[ozone/wayland] Relax condition to call PlatformWindowDelegate::OnWindowStateChanged()

The way the logic is currently implemented prevents the delegate from
being notified of state changes most of the time. This CL relaxes the
sanity checks in  WaylandToplevelWindow::HandleSurfaceConfigure(),
causing DesktopWTHPlatform::OnWindowStateChanged() to get called
more frequently, but holding now the correct state.

This will allow DesktopWTHPlatform to react on state changes more
reliably (eg lacros' immersive fullscreen behavior).

Last, this CL changes the logic that sets and unsets fullscreen.
Previously, UnSetFullscreen() was being called
for all operations different than "enter fullscreen".
This is needless and might mess compositors up.

TEST=ozone_unittests adapted accordingly.

R=msisov@igalia.com, nickdiego@igalia.com

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