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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "net/base/completion_once_callback.h"
#include "net/proxy_resolution/proxy_resolver.h"
#include "net/proxy_resolution/proxy_resolver_factory.h"
namespace net {
class NetLogWithSource;
class NetworkIsolationKey;
} // namespace net
namespace proxy_resolver {
class ProxyHostResolver;
// ProxyResolverV8Tracing is a non-blocking proxy resolver.
class ProxyResolverV8Tracing {
// Bindings is an interface used by ProxyResolverV8Tracing to delegate
// per-request functionality. Each instance will be destroyed on the origin
// thread of the ProxyResolverV8Tracing when the request completes or is
// cancelled. All methods will be invoked from the origin thread.
class Bindings {
Bindings() {}
virtual ~Bindings() {}
// Invoked in response to an alert() call by the PAC script.
virtual void Alert(const std::u16string& message) = 0;
// Invoked in response to an error in the PAC script.
virtual void OnError(int line_number, const std::u16string& message) = 0;
// Returns a HostResolver to use for DNS resolution.
virtual ProxyHostResolver* GetHostResolver() = 0;
// Returns a NetLogWithSource to be passed to the HostResolver returned by
// GetHostResolver().
virtual net::NetLogWithSource GetNetLogWithSource() = 0;
virtual ~ProxyResolverV8Tracing() {}
// Gets a list of proxy servers to use for |url|. This request always
// runs asynchronously and notifies the result by running |callback|. If the
// result code is OK then the request was successful and |results| contains
// the proxy resolution information. Request can be cancelled by resetting
// |*request|.
virtual void GetProxyForURL(
const GURL& url,
const net::NetworkIsolationKey& network_isolation_key,
net::ProxyInfo* results,
net::CompletionOnceCallback callback,
std::unique_ptr<net::ProxyResolver::Request>* request,
std::unique_ptr<Bindings> bindings) = 0;
// A factory for ProxyResolverV8Tracing instances. The default implementation,
// returned by Create(), creates ProxyResolverV8Tracing instances that execute
// ProxyResolverV8 on a single helper thread, and do some magic to avoid
// blocking in DNS. For more details see the design document:
class ProxyResolverV8TracingFactory {
ProxyResolverV8TracingFactory() {}
virtual ~ProxyResolverV8TracingFactory() = default;
virtual void CreateProxyResolverV8Tracing(
const scoped_refptr<net::PacFileData>& pac_script,
std::unique_ptr<ProxyResolverV8Tracing::Bindings> bindings,
std::unique_ptr<ProxyResolverV8Tracing>* resolver,
net::CompletionOnceCallback callback,
std::unique_ptr<net::ProxyResolverFactory::Request>* request) = 0;
static std::unique_ptr<ProxyResolverV8TracingFactory> Create();
} // namespace proxy_resolver