager for testing if necessary.
static std::unique_ptr<DBusThreadManagerSetter> GetSetterForTesting();
// Returns true if DBusThreadManager has been initialized. Call this to
// avoid initializing + shutting down DBusThreadManager more than once.
static bool IsInitialized();
// Destroys the global instance.
static void Shutdown();
// Gets the global instance. Initialize() must be called first.
static DBusThreadManager* Get();
// Returns true if clients are faked.
bool IsUsingFakes();
// Returns various D-Bus bus instances, owned by DBusThreadManager.
dbus::Bus* GetSystemBus();
// All returned objects are owned by DBusThreadManager. Do not use these
// pointers after DBusThreadManager has been shut down.
// TODO(jamescook): Replace this with calls to FooClient::Get().
ArcAppfuseProviderClient* GetArcAppfuseProviderClient();
ArcMidisClient* GetArcMidisClient();
ArcObbMounterClient* GetArcObbMounterClient();
ArcOemCryptoClient* GetArcOemCryptoClient();
CecServiceClient* GetCecServiceClient();
CiceroneClient* GetCiceroneClient();
ConciergeClient* GetConciergeClient();
CrosDisksClient* GetCrosDisksClient();
DebugDaemonClient* GetDebugDaemonClient();
EasyUnlockClient* GetEasyUnlockClient();
GnubbyClient* GetGnubbyClient();
ImageBurnerClient* GetImageBurnerClient();
ImageLoaderClient* GetImageLoaderClient();
LorgnetteManagerClient* GetLorgnetteManagerClient();
OobeConfigurationClient* GetOobeConfigurationClient();
RuntimeProbeClient* GetRuntimeProbeClient();
SeneschalClient* GetSeneschalClient();
SmbProviderClient* GetSmbProviderClient();
UpdateEngineClient* GetUpdateEngineClient();
VirtualFileProviderClient* GetVirtualFileProviderClient();
VmPluginDispatcherClient* GetVmPluginDispatcherClient();
WilcoDtcSupportdClient* GetWilcoDtcSupportdClient();
// DEPRECATED, DO NOT USE. The static getter for each of these classes should
// be used instead. TODO(stevenjb): Remove.
ModemMessagingClient* GetModemMessagingClient();
SMSClient* GetSMSClient();
ShillDeviceClient* GetShillDeviceClient();
ShillIPConfigClient* GetShillIPConfigClient();
ShillManagerClient* GetShillManagerClient();
ShillProfileClient* GetShillProfileClient();
ShillServiceClient* GetShillServiceClient();
ShillThirdPartyVpnDriverClient* GetShillThirdPartyVpnDriverClient();
friend class DBusThreadManagerSetter;
// Creates dbus clients based on |client_set|. Creates real clients if
// |use_real_clients| is set, otherwise creates fakes.
DBusThreadManager(ClientSet client_set, bool use_real_clients);
// Initializes all currently stored DBusClients with the system bus and
// performs additional setup.
void InitializeClients();
std::unique_ptr<base::Thread> dbus_thread_;
scoped_refptr<dbus::Bus> system_bus_;
// Whether to use real or fake dbus clients.
const bool use_real_clients_;
// Clients used only by the browser process. Null in other processes.
std::unique_ptr<DBusClientsBrowser> clients_browser_;
// TODO(jamescook): Replace these with FooClient::InitializeForTesting().
void SetCiceroneClient(std::unique_ptr<CiceroneClient> client);
void SetConciergeClient(std::unique_ptr<ConciergeClient> client);
void SetCrosDisksClient(std::unique_ptr<CrosDisksClient> client);
void SetDebugDaemonClient(std::unique_ptr<DebugDaemonClient> client);
void SetGnubbyClient(std::unique_ptr<GnubbyClient> client);
void SetImageBurnerClient(std::unique_ptr<ImageBurnerClient> client);
void SetImageLoaderClient(std::unique_ptr<ImageLoaderClient> client);
void SetSeneschalClient(std::unique_ptr<SeneschalClient> client);
void SetRuntimeProbeClient(std::unique_ptr<RuntimeProbeClient> client);
void SetSmbProviderClient(std::unique_ptr<SmbProviderClient> client);
void SetUpdateEngineClient(std::unique_ptr<UpdateEngineClient> client);
friend class DBusThreadManager;
} // namespace chromeos