Merge 3904: [LayoutNG] Fix may_break_inside in NGLineBreaker

This patch fixes |may_break_inside| in |NGLineBreaker|.

Issue 1002442 revealed an error case in |ShapingLineBreaker|.
In that case, it returns a result whose size is larger than
the available space.

Before this patch, |NGLineBreaker| assumes that the line
overflows if the result size is larger than the available
size, and sets |may_break_inside| to |false|, which
prevents breaking in |HandleOverflow()|. This can cause
rather a large layout error. tried to fix the error in
|ShapingLineBreaker|, but it looks like some tests is relying
on the behavior and it was reverted.

This patch instead makes |NGLineBreaker| more robust, by
using the actual overflow state from |ShapingLineBreaker| to
compute |may_break_inside|. The error in |ShapingLineBreaker|
is not fixed yet, but with this fix, the worst result is to
not able to fit a word that can fit by less than 1px or so.

Further work for better correctness will be tracked in
issue 1003742.

(cherry picked from commit 6701e989520620abc12d4a429e8fa9beb09ed2fe)

Bug: 1002442, 1003742
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