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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/gpu_switches.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
namespace gpu {
const char kCmdDecoderValidatingName[] = "validating";
const char kCmdDecoderPassthroughName[] = "passthrough";
} // namespace gpu
namespace switches {
// Always return success when compiling a shader. Linking will still fail.
const char kCompileShaderAlwaysSucceeds[] = "compile-shader-always-succeeds";
// Disable the GL error log limit.
const char kDisableGLErrorLimit[] = "disable-gl-error-limit";
// Disable the GLSL translator.
const char kDisableGLSLTranslator[] = "disable-glsl-translator";
// Turn off user-defined name hashing in shaders.
const char kDisableShaderNameHashing[] = "disable-shader-name-hashing";
// Turn on Logging GPU commands.
const char kEnableGPUCommandLogging[] = "enable-gpu-command-logging";
// Turn on Calling GL Error after every command.
const char kEnableGPUDebugging[] = "enable-gpu-debugging";
// Enable GPU service logging. Note: This is the same switch as the one in
// It's defined here again to avoid dependencies between
// dlls.
const char kEnableGPUServiceLoggingGPU[] = "enable-gpu-service-logging";
// Enable logging of GPU driver debug messages.
const char kEnableGPUDriverDebugLogging[] = "enable-gpu-driver-debug-logging";
// Turn off gpu program caching
const char kDisableGpuProgramCache[] = "disable-gpu-program-cache";
// Enforce GL minimums.
const char kEnforceGLMinimums[] = "enforce-gl-minimums";
// Sets the total amount of memory that may be allocated for GPU resources
const char kForceGpuMemAvailableMb[] = "force-gpu-mem-available-mb";
// Sets the maximum size of the in-memory gpu program cache, in kb
const char kGpuProgramCacheSizeKb[] = "gpu-program-cache-size-kb";
// Disables the GPU shader on disk cache.
const char kDisableGpuShaderDiskCache[] = "disable-gpu-shader-disk-cache";
// Simulates shared textures when share groups are not available. Not available
// everywhere.
const char kEnableThreadedTextureMailboxes[] =
// Include ANGLE's intermediate representation (AST) output in shader
// compilation info logs.
const char kGLShaderIntermOutput[] = "gl-shader-interm-output";
// Emulate ESSL lowp and mediump float precisions by mutating the shaders to
// round intermediate values in ANGLE.
const char kEmulateShaderPrecision[] = "emulate-shader-precision";
// Use the Pass-through command decoder, skipping all validation and state
// tracking.
const char kUseCmdDecoder[] = "use-cmd-decoder";
// Turns on rastering to SkImage with RasterDecoder.
const char kEnableRasterToSkImage[] = "enable-raster-to-sk-image";
// Enable Vulkan support, must also have ENABLE_VULKAN defined.
const char kEnableVulkan[] = "enable-vulkan";
} // namespace switches