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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import json
import logging
import optparse
import os
import shutil
import sys
import zipfile
from util import build_utils
def _CheckFilePathEndsWithJar(parser, file_path):
if not file_path.endswith(".jar"):
parser.error("%s does not end in .jar" % file_path)
def _CheckFilePathsEndWithJar(parser, file_paths):
for file_path in file_paths:
_CheckFilePathEndsWithJar(parser, file_path)
def _ParseArgs(args):
args = build_utils.ExpandFileArgs(args)
parser = optparse.OptionParser()
help='Path to the output build directory.')
parser.add_option('--dex-path', help='Dex output path.')
help='The build CONFIGURATION_NAME.')
help='"true" if proguard is enabled.')
help='"true" if proguard is enabled for debug build.')
help=('Path to dex in Release mode when proguard '
'is enabled.'))
parser.add_option('--inputs', help='A list of additional input paths.')
help='A list of paths to exclude from the dex file.')
help='A file containing a list of the classes to '
'include in the main dex.')
help='A JSON file containing multidex build configuration.')
parser.add_option('--multi-dex', default=False, action='store_true',
help='Generate multiple dex files.')
help='Path to D8 jar.')
options, paths = parser.parse_args(args)
required_options = ('d8_jar_path',)
build_utils.CheckOptions(options, parser, required=required_options)
if options.multidex_configuration_path:
with open(options.multidex_configuration_path) as multidex_config_file:
multidex_config = json.loads(
options.multi_dex = multidex_config.get('enabled', False)
if options.multi_dex and not options.main_dex_list_path:
logging.warning('multidex cannot be enabled without --main-dex-list-path')
options.multi_dex = False
elif options.main_dex_list_path and not options.multi_dex:
logging.warning('--main-dex-list-path is unused if multidex is not enabled')
if options.inputs:
options.inputs = build_utils.ParseGnList(options.inputs)
_CheckFilePathsEndWithJar(parser, options.inputs)
if options.excluded_paths:
options.excluded_paths = build_utils.ParseGnList(options.excluded_paths)
if options.proguard_enabled_input_path:
_CheckFilePathEndsWithJar(parser, options.proguard_enabled_input_path)
_CheckFilePathsEndWithJar(parser, paths)
return options, paths
def _MoveTempDexFile(tmp_dex_dir, dex_path):
"""Move the temp dex file out of |tmp_dex_dir|.
tmp_dex_dir: Path to temporary directory created with tempfile.mkdtemp().
The directory should have just a single file.
dex_path: Target path to move dex file to.
Exception if there are multiple files in |tmp_dex_dir|.
tempfiles = os.listdir(tmp_dex_dir)
if len(tempfiles) > 1:
raise Exception('%d files created, expected 1' % len(tempfiles))
tmp_dex_path = os.path.join(tmp_dex_dir, tempfiles[0])
shutil.move(tmp_dex_path, dex_path)
def _NoClassFiles(jar_paths):
"""Returns True if there are no .class files in the given JARs.
jar_paths: list of strings representing JAR file paths.
(bool) True if no .class files are found.
for jar_path in jar_paths:
with zipfile.ZipFile(jar_path) as jar:
if any(name.endswith('.class') for name in jar.namelist()):
return False
return True
def _RunD8(dex_cmd, input_paths, output_path):
dex_cmd += ['--output', output_path]
dex_cmd += input_paths
build_utils.CheckOutput(dex_cmd, print_stderr=False)
def main(args):
options, paths = _ParseArgs(args)
if ((options.proguard_enabled == 'true'
and options.configuration_name == 'Release')
or (options.debug_build_proguard_enabled == 'true'
and options.configuration_name == 'Debug')):
paths = [options.proguard_enabled_input_path]
if options.inputs:
paths += options.inputs
if options.excluded_paths:
# Excluded paths are relative to the output directory.
exclude_paths = options.excluded_paths
paths = [p for p in paths if not
os.path.relpath(p, options.output_directory) in exclude_paths]
input_paths = list(paths)
if options.multi_dex:
dex_cmd = ['java', '-jar', options.d8_jar_path]
if options.multi_dex:
dex_cmd += ['--main-dex-list', options.main_dex_list_path]
is_dex = options.dex_path.endswith('.dex')
is_jar = options.dex_path.endswith('.jar')
if is_jar and _NoClassFiles(paths):
# Handle case where no classfiles are specified in inputs
# by creating an empty JAR
with zipfile.ZipFile(options.dex_path, 'w') as outfile:
outfile.comment = 'empty'
elif is_dex:
# .dex files can't specify a name for D8. Instead, we output them to a
# temp directory then move them after the command has finished running
# (see _MoveTempDexFile). For other files, tmp_dex_dir is None.
with build_utils.TempDir() as tmp_dex_dir:
_RunD8(dex_cmd, paths, tmp_dex_dir)
_MoveTempDexFile(tmp_dex_dir, options.dex_path)
_RunD8(dex_cmd, paths, options.dex_path)
options.depfile, options.dex_path, input_paths, add_pydeps=False)
if __name__ == '__main__':