Revert "[Mac] Add Offset to TextSuggestionsTouchBarController Text Selection"

This reverts commit 1e3c17435eea13b5ba5d2794985655aa221091d1.

Reason for revert: Breaks Mac tests, see e.g.

Original change's description:
> [Mac] Add Offset to TextSuggestionsTouchBarController Text Selection
> When the text surrounding the current selection gets too long, only
> part of it is received by TextSuggestionsTouchBarController. The
> location of the received text within the total block of text is
> denoted by an offset. Previously, TextSuggestionsTouchBarController
> did not take this offset into account, causing crashes when the
> selection range was past the end of the received text.
> The offset is passed along with the text and selection range. The
> selection range within the received text is calculated using the
> offset and received selection range. The editing word range is stored
> both as the range within the received text and the range within the
> total text for checking when to ignore text selection updates.
> RenderWidgetHostView::GetOffsetForSurroundingText() was added to
> retrieve the offset on WebContents update.
> Browser tests were modified to account for the new offset parameter. A
> new browser test, TextSuggestionsTouchBarController.Offset, was added
> to test that the controller properly handles offsets.
> Bug: 717553
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