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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "components/ui_devtools/ui_element.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include "components/ui_devtools/Protocol.h"
#include "components/ui_devtools/ui_element_delegate.h"
namespace ui_devtools {
namespace {
static int node_ids = 0;
} // namespace
UIElement::~UIElement() {
if (owns_children_) {
for (auto* child : children_)
delete child;
std::string UIElement::GetTypeName() const {
switch (type_) {
case UIElementType::ROOT:
return "Root";
case UIElementType::WINDOW:
return "Window";
case UIElementType::WIDGET:
return "Widget";
case UIElementType::VIEW:
return "View";
case UIElementType::FRAMESINK:
return "FrameSink";
case UIElementType::SURFACE:
return "Surface";
return std::string();
void UIElement::AddChild(UIElement* child, UIElement* before) {
if (before) {
auto iter = std::find(children_.begin(), children_.end(), before);
DCHECK(iter != children_.end());
children_.insert(iter, child);
} else {
delegate_->OnUIElementAdded(this, child);
void UIElement::AddOrderedChild(UIElement* child,
ElementCompare compare,
bool notify_delegate) {
auto iter =
std::lower_bound(children_.begin(), children_.end(), child, compare);
children_.insert(iter, child);
if (notify_delegate)
delegate_->OnUIElementAdded(this, child);
void UIElement::ClearChildren() {
void UIElement::RemoveChild(UIElement* child, bool notify_delegate) {
if (notify_delegate)
auto iter = std::find(children_.begin(), children_.end(), child);
DCHECK(iter != children_.end());
void UIElement::ReorderChild(UIElement* child, int index) {
auto i = std::find(children_.begin(), children_.end(), child);
DCHECK(i != children_.end());
DCHECK_GE(index, 0);
DCHECK_LT(static_cast<size_t>(index), children_.size());
// If |child| is already at the desired position, there's nothing to do.
const auto pos = std::next(children_.begin(), index);
if (i == pos)
// Rotate |child| to be at the desired position.
if (pos < i)
std::rotate(pos, i, std::next(i));
std::rotate(i, std::next(i), std::next(pos));
delegate()->OnUIElementReordered(child->parent(), child);
template <class T>
int UIElement::FindUIElementIdForBackendElement(T* element) const {
return 0;
UIElement::UIElement(const UIElementType type,
UIElementDelegate* delegate,
UIElement* parent)
: node_id_(++node_ids), type_(type), parent_(parent), delegate_(delegate) {
delegate_->OnUIElementAdded(nullptr, this);
bool UIElement::SetPropertiesFromString(const std::string& text) {
return false;
} // namespace ui_devtools