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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/gl_utils.h"
#include "gpu/command_buffer/service/shader_translator.h"
#include "gpu/gpu_gles2_export.h"
namespace gl {
class ProgressReporter;
namespace gpu {
namespace gles2 {
enum ShaderVariableBaseType {
// Compiles shader_source into shader and gives informative logging if
// the compilation fails.
void CompileShaderWithLog(GLuint shader, const char* shader_source);
// This is used to keep the source code for a shader. This is because in order
// to emluate GLES2 the shaders will have to be re-written before passed to
// the underlying OpenGL. But, when the user calls glGetShaderSource they
// should get the source they passed in, not the re-written source.
class GPU_GLES2_EXPORT Shader : public base::RefCounted<Shader> {
enum TranslatedShaderSourceType {
kGL, // GL or GLES
enum ShaderState {
kShaderStateCompiled, // Signifies compile happened, not valid compile.
static const int kUndefinedShaderVersion = -1;
void RequestCompile(scoped_refptr<ShaderTranslatorInterface> translator,
TranslatedShaderSourceType type);
// Returns true if we are ready to call DoCompile. If we have not yet called
// RequestCompile or if we've already compiled, returns false.
bool CanCompile() { return shader_state_ == kShaderStateCompileRequested; }
void DoCompile();
void RefreshTranslatedShaderSource();
ShaderState shader_state() const {
return shader_state_;
GLuint service_id() const {
return service_id_;
GLenum shader_type() const {
return shader_type_;
int shader_version() const {
return shader_version_;
const std::string& source() const {
return source_;
void set_source(const std::string& source) {
source_ = source;
const std::string& translated_source() const {
return translated_source_;
std::string last_compiled_source() const {
return last_compiled_source_;
std::string last_compiled_signature() const {
if (options_affecting_compilation_) {
return last_compiled_source_ + options_affecting_compilation_->data;
return last_compiled_source_;
const sh::Attribute* GetAttribInfo(const std::string& name) const;
const sh::Uniform* GetUniformInfo(const std::string& name) const;
const sh::Varying* GetVaryingInfo(const std::string& name) const;
const sh::InterfaceBlock* GetInterfaceBlockInfo(
const std::string& name) const;
const sh::OutputVariable* GetOutputVariableInfo(
const std::string& name) const;
// If the original_name is not found, return nullptr.
const std::string* GetAttribMappedName(
const std::string& original_name) const;
// If the original_name is not found, return nullptr.
const std::string* GetUniformMappedName(
const std::string& original_name) const;
// If the original_name is not found, return nullptr.
const std::string* GetVaryingMappedName(
const std::string& original_name) const;
// If the original_name is not found, return nullptr.
const std::string* GetInterfaceBlockMappedName(
const std::string& original_name) const;
// If the original_name is not found, return nullptr.
const std::string* GetOutputVariableMappedName(
const std::string& original_name) const;
// If the hashed_name is not found, return nullptr.
// Use this only when one of the more specific Get*Info methods can't be used.
const std::string* GetOriginalNameFromHashedName(
const std::string& hashed_name) const;
const std::string& log_info() const {
return log_info_;
bool valid() const {
return shader_state_ == kShaderStateCompiled && valid_;
bool IsDeleted() const {
return marked_for_deletion_;
bool InUse() const {
DCHECK_GE(use_count_, 0);
return use_count_ != 0;
// Used by program cache.
const AttributeMap& attrib_map() const {
return attrib_map_;
// Used by program cache.
const UniformMap& uniform_map() const {
return uniform_map_;
// Used by program cache.
const VaryingMap& varying_map() const {
return varying_map_;
const OutputVariableList& output_variable_list() const {
return output_variable_list_;
// Used by program cache.
const InterfaceBlockMap& interface_block_map() const {
return interface_block_map_;
// Used by program cache.
void set_attrib_map(const AttributeMap& attrib_map) {
// copied because cache might be cleared
attrib_map_ = AttributeMap(attrib_map);
// Used by program cache.
void set_uniform_map(const UniformMap& uniform_map) {
// copied because cache might be cleared
uniform_map_ = UniformMap(uniform_map);
// Used by program cache.
void set_varying_map(const VaryingMap& varying_map) {
// copied because cache might be cleared
varying_map_ = VaryingMap(varying_map);
// Used by program cache.
void set_interface_block_map(const InterfaceBlockMap& interface_block_map) {
// copied because cache might be cleared
interface_block_map_ = InterfaceBlockMap(interface_block_map);
void set_output_variable_list(
const OutputVariableList& output_variable_list) {
// copied because cache might be cleared
output_variable_list_ = output_variable_list;
friend class base::RefCounted<Shader>;
friend class ShaderManager;
Shader(GLuint service_id, GLenum shader_type);
// Must be called only if we currently own the context. Forces the deletion
// of the underlying shader service id.
void Destroy();
void IncUseCount() { ++use_count_; }
void DecUseCount() {
DCHECK_GE(use_count_, 0);
void MarkForDeletion();
void DeleteServiceID();
int use_count_;
// The current state of the shader.
ShaderState shader_state_;
// The shader has been marked for deletion.
bool marked_for_deletion_;
// The shader this Shader is tracking.
GLuint service_id_;
GLenum shader_type_;
// Version of the shader. Can be kUndefinedShaderVersion or version returned
// by ANGLE.
int shader_version_;
// Translated source type when shader was last requested to be compiled.
TranslatedShaderSourceType source_type_;
// Translator to use, set when shader was last requested to be compiled.
scoped_refptr<ShaderTranslatorInterface> translator_;
// True if compilation succeeded.
bool valid_;
// The shader source as passed to glShaderSource.
std::string source_;
// The source the last compile used.
std::string last_compiled_source_;
// The translated shader source.
std::string translated_source_;
// The shader translation log.
std::string log_info_;
// The type info when the shader was last compiled.
AttributeMap attrib_map_;
UniformMap uniform_map_;
VaryingMap varying_map_;
InterfaceBlockMap interface_block_map_;
OutputVariableList output_variable_list_;
// If a new info type is added, add it to GetOriginalNameFromHashedName.
// Tracks the Shaders.
// NOTE: To support shared resources an instance of this class will
// need to be shared by multiple GLES2Decoders.
class GPU_GLES2_EXPORT ShaderManager {
ShaderManager(gl::ProgressReporter* progress_reporter);
// Must call before destruction.
void Destroy(bool have_context);
// Creates a shader for the given shader ID.
Shader* CreateShader(
GLuint client_id,
GLuint service_id,
GLenum shader_type);
// Gets an existing shader info for the given shader ID. Returns nullptr if
// none exists.
Shader* GetShader(GLuint client_id);
// Gets a client id for a given service id.
bool GetClientId(GLuint service_id, GLuint* client_id) const;
void Delete(Shader* shader);
// Mark a shader as used
void UseShader(Shader* shader);
// Unmark a shader as used. If it has been deleted and is not used
// then we free the shader.
void UnuseShader(Shader* shader);
// Check if a Shader is owned by this ShaderManager.
bool IsOwned(Shader* shader);
friend class Shader;
// Info for each shader by service side shader Id.
typedef std::unordered_map<GLuint, scoped_refptr<Shader>> ShaderMap;
ShaderMap shaders_;
void RemoveShaderIfUnused(Shader* shader);
// Used to notify the watchdog thread of progress during destruction,
// preventing time-outs when destruction takes a long time. May be null when
// using in-process command buffer.
gl::ProgressReporter* progress_reporter_;
} // namespace gles2
} // namespace gpu